28, 5"8, Getting 500cc Motiva Overs.

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Hey ladies, so as its only a few days until my...

Hey ladies, so as its only a few days until my procedure I thought now would be a good time to start my story...
I visited a surgeon in 2007 and booked my procedure only to have a severe kidney infection that stopped it happening. So I've waited a decade and genuinely can't believe it's happening I'm finally getting my booblies!! (•)(•)
I met with two different surgeons and felt completely at ease with Mr Alleruzzo who will preform the operation on Sunday (ahhhh its so close so so excited!!) I am being chauffeured to and from the hospital with a driver so me and hubby don't have to drive for 4/5 hours which I thought was a fantastic extra! I will put my before pics up today and hope to talk to you all and gain advice from you pros!! What did everyone take with them and any post op tips etc?

This is it girls... No turning back... AHHHHHHH so excited it's 4.03am in the UK

So nervous and excited I can't believe it's happening

Finally brave enough to show you my before she!!

Here's the droopy dudes ????

Wouldn't load pictures sorry...

My before pics taken this morning (ahhhhh I could poop I'm so excited!)

Can someone be my boob buddy please?

I'm currently on the M6 to Birmingham and can't help feel that I've been skimmed over people's feeds. Please comment about your experience etc, in 4 hours I will have boobs yey!!

Been drew on!!

I'm excited and nervous I go into theatre in 25 mins! Ahhhhh....

First sneak peek!

Here is a little sneak peek everyone...

I'm so happy with my deciding

It's now 24 hours from surgery and Mr Alleruzzo is a miracle worker WOW!! This pic was from I'm my home in a high impact sports bra but girls my tiny tiny A cups are now verging on EE I'm iver the moon I truly am

Here's a quick update...

Zero pain, have been out of the house to the supermarket etc. Hardest part so far is being asleep and "forgetting" you can't roll over "ggrrrr" hope you are all well lots of love to you all.

28, 500cc Motiva HP Overs (England UK)

11 years in the planning and I'm over the moon!! Zero pain full motion in my arms and shoulders Mr Alleruzzo is a boob God!! I'm guessing I'm going to be a EE/F cup once dropped and fluffed. I feel so much more feminine already and my confidence is through the roof!! The Hospital Group UK are AMAZING and I can't thank them enough!


Sorry for the lack of updates having a few family issues at the moment here are Thelma and Louise in my compression bra I honestly think I'm going to be a F or FF cup and I love it!! I look like I'm at week 20 or something not week 3!! Hope you are well

Incision scars & stretch marks....

The title says it all my lovely ladies :-D

Gobsmacked at the difference f*@k!!

Just WOW

My card from the implant box!

Found a "pretty" post op bra...

"Pretty" post op bra...

Shitty fecking electric shock like nerve awakens!!

Hmmmmf this is annoying when does it stop gals? Give my big bazonkas some hope this miserable morning lol hahahaaa

Nipples feel lightning is being periodically shot down the nerves

Ow ow ow ow ow ow

Really hope these "zingers" stop soon

I'm experiencing a huge amount of nerve pain (it feels like electricity attacking my nerves and im miserable lol.) Still being stubborn and taking no pain relief but I am exhausted from it and wish it would go get screwed because this is the reality of going really big but just owee I am sad today because it's back to work for me yey (not) any help or advice ladies??

Attacked then hospitalised with gallstones :-(

So now week 5 haven't been on as I was jumped (because of my BA and jealousy which I am still in shock about both male and female attackers resulting in a hefty black eye) then collapsed with severe abdominal pain and vomiting which turned out to be gallstones for the second time this year! I love my boobs utterly and completely they went into spasms so was prescribed baclofen a muscle relaxer and it seems to have worked. Will upload photos asap I promise :-D

5 week picture!

Left boob still ginormous but starting to settle :-D

Hospitalised again...

Tachycardia (heart rate was dangerous at 181 but I do suffer from ventricular tachycardia if I have an underlying issue) doctors believe I have an ulcer so more procedures to follow. Totally fed up guys.

6 weeks old (Thelma and Louise great me still poorly)

Thought I would give you guys some quick pics thank you so much for your support and messages they have helped me along the way xxx

Pic update!!

Here's Thelma and Louise and I am very very happy with how they look!! Hope everyone is well and boobies are dropping and fluffing for you all!! Hugs and kisses xoxox
Angelo Alleruzzo

Absolutely amazing surgeon!! Typical Sicilian charm but a miracle worker!!

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