Wanted to Get my Nose Reshaped for As Long As I Can Remember - Birmingham, GB

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I am a 23 year old female, and I have hated the...

I am a 23 year old female, and I have hated the way my nose looks for as long as I can remember. I have looked into rhinoplasty over the last few years and I feel that now is the right time to do it.

I have met with a couple of surgeons at BMI Priory in Birmingham, as my GP recommended the BMI consultants as the best people to see.

I met Francis Peart a couple of weeks ago and I am pretty sure I am going to choose him as my surgeon - my only concern is that I can't find any reviews about him and his previous rhinoplasty procedures (apart from on his website). Has anybody on here been to Dr Peart for surgery? If so how did it go?

I have another consultation with him on Wednesday, my boyfriend is coming with me as I would like his opinion, also he can ask some of the more practical questions as last time I went I got quite emotional - he did drawings of my nose and what he would do to correct it. Really good to see it drawn out and get an idea of what will change, but obviously it's upsetting seeing it drawn out and talking in depth about the features I hate so much.

I have provisionally booked for the operation to happen on 18th June - will get this fully confirmed on my next meeting with Dr Peart.

I am going to keep a blog of the whole journey, as it has helped reading other people's stories so much.

If anybody has got any advice or tips, or knows anybody who has had surgery with Francis Peart, I'd love to hear from you.


1 week until surgery

So my op is booked for 12th June, 1 week tomorrow. Am slightly nervous, but very excited at the same time.

I've met with Francis Peart twice now, my confidence in him is high as I have now seen some pictures of his previous patients and their noses look really good.

I will update once I've had the op :)

Day 1

My operation was yesterday, was scheduled for 2pm but didnt go in until half 4. The staff were all lovely, and my room was nice and clean, had sky movies on the tv so the wait didnt seem too bad.

The last thing i remember was the anesthetist saying we'll take good care of you, next thing i knew i was waking up in a recovery room, not long after that i was taken back to my room.

I didn't feel any pain, just really bunged up, like a really really bad cold. I felt a bit sick not long after coming round so they gave me an anti-sickness injection in my thigh which really helped.

Didnt sleep great, my mouth and lips were really dry as I could only breath through my mouth - vaseline helped a lot though. Also kept getting woken up by the pressure band things they put around your legs to prevent DVT, i had no idea about these, and they kept going off every 5 mins or so was driving me mad!

apart from that i havent been too bad, no pain yet, only the bunged up feeling. Still feel quite drowsy and need a bit of help walking but overall not bad at all.

Bruising is fairly bad, they gave me a cooling-gel-pack thing to keep around my eyes which felt nice and hopefully helped the bruising.

Will try to post some pics at some point

Day 1 pics

Day 2

Swelling and bruising were quite bad this morning, couldn't open my eyes, but this has improved during the day. I've been using ice packs (frozen peas in a glove - really easy to make it sit around the splint) I think this has eased the swelling a lot

Still no pain just a lot of pressure around my nose and eyes. My top lip is very swollen and it hurts to laugh and it's quite hard to talk.

Still breathing through my mouth.

Trying to upload day 2 pics

Day 3

Bruising is going down, still very swollen, my cheeks and top lip are even more swollen today

Still very little pain, just bunged up.

Day 4

Bruising has gone down quite a lot, face is still very swollen, mainly on my right side. Felt quite tough today, threw up this morning - I had a smoothie too early and it didn't sit well. My head was hurting a bit aswell. Had a long sleep and feel better now. Feeling a lot of pressure on my nose.

Day 5

Cheeks are still swollen, they are going down but taking longer to down that the bruising that was around my eyes. Feeling quite a lot of pressure around my nose today and a bit in my forehead aswell. The skin feels tight and my nose is also starting to get itchy aswell, frustrating as its still under the cast so can't do anything. Inside my nostrils feels tight aswell, although im starting to be able to breathe through my nostrils - only slightly but still an improvement :)

Day 6

Day 6, swelling and bruising are nearly gone. Going to get the cast off today, get to see what my new nose looks like and hopefully some of the pressure around my nose and forehead will lift.

Day 6 - cast is off!

Had my cast taken off - so happy! There is still some bruising, and there is some swelling in the nose still to go down but I am very happy with the results.
They didn't remove my stitches as he thinks they need a couple more days, going back on Monday or Tuesday to get them removed. Before and after pics uploading

Day 7

Bruising and swelling on my face has nearly gone, can still feel some slight swelling on the sides and tip of my nose but it's not bethering me and isnt that obvious. I found a small lump just on the inside of my nostril, where the incision would have been made, not sure what it is? Hoping it's nothing bad, will ask about it when I get my stitches removed on monday

Day 8

Top lip is still quite numb and very stiff, looks weird when I laugh but doesn't hurt quite as much as it did during the week. Managed to put some make up on yesterday and it pretty much covered all of the bruising so I feel ok to go out now

2 weeks post op

First day back at work yesterday, everybody who knew I was getting my nose done said it looks amazing, couldn't see any of the bruising and they said it suits my perfectly :). One guy asked why I'd been off - had i been on holiday - so didn't realise I'd had surgery. I saw this as a sign that my new nose suits my face and doesn't look to obvious. I showed him my nose before the op and he said wow, now i can see the difference, looks great!

I'm so pleased with the results :)

Tip is still numb, and my top lip is still very stiff, still finding it hard to smile and laugh, but it is getting better slowly. Nose still feels really blocked and bunged up, I still sound quite nasally when i speak, like having a cold.

2 week pics

5 weeks update

So it's been 5 weeks since my op, nose is healing nicely. Still feels numb and stiff in the tip, but I am getting so used to it that I can't remember what my nose felt like before! Very happy with the results

3 months update

Just been for my 3 month check up, everything is healing up nicely, I am extremely pleased with how my nose looks, even though my doctor said the tip actually is still slightly swollen and will eventually look even slimmer. Everything feels back to normal, the tip still feels a bit weird to touch, not numb but not quite normal either.
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