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Ok so I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead...

Ok so I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and get my horrendous teeth straightened. I've hated my teeth for 20 years. When I was 14 my dentist removed two teeth - on from top left hand side and one from bottom left hand side. So obviously I have more teeth on my right side then left hence teeth are very crowded at the front, are off centre and are tilted forward. I am currently on day 2 of tray 2. I have in total 36 aligners top and bottom so in for this about 2 years. I have been told I will more than likely need refinements also :( I have 2 teeth removed yesterday on the right side to even up my teeth and create space for teeth to move. The extraction was fun, I found it pretty traumatic as they wouldn't budge!! But 24 hrs later I have no pain at all, and my aligners are painted tooth coloured where the missing teeth are so I feel much better actually wearing the aligners as it disguises my gaps!! I am due for attachments in 3 weeks so am to wear tray 2 for 3 weeks in order for the extraction sockets to heal. I am 43 - left doing this a little late but couldn't really afford to get this done when I was younger. Wish me luck!!

Third week and still really struggling with speech

Im now midway through my first week on tray 2 and my speech is absolutely no better. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's worse as time goes on. I am avoiding speaking cause I just can't pronounce words correctly and I'm so self conscious about it. Is anyone else suffering with this at this stage? Was hoping by this time I'd of got used to them and lisp would of gone but no such luck :(( didn't realise it would have such an impact on me socially.

Week 6 and not in love with Invisalign

So I'm not midway through tray 3 of 36 and I have to say I really did think by now I would be settled into things. I still have no improvement with my speech whatsoever. I really struggle to talk to people, which is resulting in me alienating myself and becoming very anti social. I really didn't think it would impact this much on my social life.

I had 13 attachments put on last week - I have already lost 5 of them. Ortho is happy for put them back on when I next see her in 5 weeks time!! I hate the way my teeth look when aligners are in, the make my teeth look bigger, more wonky and I can't shut my mouth so look gormless most the time. But I hate even more how I look without them in cause while they are in they hide the two massive gaps where my extractions are. I have no choice but to leave them in for about 23 hrs a day. I just avoid everyone so I don't have to talk.

I get air bubbles which makes it even more tricky to talk. This tray isn't a great fit and I'm always pushing them up my teeth to try and prevent the build up of salvia collecting.

All in all I am beginning to wish I never bothered. I'm also very concerned about black triangles appearing as the teeth straighten. I don't see any chances at all yet (which I didn't really expect at this stage) but am getting very down thinking it just won't work :((((

6/36 still hating it

So I'm on tray 6/36 and can honestly say I am hating it. My lisp is possibly worse than ever, the trays feel so intrusive in my mouth I have not got used to them at all. The edges feel rough, my mouth goes from dry to too much salvia I spit when I talk. I am totally self concious of them. I am seriously contemplating sacking them off and having clear fixed braces fitted cause really can't see me sticking this out. I don't see any change at all in my teeth ( I know it's early stages yet) in fact my teeth look worse if anything. I can't close my mouth properly so my bottom jaw sticks out. I just feel ugly :(((((

Tray 7 - taken with a flash in the dark so teeth look really yellow but they aren't that bad!! Not seeing any difference :(

Tray 17/36 good progress at last!!

Haven't updated for ages as have really been struggling with Invisalign and didn't want to appear so negative. But....I have amazing news, my ortho is happy for me to change my trays every week now as I'm wearing them so well and teeth and doing what they should. I can really see big changes now and still have 19 more trays to go!!!
Ortho said the worst that can happen (by changing every week) is that trays will lose their tracking. If this happens they'll just take new impressions and send off for new trays free of charge.
Still struggling with my lisp massively but because I can see progress now it all seems worth it....at last ????????

Tray 15 photo

Tray 31/36 nearly finished!!!!

Wow!!! I'm so near finishing my 36 trays and so pleased with results. I haven't even been wearing Invisalign 12 months and my teeth are totally different. I'm still really struggling with my speech and have pretty much hated every minute of my treatment but I can not believe how much my teeth have moved so quickly. The latest photo is tray 31 (not tray 23 as pic suggests). I am to go back for a scan in two weeks time and decide whether I need refinement- pretty sure I will as bottom teeth tilting a little but am prepared for this.
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