32yrs Old, Beautiful Family, but Very Unhappy. - Birmingham, GB

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Hi. After years of being unhappy with my nose, i...

Hi. After years of being unhappy with my nose, i am finally getting rhinoplasty on the 25th july 2014.
For as long as i can remember i have been picked on because of the shape and size of my nose, this has really affected my confidence, i walk around with my head down and avoid eye contact with ppl and hate going out on my own
I thought that as i got older it would get easier and i would just accept my nose, but sadly peoples comments have just got worse and i really dont understand why people have to tell me! I know , i have lived with it all my life.
So this spring i decided i had to do it, as i didnt want to live the rest of my life being so unhappy.
I went to 3 clinics and decided to go with the hospital group . The DR said my nose is really wide and boxy but dont have any bumps on my bridge, so i will just need open tip rhinoplasty.
Im a bit worried as he said my skin is thick and oliy, and i know its hard to work on this skin.
I know the next 2 mths r going to go so slow , but reading other ppls stories is really helpful.
I dont want a tiny perfect nose, i just want to look normal, so i can go out and hold my head up and not have ppl laughing at me or saying things.
Will write some more nearer the time.

side view

7 weeks to go

Hi all.
Just a quick post to say its 7 weeks until my op.
The hospital group rang me last week they said that i need to go to my doctors and have my blood pressure taken and i need to have my bloods done as i have a underactive thyriod, so they want a recent result.
Thats all thats really happening at the moment, im still really nervous, keep thinking if im doing the right thing! What if i look even worse.
Keep looking at everyones before & after pics , and they look amazing. Just wish i could see someone who has only had open tip.
Well thats it from me for now. X

5days to go!

So my rhinoplasty tip is this friday, it seemed like it was ages away when i booked it in april, and now its here.
Its my last day in work tomorrow then im off for 3 wks, can not wait for the break, but if im honest im feeling really scared about friday, ive hated my nose for sooo long .
All im hoping for is a normal nose, where i can go out on my own and not worry about any one making a nasty or having people stare.
I keep telling myself that im not going to see a difference right away, as its going to be really swollen, and it will probably look worse before it looks better.
Well thats it for now, going to spend this week getting my bag ready, the kids r on the 6 week holidays, so they will keep me busy& take my mind off from thinking about it, & im going to try and stay calm and not panic!!
Going to post one more pic of my horrid nose

night before

So my date for open rhino has nearly arrived, im packing my bag now. Ive just removed all my nail vanish too.
Im feeling ok at the moment, i did get upset this afternoon, when i had to take my children to my mums house for the wkend, im going to miss them!
I have to be at the clinic for 11am tomorrow, and im travelling from wales to birmingham, so im going to leave at 8 just to be safe, & i will be spending 1 nite there.
Hopefully i will get some sleep tonight!


Hi sorry for the late update. I had my surgery at 230pm yesterday, I havent been very well since the surgery, Ive had the worst headache ever, I couldnt even walk. The nurses were given me painkillers and they were doing nothing, so I didnt have a very good night .
today I was still the same and was starting to shake, so a nurse came and took my packing out of my nostrills, and it was like instant relief, I couldnt believe how much better I felt from having the removed.
the surgeon came to see me and said that he had to shave a tiny bit of my bone as the was a slight bump on my bridge whrn hr opened me up.
He took a picture of my new nose and showed it to me, it looked a lot thinner but it was hard to tell if I loved it yet, I will have to wait for that.
my journey home was comfortable, had the best strawberry milkshake from McDonalds ,was just what I needed.
im home now resting wstching Netflix!

day 3

Feeling alot better today, had a good sleep last night.
they have give me co codamol to take & they are making me be sick so im taking normal paracetamol at the moment.
it doesnt hurt too much its just s bit uncomfortable.
Ive took some pics, my skin is terrible tho, really spotty & oily .

day 4

day 9

So its been 9 days since my op, still have my cast on and stitches in. Monday morning is the big reveal. Its hard to see what its going to look like. Some days I think I can see a difference, other days I dnt think it looks no different. I think the tip looks a bit more pointy.
my nose is really itchy now and I think I have little sores inside my nose, that are really annoying.
Im feeling ok, just tired and fedup.
I went shopping today for the first time, had some funny looks lol.
I will keep you posted on monday, thanku for all the lovely comments.

cast off

So today at last my cast was taken off & my stitches taken out.
I really thought it was going to hurt, but it was fine. It took a while to get the stitches out, but they came out after about 15mins.
im still a bit shocked at how it looks, its such a difference.
Im hoping there is still some swelling, as it still looks large. I think its going
To take a while to get use to it.

day 3 after cast removed

So I had my cast off on monday, its taken me a few dsys to get use to it.
it was a really big shock when the nurse removed my cast and showed me in the mirror, if im honest I didnt like it. It was thr strangest thing to look in the mirror and see something different on your face.
But after going home and washing my hair and giving my face a good clean and a little bit of makeup, I felt alot better.
I have to go back and see the nurse again on tuesday as I notice yesterday that I still have a tiny stitch left inside my nose.
my tip is still really sore if I touch it, here are some more pics.

17 days post op

Its been 17 days since my op, and so far im happy with my results. Theres still a bit of swelling, but hopefully it will go down soon, im takkng arnica tablets.
I went back to work on saturday, my friends who I had told, noticed a big difference, and the people who I didnt tell, I dont think they noticed.
its weird that I have forgotten what my old nose was like until I look at old pics.
My nose is still a bit tender, and numb in some places, ive got a tiny stitch left in, which is going to be removed tomorrow.
Overall im really happy and glad that I did this.

6 wks post op

Really happy! Best decision I have made.

5 moths post op

Just a little update, it's nearly been 5 months since my rhinoplasty.
Overall I am very happy, I no longer stress or worry about going out on my own now, I dnt even think about my nose now.
The middle of my nose is still numb by my nostrils , not sure if the feeling will come back. I've got one last appointment with my Sergeon in January .
Having rhinoplasty is one of the best decisions that I have made & I'm so glad I did it

Almost 12months post op

Can't believe that it has been nearly a year,
after dreaming about getting it done for so long!! Really happy that I decided to do this!!
Feeling happy x

Postop 18months

London Plastic Surgeon

Im really happy that I choose dr.alberto di giuseppe. Im really pleased with how my nose is looking, and my confidence is growing. dr.Giuseppe was really friendly and professional, and all of his team always made me feel welcome. im so happy that I choose to do this, I only wish I had done it years ago.

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