I Am Going to Have Boobs!!

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Hi everyone. So - I have been for my first...

Hi everyone.

So - I have been for my first consultation today and was really happy with how it went.

I am aged 42 and have tiny boobs (don't even really fill the 34a I wear). I am 5'3'' weighing 9 stone.

I want a natural look and after lots of research have decided I am aiming for a 'good C' cup. I have read lots of reviews etc and was thinking I would be having about 270 rounds. I really wanted to go over the muscle if possible to reduce the recovery time.

Anyway, after my consultation today and trying on the sizers, have decided on 325 Mentor cohesive rounds. They have to go under the muscle though due to lack of boobage!! I was surprised that they looked the right size for me. I have a small waist and bigger bum - so kind of balanced me out. We started small and worked up - the bigger size I tried after 325 was just too big I thought. PS said he thinks I will be maybe a D. They did not look like I imagined a D to be? They didn't look huge - just nice and shapely. I put my shirt back on and you couldn't tell they were under there (good I think), and the buttons did up which I didn't think would be the case.

This is something I have thought about doing for all my adult life. I am soooo excited!!

Before pic

They look really odd sizes! One is a little bigger but I think the tan lines and the 'trying to take selfie position' make it worse.

Slightly better photo




Maybe a bit low as kept dropping out of the vest!! Love the size though


Hello everyone. So it's now a week and a half until I am booked in for my surgery...... and I am questioning it. Going though surgery just for bigger boobs when I am healthy. Then I made the mistake of googling about silicone implants and reading about all the health issues that might be linked (cancer, etc etc) . I know what I am feeling is normal and I can't stop thinking about the whole thing. I have put on about 5lbs since going on holiday and my tiny boobs feel very slightly bigger because of it. I keep thinking- they aren't so bad! Then I put a sports bra on and they are completely flat and it looks horrible. Any thoughts on the safety aspect anyone? Thanks for reading xx

This time in 2 days will all be done!

So, 1.5 days to wait girls. It doesn't feel real. We have been away so my mind has been off boobs. Now I'm back at home, it is firmly back on boobs!! Been and got some shopping in all ready so I dot starve haha. Trying not to think of any negatives now and just sort of excited xx


Well, it is all over! The girls are done. They are completely numb all over but not quite as painful as I thought. It is more the getting up off the sofa etc when leaning back that is a problem. I am now sitting on a dining chair as I can get up and down easily. It feels so weird to have these hard objects stuck on me! I said to hubby to feel how hard they are and I literally did not feel him touch them!! Is this normal? How long before some feeling returns I wonder? They seem huge to me but don't look that huge on the photos. I did take the sports bra off this morning for a look and they are slightly torpedo like, but looking pretty good. I hope they shrink a bit though. Hubby has been a star - helping me up, waking for the meds in the night. I do love that man!! He said they will be perfect!

Here are the boobs!!

Hello everyone. Hope you are all feeling well.

So it's day 2 post op for me. I am feeling good!! Pain is really minimal and I am sleeping well propped up. I never thought I would be able to! Hubby had made the pillow arrangement so comfy that I fell asleep and didn't wake up once all night. Boobs still totally numb from nipple down. But more feeling in the tops/ cleavage areas. I suppose I have been cut open and 2 lumps of silicone shoved in!! I hope the feeling comes back soon as it is just so damn weird. I think the swelling has gone down a bit and I have changed my sports bra to a 34d from the 34dd that I left hospital in. No poo yet but laying off the codeine today so fingers crossed for that one haha. Have to say that I am pretty pleased with my new additions. They are a bit pointy at the moment but I think when they settle down they will be pretty. That's what I want - bigger than I had, pretty, not obviously fake boobs!! Hubby helped me have a bath and washed my hair last night. I have naturally curly hair and straighten it usually. So let's just say, it's a bad hair day today :-)

Bruises and swollen

Hi all. Still pretty pain free. Bruising is coming out now and they are still very swollen - there is even swelling on my sides which feels weird. Anyhow, fingers crossed it will settle soon.

Starting to love them!!

Well it's day 4 and the swelling is reducing. Righty is settling quicker than lefty I think. More shape and less armpit area swelling. Still numb from nipple down. No pain at all. Only taking paracetamol now - but regular doses.

Have been worrying they are too big

So, now I look at the photos I think 'what are you worrying about!'. If this was someone else's review I would be thinking, lovely shape- not high and square like so many people experience, not too big and in proportion, not indecent in a costume to take kids swimming! In real life I think they look bigger.

Maybe it's just because they feel it to me and I am constantly aware of them? They don't hurt at all. Just tight, hard and numb. I also think the sports bra makes them look like a giant block! I really don't think boob greed will be an issue for me. I just want nice smallish boobs.

Ok, that's enough stressing. I feel better now I've tried the costume on!!


My old 34a. (I saved it because it was bigger than the rest of my a cups, and really was a bit big for me before). It only just covers the nipples and is too small, but weirdly the fact that I can wear it makes me happy. Maybe I am a C cup! Yay. Maybe they are not ginormous haha

Macom bra heaven!

Hey ladies. Just to let you know, I have got a Macom bra and I must say it is so comfy! Much better for me than the sports bras. Highly recommended! Yesterday was the sorest day so far. My boobs were quite sore- one especially below my arm pit. Anyhow, feeling a lot better today. Hope you are all bearing up ok x

Half a stone heavier? Whaaaaat!?

Hello girls! So today I weighed myself and I'm 7lbs heavier than I was before my BA? Please tell me this is swelling or retention or something ..... anyone else found similar?

Recording progress

2 weeks

Waiting for righty to drop and catch up!

I haven't updated in a while as there hasn't been much to report. Still got no feeling underneath either nipple and hoping that comes back soon. The left boob is perfecto! The right one is still a little higher and needs to drop. I hope it does drop as they have been like this for a couple of weeks now! Anyone experience anything similar?? I am really happy with my boobies!! I am really glad I did not go bigger - I think these are big enough and if I was slightly smaller I would still be happy. Picture of scars too before I change the tape. Will be right in the crease when the right boob drops! No pain - just feels weird when I do side to side action like cleaning.

6 week check today and measured!

Hi all
I've been for my 6 week check with the PS today. He is happy with everything and said my higher boob is fine and just slower dropping. I am free to wear whatever bra I like and to do whatever exercise I like! Great news as feeling very lazy. Got to get back running but wondering how that will feel? I have to massage the scars now too. He said hopefully the feeling will come back in the nips and underneath!! I hope so too. Hate the feeling of rubber boob.

The other thing was that I went to M&S to get measured. I always wore a 34 a before. She measured me as between a 30 and 32 band! She said go with the 32 as the 30 might feel really right as I'm used to a 34. Tried on a few and my size seemed to be ....32DD. A bit bigger than planned!! Also got some 34d from another shop that did not seem to stock 32DD. They fit ok too- but 32DD is much better. Wow that was a shocker. When the fitting lady came in with a 32 E I had to put my foot down!!! I was like 'no way am I wearing an E'. Thankfully it was not needed.

Come on righty!!

Here they are 6 and a bit weeks on. Righty still needs to drop but if they both look like the left one, I think I will be happy!!

It's official - I LOVE my boobs!!

So after a few weeks of liking them sometimes, worrying they are too big etc, from this weekend I decided I LOVE them. I wore one of those bodysuits for a night out. When I tried it on a couple of weeks ago my boobs looked massive, and I was worried about wearing it in front of my friends as they would clearly see the new boobs!! I thought I would try it again, and they just looked amazing (if I do say so myself ;-) ). I went bra-less and they looked so natural. So there we are. My husband is mad about the boobs. He was not that keen on me having them done, but man, he's happy now!! They measure a 32DD but they look like I imagine a C cup to look? Anyway, I am so pleased with my results.

Anyone else still waiting for one to drop? ( 2 months now)

The boobs are much the same. Right still higher and no feeling in nipples or lower part of boobs above scar to nipple. Anyone else experienced this? I am starting to think that boob is staying put!!

Still waiting ...

I am really pleased with my boobs - I really am. It was definitely the right choice for me. I love the size and the way they look in clothes. I think i mentioned before that hubby is over he moon with them too!! I am still waiting and hoping that the right one drops a bit. It still doesn't have much of a crease and I am hoping the underwire bras help with that.

Recording progress


So time has passed and still no feeling underneath or in nipples? Has anyone else had this at 4 months and found it ever returned? I am slightly concerned that the right implant may have bottomed out a little bit?? Not sure. I am going to wait for my 6 month check and see what PS says about that. Apart from these issues I must say I am really happy with my boobs. I love the size- no boob greed here. The scars are fading nicely and I don't get any pains or anything. Definitely the right decision!

Black and white boobs!

A couple of pics to update

One more

Annoyed by partner telling people :-(

Hi all,
I am not posting today about my boob progress. They are fine and I'm happy with them. I am feeling so disappointed and let down by my man. He knows full well that I did not want people knowing that I have had my boobs done. This is really important to me. I had them done for me. I don;t flaunt them in revealing outfits and have told only a couple of close friends. - not even all of my close friends. So, he casually revealed he told X at work? I am fuming. Why tell X at work? What has it got to do with them or anything. I have let rip on him and he has gone out. I am glad. He has really hurt me doing this. I don't want to be workplace gossip - and of course, X tells Y etc etc. I Nothing I can do. He has really let me down. Sorry for the non boob related rant, but this is really important to me. Hope you are all keeping well. x
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