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Like all of the ladies on here I have waited years...

Like all of the ladies on here I have waited years to finally get to this point - I want to be feminine something that i just can't do with these boobies. If I'm not careful clothes can make me feel like Hattie Jacques - not what I want. For as long as I can remember I have had a large full bust. I remember going on a school camping holiday at 12 years old and they just appeared - I was wearing the most unflattering polo rib knit jumper - it was the 70's! so there was no hiding them. I was the object of lots of ridicule that weekend and from that moment on I covered them up and put them into hiding.
I am over weight according to my BMI and have lost 28 pounds but nothing off the boob's. I am fit - i have run 4 half marathons over the last few years. My blood pressure is low as is my pulse, i enjoy walking and running but my boob's get in the way. I can't say they have stopped me doing anything - apart from yoga, big boobs and short arms make some of the moves impossible - or very funny! I have dents in my shoulders. I suffer from shoulder and neck acne, I find cloths shopping very difficult and the things I like I can't get the girls into with our looking like I'm squashed into it. - Then the back fat is even more pronounced. So, I am 50 later this year and enough is enough they have to go.
I know a couple of ladies who have been through this - and we do what all women do - talk, they don't regret having a BR and spoke very highly of my PS. They very kindly showed my the out come of their surgery, - amazing and the scars were minimal. So 6 months of procrastination has come to this. My operation is 30th Jan and I am feeling positive. I have my bag almost packed, PJ's button front, - 1st ever, soft bra front fastening, - what no wires! kindle, V pillow, arnica, and I've filled the freezer with healthy meals for the week after. - Don't think there is anything else to do by wait.
So thank you to all the ladies who have gone before me your experiences have really inspired me. All I hope now is that when I come through the other side I have the boobs that are smaller, even on both sides, perky and on my chest not my tummy. Here goes.

Op due tomorrow

Trying to relax - everything ready for tomorrow. I feel ok - some nerves. Just hope it all goes well.

On the other side.

Arrived at hospital on time for bloods and pre op early. Surprisingly I felt very calm and content. I think I knew that I was in really good hands and that I had made the Wright decision. Everything was fine and I went to theatre at 11.45. Don't remember anything till it was all over. I am so pleased with the result I have a handful which is just enough. I have drains that are uncomfortable but not much is coming out. Pain is ok. Did not sleep well as my back is sore . i had 1,6 kilos removed. Really happy with the results so far. Lot of trapped wind which is unpleasant. Thank you for all your messages it really helps. Now I have to work at looking after myself to get the best outcome. Looking forward to getting home.

Day 2 all going well. Had a shower feel better..

I wished I done this years ago. Really pleased with my new boobs no real pain so cutting back on the pain meds as they make me very sleepy. Finding sleeping sitting up and on back difficult but it's a small price. Just a little bruising nipples pink and soft. Taking it easy hope everyone else is doing well. Still got lots of trapped wind and a sore throat.

Bras! Advise please.

I am doing well and have a selection of bras, but I can only wear them for a few hours when they make my chest feel constricted. I'm only a couple of days post and I am really chilling so don't need to wear one all the time but I wonder if anyone has advise about how long I should be wearing my bra. Please help.

Yellow bruising, electrical sensation

Hi all thank you for the bra recommendations. I have found and ordered two new bras from Macrom so will post some pics when they arrive. I have a nice shade of yellow bruising now and the most amazing electrical sensations that go all over my boobs. I am assuming this is normal and part of the healing process. Not really painful just strange can take your breath away, its perhaps good that I don't have full sensation in my nipples yet or that could get embarrassing! Drain site still sore and I get tired easily even though I am not doing anything. Going for little short walks with the dogs and hubby who is looking after me so well. I am pleased i did some batch cooking pre op as that has come in handy. Hope all well with everyone. Take care of yourselves.

1 week on - new bra

More pics. My new compression bra arrived. More comfortable than the sports bra.


Healing well.

Sun burn - numbness feeling all over breasts

I doing well scares fab just wondered if anyone is having a sunburnt/numb/sore feeling all over breasts. I'm ok in the morning but still get tired in the afternoon. Thanks for the feed back.

Numb/sunburnt feeling but looking good.

5 week check up

Saw my ps today and everything is great. I am really pleased with my healing, size and scares. The numb feeling is slowly going down. The scare under my breasts feels a little hard but that is also slowly softening. I can start jogging again in two weeks but with two high impact bras - just as before surgery I'm looking forward to getting back to it and hope that I can improve without the extra weight on my chest.
The only issue I have is that either side under my breast running from the scar towards my tummy I have what I can on,ly describe as a tight tendon with is superficial and feels stretched like a band when I raise my arms it's more painful that any of the other issues. I asked my ps and he felt the area and could see it but did not know what or why I had them. Any one else had anything like this? We are going to wait and see what happens naturally but he has agreed to intervene if I need him to. I will keep you all posted. Here are my boobs 5 weeks post.

17 weeks post

I just wanted to quickly update you all. I am so pleased with my new boobs. They have recovered well = still have a slight tender feeling where the Mondor's cords were but they are basically gone. They are soft the scars are fading and my husband loves them. I can buy clothes that fit, I feel sexy and not matronly. It was the best thing I have ever done. Good luck to all you healing ladies and I wish those thinking of a reduction success in choosing a great PS. all the best,
London Plastic Surgeon

I wanted the best and that is what I got. Breast reduction is a difficult operation and decision to have done. I spent years procrastinating about this operation and knew that I needed a surgeon who understood and did not judge me. I was lucky enough to know two pervious clients of Mr Vijh and saw the end results. Now I know that two is a small number so I watched him on television then went for a consultation. He was kind, understanding I did not feel awkward and knew I could trust him. He made no promises about size or return of feeling but explained the risks to the procedure. He never pressed me to book - in fact it was 6 months after my first consult that I had my operation. I can only say that I am delighted with my size and healing so far. I would recommend Mr Vijh to my friends and family. Thank you. I am very grateful.

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