Now or Never! 40 Years Old Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair After 3 Kids!! U.K. - Birmingham, GB

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Ok, time to start my blog with 3 days to go...

Ok, time to start my blog with 3 days to go.????????. Have waited years to do this, finally plucked up the courage and now I just want to start the recovery. Three babies, 1 of which was a large baby and c section has resulted in an ever increasingly saggy belly. I've lost weight and it just looks worse. Best friends were horrified when I said what I was having done but on seeing my crinkled belly button they then understood. The kids are now 14,10 and 7 so can help look after me lol...payback!

. I'm 5'5 and currently weigh 10stone 2 ( put 4lb on over xmas!)

I went to see dr cc Kat in Birmingham uk who I'd heard was very good. I liked her thorough no nonsense approach, just like me! She examined me and finally gave me the answer to an unsolved problem... I can't do sit ups and I'm crap at the plank! I also get lots of low back pain . Now I know my muscles have overstretched and not knitted back together , resulting in a 4cm gap. Due to my job I need to be strong and active so it's necessary for this to be repaired too. This then justified even more that medically I will benefit as well as cosmetically.

Her lock and glue system reduces the needs for drains so less scarring and infection. I will have to wear a corset for 2 weeks solid so no showers/baths ???? Femfresh and dry shampoo will be my best friends over the next two weeks. Different approach to some of the USA operations/procedures I've seen on here.

So hubby huffing and puffing as I'm in bed typing on iPad... I'll upload before pics tomorrow... Night!

7 hours and counting....

So I'm lying in bed knowing I've got to be at the hospital in 7 hours time... Just checking Facebook, replying to texts.... Everyone asking if I'm nervous. Naturally I am a little but I've waited years for thus and can't believe I'm actually going to get it done! Aagh!! ????????????????????

So today I've cleaned, ironed, packed, played with the kids... My 7 year old was laughing as I knelt on all fours in my underwear ... She said my belly looks like cow udders! I tried to breathe in but it made no difference. However reinforced my decision that I am doing the right thing. Still getting mixed responses from friends. Genuine concern to jealousy but I'm carrying on regardless.

Anyhow posting my own pre op pics... Still look worse in real life and since taken few weeks ago I've put a few lbs on over Xmas... Sort of thought it don't matter now? Lol

Anyhow I'll update tomorrow if I can and let you know how it goes! Eeek!

16 hours post op!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????

I'll try and give you as much honest info as possible. It's 3.51 GMT on 11/1/16 and I'm wide awake

So yesterday I got up, showered in the antiseptic wash.. Felt weird not putting on any cream, make up or body sprays. Felt naked lol! Said goodbye to the kids. They know how I feel so we're excited for me.

20 minute drive then to the spire hospital in Sutton to check in at 7am. Check in was smooth and I was shown to my room. Modern and VERY clean. Phew. Was hoping I was first on list but was second.

A dr Bala, anesthetist , spoke to me about my medical history. What a lovely man! Very calming persona. All helps!

Dr Kat came to measure me up and go through all the consent forms. Loved the smell of the sharpie pen and was intrigued at her drawings as my body became a map. The main Cut is lower than I expected, into my pubic hair and the section to be excised is larger than I expected too! Had a moment of ' are you sure there's enough skin to put me back together!' She said as I'm young and fit she is going to be aggressive to give me a toned look.

Hubby was in the room and agreed she came across very professional and competent. I feel that I've paid for the best!

So a few hours waiting around .. Watching rubbishy tv.. Started to get bored, hungry and thirsty. I has a glass of water at 8.30 am.

12pm they came for me.?i felt surprisingly relaxed. And then I was gone...,

Not exactly sure how long it all took but think I was back in my room by 4pm. I was in pain, felt disorientated and sick... Just kept pressing the morphing drip and sleeping.

Lots of checks from the nurses , bp, temperature etc. I asked for oxygen masked to be swapped as getting on my nerves. Have a tube now instead . All a blur really.

Finally about 10pm I felt a little better. When I'm hungry I feel sick so asked for some food. Tuna sandwich and fruit salad. My mouth felt as dry as a budgies cage so struggled with the sandwich, just couldn't swallow it. HIWEVER the fruit salad was perfect!!! Rehydrated me mouth. I ate very slowly mind.

Had to have a catheter ... Just wasn't coming out and feel a little less pressure.

So I'm feeling tired again now, seem to be awake for 15 mins then sleep again. Pain is manageable but not really moved.

Will try and post later xx

36 hours post op - mixed day today!

So I slept fairly well last night, had every bit of pain relief offered, no point being a martyr eh?

Nurses decided to remove the catheter, remove oxygen and leg pressure garments so I could get up for a wash. Removal was ok but getting up wasn't too pleasant . I had a wash in the chair, they helped where necessary and tried to protect my dignity. I did t care tbh! I felt better for brushing my teeth etc but after 10 mins or so I felt very queasy. I'd eaten a piece of toast but sicked that up. Not pleasant at all and I felt rather shaky. I sat back in bed and felt wet on my chest, the local anesthetic drip had loosened and I was bleeding. No real concern,must unnecessary blood lol.

I carried on drinking water though as advised by staff. I managed a few sips of soup but then I was sick again and felt quite rough. My body was swelling too, my large thighs were now huge! Full,of water. I was given the very last anti sickness injection they had in stock as they were concerned I'd lost fluid. I also struggled to pass urine. Nothing was happening.

Dr Kat came to see me about 4 pm and said she was happy with my progress. If I did t pass urine by 7pm I was to be given a catheter again. I like a challenge so some how by going to the loo lots of times I managed to go, then I'm like a box of Pringles, once you pop I can't stop! Annoying now as I want to rest and sleep.

I'm due a pesos army now 12.00am. I can then hopefully try and get some kip. I feel very tight, across the chest where the pressure garment is and I also feel full of wind.....

So overall verdict, it's like having a c section, bit more painful but without a baby to look after so bonus! Looking forward to seeing the results, as I'm bloated cant see or feel benefit yet. I'll post a pic tomorrow xx

Day 3, 58 hours post op.. Not so chirpy!

Eugh, I'm back home now after being released at 5 pm. Trying to get comfy in my bed with a plethora of pillows...

Negatives : Felt nauseaous most of the day, despite anti sickness tabs. Things which are irritating me now are my very swollen thighs and buttocks. I swear if you put a pin in me id burst! Trying to keep moving legs but still big and fat. As I haven't taken off corset ( can put a clean one on tomorrow) I've no idea what's underneath. I just know my inside thighs and my ladt garden have turned a lovely shade of purple. I'm also irritated nasaly. Nose very dry and hard to blow. But of balsam helps!

Positives : can't eat much at all, have managed 1 piece of bread. Several grapes, bite of a chicken sandwich and 1 slice of pizza..saying s positive as will lose weight lol! Feel like I've had a gastric band due to tightnes of corset. Also from reading burger blogs I know I'm in the difficult phase but will get better. So remaining positive. Pics are too good, will try tomorrow without corset on . Night all, wish me well!

Day 4... First proper pics!

Well had weird nights sleep.. Blame the drugs . This morning needed to take pressure garment off for a wash and to put a clean one in. Def need two hands! Anyhow, got myself washed and now comfy sitting on sofa whilst hubby and kids at work.zchool. Have got everything I need to hand : Tablets, drinks ( hot flask of tea) magazines, tv controls.

Anyhow here are my first proper pics... I'm more bruised than expected And still very swollen. But can see some change!! Excited!

5 days post op... ouch ouch ouch

Had the longest night EVER. Felt low, coul at sleep. Had a little cry as thought of friends who have undergone surgery to save their lives etc and how they have suffered. Think the hormones had a part to play too.

Once I was up in the morning still found I had limited mobility. Pain not too good as I'd left such a long gap between meds. Tonight will squeeze another cheeky paracetamol in at least... I need it!

Was visited by several friends who said considering what I had done I looked well but they could see I was in pain. One made me laugh too much and I had to hold my tummy tight.. Laughter best healer though.

Thought I'd be really tired but didn't doze in the day. My tummy and legs are still swollen, legs not quite so bad but they are still big. By the end if the day I noticed bruising appearing down inside of my thigh, down to my knees.? Hubby said this is due to the corset forcing the blood elsewhere which is s good thing?

I've been really hungry, proper gurgley belly but physically can only eat tiny amounts. Feel like I've had a gastric by pass! Lol

Have been really constipated too despite all the water, fruit and lactose . I think the many attempts at trying resulted in a really really severe stabbing pain in the right side. Worse pain I've ever ever experienced and was contemplating calling an ambulance. Hubby had popped out do my strong 14 year old son was my support. Didn't want to scare him but needed him to literally hold my hand whilst pain eased. It's not by any stitches etc so don't know..

Advice kept on top of pain meds throughout day then going to bed was not such a chore.

I've just woke up ( Friday 5.00am) and I've literally had 4.5 solid sleep which is super. Been on scales, I'm now 2lbs heavier than when I went in on Sunday but corset and pjs will make up that. I still feel huge, bent over and bit fed up bu today I will be another step closer to my recovery!!


8 days post op! Scar reveal

Past few days have been up and down. Very emotional on day 5/6, cried a bit in frustration and pain.
Still on paracetamol and reduced codeine to 4 day rather than 8. Think I'll only need a few days on them .

Water retention has decreased, just my belly and hips which remain swollen. The bruising is also healing. I'm standing more upright but still I have lots of back ache from stopping. Each day a little straighter though.

So tonight I had an appt with the surgeon. Dreaded having to get dressed and travel in a car. My surgeon states no showers for 2 weeks so you can imagine the state of my hair, despite the dry shampoo. ???? Oh well comfy joggers were found and I made myself presentable.

Hobbled through to the out patients dept and seemed as though everyone was staring! I then met with the cosmetic nurse.
She removed the gauze covering the wound and belly button. Tummy quite numb still so no pain . She was delighted, said healing very well. It still looked too Frankenstein for me. My new belly button also made me Feel sick as looked like a hole. I've never had an open style belly button before kids.

Surgeon came in and again was very pleased with my progress. Said the slight puckering will subside. Has told me to start to some exercises by breathing in hard and flexing tummy muscles. She said by next appt in a week I will be standing straight! I hope so!

Hubby, family and friends area still being amazing. Makes all the difference. I already know the hardest days are over and I feel a bit better as each day dawns. I'm learning the virtue of patience.

Heres a couple of pics, not the best as was lying down. Next week dressings will be removed so will be better.

19 days post op!

Sorry for late update! Well the past week I've been up and down !

Generally feeling better in myself and pain is easing off, just soreness. I feel particularly sore on my rib cage but that's because I've done a few chores in the house snd think I've overdone it! ???????????? resting up tomorrow!

Do I went for my 2 week review. Swelling is gradually going down. Scar healing well and belly button starting to look normal. Advised to keep the micropore tape on for three months, then cream can be applied. Didn't see dr Kat. Mentioned nerve pain and numbness in right thigh. Was told should sort itself out in 3 months. I'm standing more upright but not fully straight yet. Just too tight and sore.

After my appointment I went home and had my long awaited shower... Bliss! Lots of dead skin on my belly, felt weird washing it. And I was excited that I could have the corset off st night!! However I had a poor nights sleep.., felt unsupported and every twinge hurt. Ive decided to keep wearing it at night until I feel more comfortable.

I ventured out fur breakfast Ruth a friend which was lovely but it wore me out ???? Came home snd slept for 2 hours .. Must have needed it.

Well here's pictures taken today. Can really start to see the difference!

3 weeks post op...recovering but still a long way from normality!

So this time three weeks ago I was just out of surgery. I know deep down my recovery has been great but I think my expectations were unrealistic . I had a c section with my first baby and wrongly assumed Id feel the same. This is much worse than a section!!

Yes Im more mobile, and not in pain as such but still in constant discomfort. I need the full dose of daily paracetamol to get through and at time still feel I need a little more. I read with interest some of the blogs from the USA and people going back to work after 10 days/2 weeks!! How is this possible? I don't feel at all ready for work yet and believe me Im a hard worker and a determined sort of person. I am not lazy in the slightest but work still seems a few weeks away yet... minimum.

I feel most pain in my rib cage, constant stitch. I know this is because of the muscle repair. My scar itself is ok, just itches now and then. I feel like Im moaning all the time but Im genuinely pleased with the results. I can feel those abs and I know in 6 months my tummy will look ace. My ass and legs are very saggy at the moment though the lack of exercise. Im thinking this week I need to start going for little walks around the block. No point having a fab belly but saggy ass! lol

At home Im cooking tea and doing some ironing. Feel I can't stand for too long as I get back ache. Im still not 100% straight, think I need to try and push myself a bit more.

Swelling is much better but still evident from belly button downwards. I know I need to be patient....

Ill update in a week with new pics. Good luck to those about to undergo surgery!

5 weeks post op! Happy happy!!

So 5 weeks ago was the day that changed my belly forever! Still have some swelling at the bottom half of belly, get stitch like pains and can't run or reach high. I only have to take paracetamol every now and then. BUT im really, really pleased with the results . When I sit down I don't have any rolls of fat. It's flat!!!! I've never had a flat belly!

It's been a tough journey, especially first two weeks and I'm still on this journey but I don't regret it at all! I have tried in some dresses to find they are now too big and shapeless. Think I may be able to squeeze into a uk 10!! I just want to slowly increase my fitness again and get my ass and legs toned. Over past few days I've walked 2 few miles each day. Feels good.

So for those in the early stages of recovery you WILL get there. Be patient!

6 weeks post op.. Scar pics!

So this time 6 weeks ago I was in a muzzy haze of painkillers and drugs in the hospital ... Now I'm lying outstretched in my bed. I can sleep comfortably on my sides.. No more pillows under legs..

So how am I feeling now? Well this week I was feeling quite slim mid week. Swelling was def going down especially on the pubic mons. But now? I'm swollen again ???????? not really sure what triggers it. Exercise? Food?

I'm a bit sore on my abs too and have been getting stinging nerve pain in my right leg when walking, so much do I've never limping. Paracetamol no good so got done codeine. Going to speak to cosmetic nurses tomorrow for advice as this has only just come on, typical

Still a long time before I can start rolling around the floor, but I'll get there ????

Apart from leg and swelling everything is healing well, pleased with scar so far ( pics to follow) amazed at find of the pics on here though. Some people look as though they've been cut in scar is as low as possible.

Back to work tomorrow on restricted duties until I'm fit enough to resume my normal job. Looking forward to it as a step back towards normality.

So like child birth, I'm still feeling the effects but boy was it worth it!

7 weeks p/o.. Sunday morning flatness

Just woke up and got the buzz of feeling my flat belly!! ????????
My leg has eased up a bit, so I'm not limping now so that's good. Just occasional twinge. I've done lots of walking but this week I'm going to go to some gym classes, keep it low impact and see how I get on. Spring is nearly here so want to feel good!

My uk size 12 dresses are a bit baggy now, but on trying on some size 10s they are tight on my ass! Lol can't win. ???? I'm trying to eat relatively healthy and follow slimming world. I really don't want to put any weight back on. This has been my chance to get my self sorted. So for those who are about to have it done or just had it done KEEP POSITIVE. It's definitely worth the pain/discomfort. Hard to feel that in the early weeks .

9 weeks post op update

Well it's been a funny two weeks. Had physio appt last Monday who confirmed that I was starting to stoop forward again as my tummy muscles too tight. I was given lots of stretching exercises which felt really good. I was advised I can resume exercise but take it steady... So next day I trotted off to a body pump class with a great instructor. Either used tiny 1kg weights or non at all. It felt great! Until the next day... ???????????? oh my, not just my tummy but my WHOLE BOdy hurt for 3 full days. I couldn't walk properly, felt like I'd gone back to week 2! I actually cried. However no Pain no gain eh?? I'm going to go again this week and ensure I do more stretching. I'm also going to do a bike ride as I haven't done any cardio. I'm not a runner and anyhow still don't think I'd feel comfy running!

However.. Tummy? Bloody love it still. Holiday booked for France in August so I really want to wear a ???? For the first time in 16 years!!! I'm still tender in abs on occasion. Well my nerve issue? Gone! Physio told me to start massaging scar daily and I literally felt a 'ping' inside and a sense of relief. Odd sensation but clearly that nerve was trapped. Swelling is good. Just the Pubic mound but it's clear where my compression garment does up is where the fluid builds. Have been told to start massaging area to assist drainage . Also as swelling ok elsewhere have been advised Spanx should be ok now. Off to buy some more so I can ditch the very grey compression garments lol.

Any how new pics taken this morning. Wrinkles on scar ate more from tape than stretch marks. Really pleased overall. Worth every penny and all the pain. I've also kept my weight off, I'm about 135/136lbs. Lightest I've been in years. Roll on the summer!!!

10 weeks po and HAPPY!!

Just a quick update. Belly looking fab, still a bit tender on the abs but no pain. The stretching exercises help as I am very tight still. Tried on a ???? For the first time yesterday. Looked great... Just need to work on legs and bum though lol

14 weeks post op...

Well sorry been a while! I've been busy getting my appetite back !! Not a good thing lol back to slimming world as I've put 7 lbs on . I'll lose it ..slowly !

So still very pleased with results. My skin has finally loosen , was so so tight. Sadly I've developed new stretch marks down by my scar which has annoyed me but still no one will see them but me. I guess it's just the type of skin I have. Bio oil twice a day not enough for me.

It's taken a while to feel normal again. Longer than I expected and I'm not a lazy person at all . I can now run and I'm just trying to get my fitness back. Slowly but surely. Legs and arms need sorting out before I wear that bikini.

Here are my latest pics. Xx
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