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I have know since my breasts developed that they...

I have know since my breasts developed that they weren't right. I struggled with coming to terms with this for years and didn't tell anyone until I was 19. I remember telling my Mom and sister and them being really shocked and having no idea. Neither of them have the same issue but my Mom informed me that my Nan had very similar breasts from a young age too. I used to hide my breasts in front of partners and would make excuses as to why I couldn't remove my bra. I got more comfortable with long term partners but would still make me feel awful showing them my breasts. No one can understand this unless you've been there.

I started researching and realised I wasn't on my own and that surgery was the answer. It wasn't something I could do straight away due to circumstances and finances. To cut a long story short I finally went for a consultation in March last year with Dr CC Kat in Birmingham, UK. I am 29 now so you can appreciate how long it has taken to comfortable with going. She immediately put me at ease and confirmed that I had a mild case of tubular breast syndrome along with grade 3 (the worst) ptosis. My breasts have increased and decreased in size with weight gain and loss but the shape has always been the same. Due to the tubular nature of my breasts, and the short distance between the bottom of my areola and chest wall she advised that an implant as well as mastopexy would be most beneficial.

At the time of consultation I weighed 180lbs. She recommended that I reduce my weight to a size that was maintainable to ensure that I got the best results after surgery. I now weigh 164lbs, I would like to lose at least another 20lbs before surgery. I also quit smoking.

At the time I had the money for the surgery, however circumstances changed and I needed the money towards a house deposit. However, I am now at the stage where I want to book my second consultation and fix a date for the start of next year. My current partner is supportive but understandably had reservations, particularly around scarring. As I have told him, there is nothing I want more than to feel completely comfortable in front of him and be myself without having this massive booby barrier!!

I found this site recently, and have found it so much more helpful than other similar sites. Everyone is so open, and it helps to see that others have been through or are going through similar things.

I will continue to update on progress and I wish all the best to everyone at any stage of these procedures.

Much Love


I got a hattrick!! Asymmetry, ptosis and tuberous!

So doing all this booby browsing and coming face to face with my pics (ugh) I noticed how odd my boobs are. I had always been so preoccupied with the tuberous sagginess that I had overlooked the size difference.

My PS mentioned it in consultation, but again I wasn't that bothered at the time. The camera never lies hey!?!...you can see in my second pic how different they are.

I'm not sure how this will be addressed, by taking more tissue from bigger breast or more cc's for smaller breast. Hmmmm...anyone had similar???

Thanks guys
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