5'2" 8stone 32a 400cc Motiva full profile unders Birmingham, GB

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Hi everyone Iv been wanting this for such a long...

Hi everyone Iv been wanting this for such a long time that I actually thought it would never happen.
Had consults with Transform, Mya, Harley street but decided on Hospital grp/surgicare in Bromsgrove.
They have a scheme where you can pay as much or as little as you want and once you've accumulated the full amount you book your dates. This was great for me as I didn't want a loan or payments hanging over me. I'm all paid up now yaaay and booked for Oct 12 2015. I can only do this date because of work so I'm having to change my surgeon.
Originally I saw Mr Renato zacchadu who I was very happy with but he can't do the dates I need so now I have to go back next Sunday for a 2nd consult with a surgeon named Mr Georgios Samouris. Very stressed as I've not met him and minds doing overtime I'm hoping after I've met him I'll rest assured so watch this space lol. He's new to hospital grp bit they reasure me he's very well vetted and extremely proffesional in the BA field. I'm awaiting his profile to be emailed over so tht should help a little.
I'm a small 32 a cup and if I'm honest don't even fill that. I hv so many double padded bras that I've lost count, can't wait to be able to wear underwear without padding. I'm so excited the days can't go fast enough. I'll post pics of the before and afters a little closer the time. I absolutely love this site it's helped me soo much. Just knowing I'm not alone is a huge huge support. Catch up soon guys I'll keep you posted :)

Size suggested by original surgeon

Hi again guys I meant to mention in my 1st post that I want to be a full d cup and do have room in the top half of my breasts. I explained to my surgeon tht I want a natural looking full cleavage so after measuring all aspects he suggested 450/475 cc unders is what I will need. I tried sizers and originally had a panic attack after coming home tht I'd be left with huge gazunkas lmao. After resizing and taking some time to rethink and read all the reviews on here I'm happy with my surgeons proffesional opinion and I'd rather be bigger than regret later for going smaller as Iv read a hell of a lot of people wishing they'd gone bigger and are full of regrets. I'm 100% now on what I want and am happy to beleive in the proffesionals who do this day in day out and the from all the reviews on here. Going bk on Sunday 30th to meet my new surgeon Mr Georgios Samouris I really really hope we bond and he's the 1 as my dates are based on me being comfortable with my surgeon. Wish me luck guys I'll keep you posted. :)


Hiya just a few before pics so you guys can see the difference when I'm all done.
I don't fill an A cup atm there's always a gape at the front. I'm 5.2 8stone and my surgeon reckons a 450/475cc will get me to a full D cup which would make me ecstatic. :)

2nd consult

So today I went to meet my new surgeon. I had just about cone to terms with my original surgeon. Leading up to this appointment I've been a bag of nerves. I felt so anxious as I was changing surgeons because of dates. Worrying about not clicking with him or not feeling like he was right for me. I needn't have worried. He was absolutely awesome. He made me laugh listened to me and patiently & answered my 101 questions. He was very very thorough in my measurements and took his time, no rushing like my 1st surgeon. He reasured me and explained the process step by step by the time we were done I was 100% sure it was this surgeon or nothing. Mr Georgios Samouris at the hospital group can't thank him enough.
He was amazing. A true proffesional. I am booked for 12 October aaaaaagh so excited.

Date set and all paid up in full

Hello again peeps I'm all paid up and booked in on the 12 October. Originally I wasn't nervous just excited but now the nerves are kicking in. Is this normal?
Heads doing overtime and so worried about recovery as I've only got 8 days off. I'm office based no lifting etc so I'm hoping I'll b ok. Can anyone advise whts the soonest they've gone back and did they drive. What pain medication is best out of the choices over the counter. Please help guus I'm so stressed and have no 1 to ask :(

Countdown 6 days to go

Nerves have well and truly kicked in.
Allsorts are going through my head at the moment. My surgery is on Monday which can't come fast enough yet I'm soo nervous. Think I hv everything I need apart from slippers lol.
Not sure whn to start taking the arnica 30 though can anyone offer me any advice please.

7 hours to go

Omg omg it's finally almost here.
Just a matter of hours.
How super anxious am I.
Can't beleive I will be up at 5am tomorrow to get ready, sort out kids n off I go. Hv to b there by 7am. Hope they get me in early.
Seems very surreal.
Keep you guys posted

Here now in my room

Hi guys hope u guys are all well
Good luck and all the best for everyone having there ops today.
My turn I'd finally here all the waiting is coming to an end. Hopefully I'll b updating you all later.
I'm in my room in my pjs.
Done my wee sample lol so just playing the waiting game xx

Finally got my long awaited breasts

All done guys
Dont think I wudve got thru without this site and all the reading I did at stupid o'clock in the morning. Everything this site provides is a gold mine..well done RS and thanks. I arrived for 7am at Dolan Park was taken to my room at about 8. Nurse settled me in then the anethatist explained all. My surgeon was late but once he arrived everything moved very quickly. Before I knew it I was waking up and being sick lol. Pain wise I'd say I was on a 7 to start within an hour or two it was a 5 by the time I left hospital a few hours later it was a 2maybe 3. So girls it's not bad iv had worse period pain. Just keep up with the meds and ul b fine.


Hi guys not a nice topic but iv not been and opened my bowels since Sunday and we are now weds..very constipated. I'm in no pain just a bit concerned as to whether it's normal or not.. help guy's any answers would b appreciated

Day 3 post op

Im trying to wean myself off the pain killers. This morning was a little difficult but I'm going to try, worst case I take a cpl lol. I cn see the difference in the pics already and so far am in love with my boobies. Just hv a niggling fear as I'm sure everyone does tht something cn still go wrong :(. Hopefully thts just my inner fear and alls going good.
I hv pics for you guys so take a look and I'll keep updating daily till I'm bk at work.

More pics guys

Had some stinging and tingling on my stitches was driving me crazy then I remembered wht I read on RS and got an ice pack lol the releif was instant. Don't kno wht I wudve done without u guys. Can't thank realself and the girls reviews and updates enough. You've become a huge part of my life and I'd like to thank u all for tht ..thankyou guys thankyou REALSELF. Anyway soppyNess over lol I hv more pics lo

Day 5

Stiches are intermittently stinging some aches n muscle spasms on my breasts, think it's the sensation returing. My right seems slightly higher to me like as if the left has dropped slightly more not 100%.
Still wearing the dreaded band across the top, cannot wait to b given ok to stop wearing it. Pain releif is only now n then, morning boob is definitely an issue lol. Drove yesterday on day 4 was a little difficult to start with but soon settled in. Reverse is hard tho lol. Hate hate hate this sleeping upright malarchy it's torture lol not sleeping properly. My follow up is Monday so hope all goes well. Still constipated badly and can't get comfortable but getting around absolutely fine. More pics guys xx

Day 6 post op

Tomorrow's the day for my 1st follow up
Hopefully my surgeon will allow for me to take this breast band off its so ridiculously uncomfortable. On the bright side my breasts look amazing they are dropping nicely and if I'm honest tht breast band I hate so much is to thank for tht lol. More pics guys

Uploading issues try again. Pic's

8 days today Monday to Monday :)

Love how evn now only days after surgery my girlie's don't look stuck on and how amazing they look.
My surgeons last minute change of plan from a high profile to a full profile made a huge difference. Can not wait to go bra shopping :) desperately want to b sized

11 days post pics

Wish id tkn longer off wrk. Walking around and general day to day is hard. Stitches stinging and itchy but apart from tht alls great ..no regrets at all. .extremely happy :)

Forgot pic lol

21 days

Lots of different sensations.
Each day is different.
Atm iv got stinging sensations around the underside and sides. Think it's just the numbness wearing off.
Still love thm.
Only 3 weeks in but really want to be sized :( 3 more weeks and hopefully I cn go shopping.

29 days

Had my final follow up with my amazing nurse Georgina today and given the all clear. Hv to wear my surgery bra for approx 8 weeks but she said after 6 I'm good to resume everything as normal.
I feel great and love love my results. No pain just the odd niggle from all my nerves waking up n the numbness wearing off. Got my self measured today purely cuz I'm curious and I kno I will probably get bigger as I've not yet fully dropped. Measured in at a 32D bra from next and as everyone knows Next sizes are generous so I most likely wil measure bigger at la senza.

5 weeks post op. Measured at debenhans

So I need bras coming up to 6 weeks so I went to be professionally fitted and measured. 30F I nearly fell over lol because with clothes on I do not look. Even Louise my fitter was saying how deceiving I looked with my clothes on. I am so so pleased.
Mr Georgios Samouris Hospital group Bromsgrove

I used Hospital group Bromsgrove and all I can say is from beggining to end the service I received was 2nd to none. From consult through to surgeon through to the hilariously funny anethatists to the lovly sympathetic nurses. I can not complain. Rebecca my Co ordinator did everything she could to make this work for me and answered all my questions. My surgeon Georgios Samouris was 5 stars amazing I would recommend this guy to the moon and back. He listened he advised and he re listened evn whn last minute I had a panic over my sizing. Nothing was too much for him even down to getting me into an alternate size as last minute we both felt something smaller and different shape is better for me. He never once made me feel silly or as if I was being a pain. Amazingly funny and great bedside manner. If your in the UK and you want a surgeon who has it all then Georgios Samouris @ The Hospital Group is the 1.

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