I Am Going to Have Boobs!! - Birmingham, GB

Hi everyone. So - I have been for my first...

Hi everyone.

So - I have been for my first consultation today and was really happy with how it went.

I am aged 42 and have tiny boobs (don't even really fill the 34a I wear). I am 5'3'' weighing 9 stone.

I want a natural look and after lots of research have decided I am aiming for a 'good C' cup. I have read lots of reviews etc and was thinking I would be having about 270 rounds. I really wanted to go over the muscle if possible to reduce the recovery time.

Anyway, after my consultation today and trying on the sizers, have decided on 325 Mentor cohesive rounds. They have to go under the muscle though due to lack of boobage!! I was surprised that they looked the right size for me. I have a small waist and bigger bum - so kind of balanced me out. We started small and worked up - the bigger size I tried after 325 was just too big I thought. PS said he thinks I will be maybe a D. They did not look like I imagined a D to be? They didn't look huge - just nice and shapely. I put my shirt back on and you couldn't tell they were under there (good I think), and the buttons did up which I didn't think would be the case.

This is something I have thought about doing for all my adult life. I am soooo excited!!

Before pic

They look really odd sizes! One is a little bigger but I think the tan lines and the 'trying to take selfie position' make it worse.

Slightly better photo




Maybe a bit low as kept dropping out of the vest!! Love the size though
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