Veneers Made Me More Insecure About my Teeth - Birmingham, England

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I'd broken my teeth at the age of 11, due to a...

I'd broken my teeth at the age of 11, due to a cycling accident. My front four teeth at the top were severely damaged and the nerve was killed in one of them, leaving it a grey colour even after a root canal. When I turned 21, I inherited some money from my Grandad, which I decided to use to fix my teeth. I went for a consultation and was told that veneers would improve my teeth a great deal. As opposed to thinking about the opperation and researching the risks involved, I went straight into it thinking that it was the "best idea". My teeth were ground right down, which was a horrific experience. It was then that I realised the opperation was irreversable, but there was no turning back. A week later, I had my veneers fitted. I was hoping I'd be pleased with the results and proud of myself for going ahead with the treatment, but instead I felt more insecure. My smile didn't look right and four teeth, which I'd had veneers on looked big and bulky. I compared my teeth to photos that were taken prior to the treatment and realised that my teeth and smile looked so much better before. My teeth were straight, my one of my front ones was "slightly" discoloured and the broken ones were filled in. So veneers wern't really necessary. There were most probably other options that I could have looked into. I'm going to make another appointment to see my dentist and get them filed down to try to make them look a bit smaller, as the size of them really does not look right in my mouth. The reason I'm writing this is to advise anyone who wants this done to make sure that this is the right option. If you're not 100% sure, do NOT do it, especially if you're young and in your early 20s, like myself and your teeth aren't too bad. I'd strongly recommend you to look into other options, because once you have veneers, there's no going back. As a result of my treatment, I've been housebound, insecure and unhappy. I'd hate to see this happen to anyone else.

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