Small Implants 200cc

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Hi everybody After thinking of a boob job for a...

Hi everybody
After thinking of a boob job for a long time, and doing lots of research, I finally made an appointment to see a professional surgeon! I am just waiting to complete consent forms etc and to definitely decide on a size, but I am pretty sure I want 200cc as I am a very small frame size 6 with 30" back/bra band size. All I want is to be able to stop wearing gel padded bras and wear normal bras. One size increase is all I am after. Nobody knows I am having this done apart from my husband. Will attach a photo of me at the moment pre-surgery. Small implant procedures are obviously quite rare so I'm hoping my story/reviews may help some people out there :)

Surgery tomorrow!

Ahhh its my surgery day tomorrow! So nervous! Apart from the obvious - post surgery bra, front fastening clothing, dressing gown, slippers - is there anything else people think I should take with me? They want me in quite early 7.30 so I'm hoping for a fairly early operation too and to be out on the evening...
Will update with photos once I'm all done!

After pics

Hi everyone sorry for the delay in update! Everything went well with my surgery and I've been really impressed with my recovery (a lot less painful than expected - maybe to do with having overs?) I've hardly had to touch my painkillers! Don't get me wrong everything is still a struggle e.g. Picking things up/getting dressed but it's just uncomfortable not painful. I'm struggling to get used to the size atm lol feel like they are very big for my small frame but hopefully still swollen/once they "drop" I will be happy. Will now upload side on pics of before and after :-)

2 week update

Thank you everybody for your kind messages! Swelling is slowly going - they are looking much better and much more natural - still hope to decrease in size slightly over next few weeks but I am much happier with how they are looking :-) I am able to sleep on my side for short periods of time then it gets too uncomfortable and have to go back to sleeping on my back but I'm getting there! Some more pics for you x
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