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Ok girls , so I've been meaning to start my own...

Ok girls , so I've been meaning to start my own review as I'm on here supporting women who are removing their implants and I thought it's only right I try to help others also, so here is my story.

I'm 4ft 11 in height and I'm now 32 years of age, married last year ( in fact a week before our beautiful little girl was born in August 2013 ) I'm wearing English size 6 clothes ( American size 0 ) and weigh 6st 12lb.

I had my implants 10 and a half years ago now, 1 month before my 22 birthday so I thought I was wise enough to make such a decision as to have breast implants.
I had them done with the support if my family, felt a little more womanly and confident and was happy clothes looked a little better, as back then , everything was low cut tops where bobbies were required to push out the top. So I was happy, always thought they looked a little fake, but hey ho, I had boobs woop! I went from a 30aa to a 30d and I had silicone gel 300cc on top if the muscle.

I've always been into fitness and so after healing carried in with exercise.

Not quite two years later I started having problems with my kidneys , liver, low oxygen around my body, fatigue, numb arms, but didn't think it could of been anything to do with the implants. In the following years I have had 3 infections in my body that has caused my liver to start shutting down and the doctors have still to this day not known what was causing the infection or where it is in my body.

So time elapsed and last year as I mentioned we had a little princess ( who is my miracle baby and just beautiful ) I breast fed and now she is on bottle ( as I could keep up with her demands. - loves her food lol ) anyhow the appearance of my breasts look the most natural they ever have due to a little stretching, before pregnancy over the years they had grown to about 30e during breast feeding they grew to a whooping 30ff and now I'm back into 30e. I saw my consultant last year, recommended by a friend if mine who is a cancer surgeon ( so I trusted his recommendation ) and I wasn't disappointed, he wanted to leave it for another 3 months to let the breast tissue recover from breast feeding and then see me again, which brings us to today :) ( 24/01/2014 )
I'm seeing him at 1030hrs

He did ask previously why I wanted the out as he said they seem ok but to be honest, I didn't tell him about the health problems I just simply said, " I look back at the pictures prior to implant and I think - why did I have them put in, I was small and cute " but today I will also discuss the health implications and just see what reaction I get.

I will update later as well as put up some pictures

Bye for now :)


Hello ladies
So a little exciting news, I had my consultation yesterday. My boobies have tightened a little since that last time I saw him , but I have also lost a little breast tissue :/ SO he said probably removing the implants now will more than likely help the breasts to retract better, than if I leave it another few years and then end up looking like a " rock in a sock " lol
I asked him how long I'd have to wait, he said " when do you want them out?" And I cheekily replied " next week " he said he knew he had a theatre running next week and to call the secretary to expand the day for an extra hour, he must of already called her to let her know as when I phoned there was no confusion ( a part from an earlier payment , to which I'd paid and the money had left my account, so not happy about this ) anyway , all booked in for next week 29th Jan 2014.
My mom is coming with me and a dear friend is going to look after my baby for the day, then my mother is staying with me for 10 days ( lovely :) free food and cooked for haha )

Anyway .... Now I'm getting nervous, scared of what they will look like as he did say that until they are out, we won't truly know ( makes sense ) he said ill probably be smaller than what I previously was ( pre implants ) that I'm not concerned with, it's droopy skin ( spaniel ears ) I'm mainly concerned with, But I'm praying they will be ok. I'm believing I'm doing the right thing as everything is going as I had dreamt, I just sincerely hope the boobie angel will sprinkle some extra fluffing powder on them for good luck :()

X x X pictures to follow, bare with me , it's 0400am here ( can't sleep ) but I'll find my before and after pictures and post a recent one once I get up.

Night night for now ZzzZzzzzzz :)


Here are the pictures, pre breast implants aged 22.
After I just had the implants
And now : pre explant

24 hours till explant

Ok girls
Tomorrow is the day and I woke this morning with my belly in knots, I think I'm trying to suppress my nerves but consciously it's all going on in my mind.
I still can not believe I got in for surgery so soon. I'm glad though as it's on my mind and I think if I had longer to think about it, I'd go insane.
Thank you so much to all that are following my story, we are all here for each other and it's brilliant. It's a shame there isn't someway we could all meet up, as I think we deserve a toast to everyone one of us for all the support and also to taking these toxic bags out!

Well if my little girl allows, I'll be back in touch touch to update my feelings throughout the day x

Thought this was of interest to all, it's long but worth watching


Just a quick update

So I've been keeping myself busy today, trying not to think about tomorrow. I've made sure I've stocked up on food giggle :) as can't east from tomorrow morning 0700hrs. Got to be at the hospital for 1100hrs but the operation does not take place till 1300hrs, I love my food so that's a bummer.

Anyhow little baby has gone to bed earlier than normal so I'm sat here mulling things over and feeling quite shaky, I think the whole thing is hitting me now. I'm worried that I'm going to be left with flaps of skin :(. I've watched several you tube videos on explant and tried imagine if mine will retract as well as most of these women's .

Well it's all paid for so no going back now and plus, I want to start feeling healthy, I just pray that once these are out and a detox is put into place, I will feel and look a lot healthier, no more black eyes for starters.

I'm going to put some food in the slow cooker so that I have food for my mom and I later tomorrow, got the cool book and that's tonight's read ! Great ay? :)

Will try to update tomorrow

Today's the day

So today it's happening, I'm trying not to think about it.
They said I could eat up to 0700 this morning but I thought that was a little late so I ate at 0130 this morning and just had a glass of water. Just sorting my little one before sorting myself.
Will update once on the other side x

All done

Hey ladies
Currently sat in the hospital bedroom, loving the small look already. My right breast is extremely tender, think the muscle is a little irritated as it's up to my collar bone and through to my back, if anyone has had this please share as I'm a little worried. Apart from that, I feel great. Just waiting for some food.

Definitely happy with my decision


20 hours post

Good morning everyone , hope your all well.
Ok so little update,
I went down for surgery a little later than expected, about 1330, the anesthetist was lovely, could feel myself dropping off and next thing I know I'm waking. My right breast was extremely painful, I'd had local places into the area during surgery and morphine through IV but I was still in pain, so I was given something else through IV. During recovery I felt sick and groggy and still suffering with pain. I had little food and cup of tea which was bliss. I left the hospital last night at 2000hrs, feeling quite rough and sick, I managed to get down to the main reception where the lady took one look, grabbed me a seat and a sick bowl which I was very grateful for, my nurse came back down to me but to be honest she had been a bit slack through the day ( not placing stockings on or a wrist band or filled in paper work ) so think she was in a little trouble for that , anyway, I asked her for an anti nausea again as during recovery she wouldn't give one and I feel this would of prevented me feeling so poorly, so I eventually got one, she walk me to my moms car, where I was sick :( she only at that point said do I want to go back up to my room, but I just wanted to get home at this point and see my little girl and also I think your own home and bed helps recovery. I had a little toast at home and took more pain relief. Apparently due to my weight being so low ( keep loosing weight and not sure why ) 6st 10 I was advised to only take one pain relief but I'm that uncomfortable I'm taking two, I've been awake with pain since 0340 this morning and glad to see daylight. Has anyone else felt muscular pain and more on one side to the other?

Any way I've had a sneaky peak and really happy and so glad I went a head with my decision to explant. I would recommend to anyone considering it. Will post some bandage pictures today at some point.

4 days post implant removal

Hey girls

Just thought I would give an update.
Since Wednesday I have been feeling quite tender and uncomfortable, especially in my right breast where at times the pain has been quite intense. I went back to see my ps on Friday to get it checked and all is ok, just needing to heal. So I've been doing nothing but resting resting resting and having support from my mom as I still can't pick up my baby yet :( frustrating to say the least.
Each day has progressively got better so even if it's a slow progress, if it's in the right direction I'm happy. I had a little look at the breasts, have to say, not as bad as I was expecting so happy with that. The right one is more swollen which explains the pain I guess but today I noticed a huge difference in the swelling so again really pleased. Still bandaged and wearing support but I'm definitely putting myself at a 30b or 32a x x x x. If anyone was to ask do I regret it, the answer is 100% no, best decision I've made xx

I'll update soon but here are some pics currently

5 days post

Just had my first full shower :() felt lovely lol and just thought id take a few pics and update the progress.
Doing a lot better today, just casually taken pain med every 4-6 hours ( not really feeling the need )
Can't wait to go Friday and get the tape off as it's pushing the little mites up and making my larger breast look like a ski slope haha
Happy Monday xx

Oh and still not speaking to the husband. :()

One week and two days post

Hello lovely ladies
Quick update: so I went to see my ps today to have the bandage removed, all went very well but all the questions I wanted to ask, I forgot haha because we were talking about babies, so I emailed him when home and he responded, the right breast was ok, there is always one that is more painful with recovery , the implants were intact but there was a lot of gel bleed, so I'm hoping my theory of illness and implants were related and I sincerely hope I start to feel great again over the next year or two. My boobies are looking good, he left one of the small bandage/ stickers over the scars as they were stuck on nicely , so he said they will fall off in the shower. Will update pictures soon


Removed all bandages

Hello ladies
Hope your all well. Just a quick up date and question to you all.
So I removed the rest if the bandages today as they were driving me insane, the scars look ok, touched them though and it feels quite hard underneath the scar , anyone else find this? If so has anyone started massaging the scars? How long would you recomend leaving till massaging?

I've noticed where the small thin sticky bandage was, my breast tissue was flipping over the top, so after removing the skin is still taking this position, do you think over time the scar and surrounding tissue will plump a little and full out?

Anyway happy weekend :)

Photos as promised

So just a quick one, since yesterday the right one has retracted a little so really happy, had a nice shower today and hair dried the scars haha as didn't want to rub them.
Hope your all having a great weekend :) x


Hello ladies

Just a quick question, post explant, has anyone lifted there arms and noticed a rippling on the sides of the breasts, probably excess skin which hopefully will retract but has anyone noticed this? I'm 12 days post explant xxx

15 days post

Hi all, hope your all ok and keeping well.

So I'm two weeks and a day post and feeling great, the little bitty's are tightening up and the scars are looking better. The right bitty boob is feeling happier haha so I'm happy about that and the rippling when lifting my arms that I mentioned in my last post has stopped in the left and only a little in the right so I'm presuming this must be the fluffing effect.

Some ladies are struggling a little with the size of their boobies, but I just want to say your all beautiful and you all look amazing, small is perfect and be proud of your bodies.
Mine are tinie tiny, in fact there super small BuT they are all mine and I love them. The one thing I love the most is that they don't feel like two rocks of ice on my chest, they are soft and warm now which is refreshing to feel.

Keep smiling girls, your all amazing :() x

Back off holibobs

Hello lovely ladies , how are you all doing?

So I am back from the states after having a fabulous holiday with my family. My boobies are doing great, they are retracting well and the scars are looking good.
I took a quick pic to put up and will take some further pictures once I'm more settled at home.
I'm hoping my right boob will retract a little more but I think it's slowly lifting and I have started massaging it now. My left is just how I had hoped.

Still having mild pains, especially in the right boob, but not enough to alarm me. It's been 6 weeks since I had them out.

Still wearing support bras morning and night, this I will continue for another 6 weeks.

Will up date soon but just wanted to give a quick update

:) x

Quick up date

So it's been 7 weeks now and all going well, still a little pain if I massage too hard but when I say little, I mean little pain.

Just wanted to update the scars .

Anyone still wearing support bras? Or have you moved to normal bras ?

I'm back

Hello everyone
I'm so sorry it's taken me how long to write an update, but I've had no internet till recently, but we moved home and all settled.

So on the boob front, things healed so well since I last posted, scars are none existent and the breast tissue feels great, I had a little more retraction, although, the right one I feel is still a little more flat looking. So I went back to see my lovely surgeon who admittedly said they look great but has mentioned two future options to consider.
One : mini breast lift , just around the nipple to pull in the little skin in not happy with .
Two: fat transfer from tummy / inside of legs into the breasts to plump them out a little.

Now I've been preferring one option to the other then swapping my opinions and it's been like this most weeks. My preference now is the fat transfer as there is minimal scaring, but I need fat in order to do this haha and fat and I are not the best of friends, but if I can gain enough knowing it will all be sucked back out then that's got to be a consideration right?!
Because I said we wanted to extend our family, he did mention that baby weight would be good if I could keep that on. so we're see.

Anyway, pictures will follow shortly of my progress to date.


Ps: although considering fat transfer, I'm still very happy I explanted and the fat tranfer isn't to make them considerably larger but just to had volume that I have lost through stretching etc.

Pictures and little bump :)

So here are my pictures , the right breast is still quite flat x
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