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I was first referred to a dental hospital when I...

I was first referred to a dental hospital when I was about 14. But my story started back at primary school, when my milk teeth started to fall out and my "adult" teeth came through. A school dentist came in when I was about 7. I always remember she did a plaque test with a little red tablet in the mouth. Where most kids would get a few spots on their teeth, my teeth soaked up the red dye like a sponge. The school contacted my mom; and that's when she told them, and me, that it was a genetic condition and she would consult our dentist.
At the time, I was too young to understand. But later on, I found out the condition was called "Ameliogenesis imperfecta." The lack of enamel formation on my small, round, yellow teeth meant they break and wear away easily. I was told I had to give up all sugar from my diet and wait for my body to finish growing.
I would need the teeth capped with veneers or crowns to protect the teeth from eventually wearing away completely.
As I got older and started high school, I was treated differently and being bullied by other kids meant I grew up feeling awkward and uncomfortable with other people. I would eat junk for comfort which didn't exactly help the situation with my teeth.
But the worst thing was that as I grew, my bottom jaw developed faster than my top jaw. That's when the X-rays started and the dental hospital told me I would probably need the jaw surgery. If I had my teeth crowned with my jaw the way it was, It would cause pressure and wouldn't be effective.So at the age of 15, I agreed to the surgery and my journey began.I had a
I am going to be 25 tomorrow, and it has been an emotional roller coaster. I eventually had my surgery 7 weeks ago after five years of braces, pain, ups and downs. I am healthy now, I try to eat well and enjoyed googling ways to help healing and recovery after my surgery. So far, Its gone well.
I am still a long way off my goal as I still have my small yellow teeth and braces and some days i look in the mirror and my low self esteem makes me feel unworthy.In an instant I am whisked back in time to that uncomfortable chubby 12 year old girl. But I am lucky enough to have my family around me and was lucky enough to have met someone who loves me for who I am. I would recommend the surgery but would also encourage people not to try to imagine what they think their face will look like afterwards. I understand that people will have high expectations, as I did, but with some self help, I have learned to appreciate what I have, and not what I don't have. Personally, my goal is just to feel content in my own skin, not to be glamorous or be a model..just to feel NORMAL. I know my limits and am realistic about my results.
Its important to try to focus on how far you have come already and to stay positive. All i can say is, if you are like me and go through the same struggle most days to shake off that mental black cloud hanging over you..just stand in front of a mirror and make a physical effort to take a deep breath, lift your chest, pull back your shoulders, raise your eyebrows... and smile. yes smile at yourself! Even if you feel like you have to fake it, just try it! I don't have any scientific evidence that proves it will work, but it works for me. It certainly won't make you feel any worse!
"I believe that life is about suffering and that the quality of your life is a direct result of your tolerance to the suffering, determined by the foundations of a strong body and a healthy mind."

12 weeks post orthagnathic

Twelve weeks post orthagnathic surgery

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Had an xray done a few weeks ago to check the right hand side of my jaw as still quite painful whilst eating (ive been eating pretty much normally since 4 weeks post op, within reason, no steaks or apples yet!!) and was worried there were complications with the jaw healing. But once again the team at the Q.E put my mind at ease and said they were not concerned at all, the bone looks fine and is knitting nicely. Looks as though i could just have some reminant infection from the absessed tooth i had to have root canal for before my surgery.
Butttt....braces off soon hopefully, which will hopefully give the tooth chance to settle. ready for my NEW TEETH!! Eeek!
So as slow as it seems, things are moving forward and im starting to feel alot happier. It just takes patience!
Check out my 12 week surgery before and after video (bearing in mind my ongoing treatment for ameliogenesis imperfecta, hence my small, round discoloured teeth under the braces!!)
Plus my xrays at 10 weeks.
And Remember, "rome wasnt built in a day"!!

10 months post orthognathic surgeryyyy

Ok well not much to say except that things are good. I saw my surgeon last month, he says hes happy with how everything is settling and says i can move forward with the treatment to fix my ameliogenesis imperfecta..
My orthodontist told me ill be having veneers so ive spoken to the restorative department at the dental hospital and was suprised to hear that my case is already put forward to the nurses and i should be getting a call to arrange an appointment very soon...!
I do feel a bit sceptical as i have been let down before with appontments and waiting times so do feel reluctant to trust them 100%, but im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt for now and just give them a call if i dont hear back in a fee weeks..
But im happy :)
Heres some up to date pictures of my jaw so far..
Keep smiling ? xx

1 year(and a bit) post surgery..no veneers yet...

Sooo my suspicions were correct, I'm not on the system for my veneers after all. I put in a complaint yesterday and spoke to a lady today who, to be fair, was lovely.she first told me my case was due to be reviewed about July time but due to a backlog at ortho,it could take longer.. to say I was disappointed is an understatement. (had a cry)... I told her It should have been done in 5-6 months and i had already been waiting since September last year.. So she said she would get back to me ..cue the waiting game. I feel so frustrated and fed up now, my self esteem is so low I don't feel like I can talk to people :(... I'm turning 26 next month and want to save for my own place,I only work part time and get anxious about working with people for too long at the moment..and I'm not the daughter of a millionaire.. ! so there's no way I can afford to get them done privately. It annoys me that so many people take advantage of the nhs all the time but the people who actually work and need the treatment have to wait ridiculous time for anything to be done! I'm lucky it's only my teeth but it's happening across the board to people who are really ill!
Nevertheless I just watched a Disney film and ate some comfort food. It helped.

15 months post surgery.

I keep forgetting it's only been 15 months ago since my surgery.. It feels like a lifetime ago! Mad!
Well, since my last post I've had a few appointments In preparation for my ameliogenesis imperfecta treatment and have finally got a consultation with a registrar booked for the 22nd August to start planning my veneers.
I'm relatively happy with everything at the moment... Still get a bit self conscious about everything from time to time and a bit of toothache occasionally but definitely in a better place now than I was before and just after the surgery.
Still hate photos because I can't show my teeth... also feel like my jaw is just so long lol.. But starting to accept that it's just the way I'm made....( Who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway?!)
Trying not to get a date in my head for when my teeth will be finished as i don't want to be disappointed.. So just going to go with the flow, ride the waves, que sera,sera and all that... Lol
Ill add some new pics taken this week too.
Thanks for reading!
Be happy :)
Mr Ian Sharpe

Absolutely brilliant.A fantastic team and very modest but highly recommended by me.

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