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So anybody with a large forehead and is completely...

So anybody with a large forehead and is completely concious of it will completely understand how much constantly trying to cover it impacts your life. I feel like unless another person is dealing with this then they never truly understand how it feels. I'm booked to have surgery 31/05/16. Im around 8cm at the moment maybe slightly more. Looking to have it reduced anywhere between 2-3cm. Just to be able to swim, enjoy the sun, holiday care free and generally not worry about weather conditions ruining my fringe and exposing my forehead is a dream. I've read so many reviews on here majority of which were positive experiences. Would love to have input from people who have had this surgery already! Or are also like me and booked and waiting for the day to come around. I am particularly interested in anybody who has children as I have two kids under five. I will receive help but would be good to hear from somebody who has had to balance surgery as well as motherhood x

tomorrows the day!!

Tomorrow is the day of my op. After two months of being on this website reading reviews over and over out of excitement, I'll finally be able to have my own experience and update my review to help others wanting this procedure. Last day with a five head!! I'm actually not nervous one bit

Surgery done!!

So I can't believe I've finally after all this time and all this research and waiting had my surgery. I still have my bandage on and will do so for another week until my stitches are taken out so in regards to how happy I am I couldn't say as it's still a waiting game. Scary lol. So I arrived at the hospital yesterday around 1pm and was taken to my room. I was given a gown and socks to change into. From then it was just a waiting game. Originally I was booked in for surgery for 5pm but I ended up going in closer to 7pm. Bare in mind this whole time I haven't been allowed food but I didn't really suffer to be honest. Weird to say but I had no nerves at all. Then finally as 7pm came and I was taken down to the surgical room for my anaesthetic the vibe was very different. Things started to feel real like I was actually about to have a surgery. I'm quite a calm and laid back person which helped otherwise it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed and slightly panicked in that situation especially when you've never had a surgery before. You just have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and how worth it the results will be. Earlier when I was checked in dr hassan came up to see me and mark my head. He was very calm and friendly and told me to relax which put me at ease. He marked a line of 3 cm he was hoping to get me too. How much he actually achieved I am yet to find as I still have the bandage on. Apparently he spoke to me about how the op went but I must have still been slightly out of it as I can't not remember a word be said let all even speaking to him. As much as the major part is over with I still don't know how to feel as I haven't seen my new forehead. It will be a whole week before I do as I've been advised to keep dressing on for long as possible to assist with swelling and pain. Next Wednesday I have an appointment with my local nurse to have sutures and dressing removed. Anxious!! Scared it'll be too small lol. Although I'm sure it'll be fine.....I hope. Please feel free to ask any questions happy to answer x

Still not taken bandages off

So it's day 2 since my surgery and I have to say other than the first night I've had no pain whatsoever. Even on the first night the pain was bearable. I have been taking the painkillers provided every few hours or so even though there hasn't been pain but I'm sure this is helping to keep it away. I have been advised to try and keep my bandage on for a week as it helps massively with pain and swelling, however I think I will be removing it on Saturday or Sunday which will still give me at least 4 days of being bandaged. Reading most reviews seems like many people don't have their bandages removed before they leave the hospital which is interesting. So weird for me that I've had this surgery but still have no idea what my results are. But feel absolutely fine. No sickness or tiredness

Finally taken the bandage off

Took the bandage off today. Ideally would have like to have lasted the week but 3 days isn't bad considering most people have theirs removed the following day. I'm happy with the amount removed. In total think it was about 3cm. My forehead was initially around 8cm. I was really panicking that it would look too small and leave me with another issue but fortunately it's okay and I'm happy. Still look like Frankenstein so can't wait for stitches to be out and be all healed so I can throw my hair extensions in and have a blow dry and feel myself again. Stitches are coming out on Wednesday so will update with another picture once that's done. Can't say I'm looking forward to it. Still no pain, generally feel fine and normal. Head feels a bit numb but not as bad as I thought. Stitches send a really weird sensation through my head when I touch them, can't really describe it X

Day 4 post op

First day I've woken up without the
Big bandage I left the hospital with. Woke up head was feeling right. I've been putting Vaseline over the incision and will continue to until stitches are taken out then I will start to use a prescribed cream my doctor gave me along side a scar gel
Called kelo cote (I think) which I purchased off amazon. While I have the stitches in I so wrap it every night with a clean bandage for extra caution

Stitches out

So I had my stitches removed yesterday by my local nurse and i have to say it was completely painless. I couldn't even tell most of the time whether she was even taking them out or not. I expected it to look really different instantly but it pretty much looked the same minus the Blue stitches. I almost strangely feel like I look like I've had a shape up by a barber. I'm just impatient and want my final results now but I understand it will take time. My head is still swollen and although it's probably not visible to other people I can tell because my hats are tighter. My eyes were also quite swollen for the first few days. You know like when you w woken up from a heavy sleep or have a slightly allergic reaction to something. That's gone down now. Im currently in the Seychelles I flew one week and one day after surgery. Also I feel like my hairline might have slightly thinned due to surgery but I'm not worried as its not noticeable and I'm confident it'll grow back. I'm not even 100% sure it has, I could just be paranoid. Currently applying kelo cote scar gel

2 weeks post surgery

No pain, smooth recovery. Excuse the tan lines as I had to keep scar out of sun, 100% worth it. No more hiding feels like the biggest weight and burden off my Shoulders can't even explain how much easier and care free this procedure has made my life. Pain free all the way
Dr hassan

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