30 Years Old 5'6 150lbs 450cc Saline Under the Muscle. Birmingham, AL

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I had my consultation with Dr. Hedden on Tuesday...

I had my consultation with Dr. Hedden on Tuesday Nov 8, 2016 and am scheduled for the procedure on Thursday Nov 17, 2016. I am 30 next month and have breastfed two babies. Even before children I always thought about having a boob job but especially after having children. I am a small B and hopefully will end up a D using 450cc's of saline under the muscle. Dr. Hedden was very knowledgeable and straight to the point. I feel very confident in his ability to give me what I want.

Surgery Day

I had my surgery yesterday 11/17/16. I arrived at 6:15 and I was laying on the operating table by 7am. All the nurses, CRNA and Dr. Hedden were very sweet and made me feel completely at ease. When I woke in recovery I immediately could feel the tightness in my chest. My advise for someone would be to either ask your doctor if you can get your prescriptions a day early and/or get someone to take them and get them filled while they are waiting. The time period between leaving the facility and my husband get the RX filled was miserable. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was hitting my threshold. Not just due to my chest but my back as well. As soon as I got the meds in me I have been great! Of course I'm sore and uncomfortable but it's bearable. Just make sure you keep up with your meds. Another thing that helped was ice packs on the sides and top of my breast and heating pad on my back. I am extremely happy with the way they are looking! Of course they need to drop and fluff but the initial look makes me very happy and excited about how they will end up. I got my incision in the crease under my breast and even now you can't see it unless you look under. I'm headed to my post op appointment now so I will update soon.

Post op day 1 pictures

Still tight today, but range of motion is a lot better. No bruising and everything looks symmetrical. Very happy so far

Post op day 2

Today has been a goo day regarding pain. I'm still taking meds but I think I can start weaning off of them. The only area that is irritating me is when my incision is. The bras rub the area and it does hurt a little. I'm going to go and try to find a bra that is longer and where the band comes down below my incision. Although I haven't been in any pain today, I have slept more than any other day. But I just look at it as my body healing. Still loving the look. They feel a little softer today and my chest isn't as tight. I was able to take a shower which was pretty uneventful but made me feel a lot better. Until next time....

Post op Day 3

Today has been a good day. Little to no pain. Only took Tylenol once. Still some bruising and irritation around the incisions but they look good other wise. I was out for a while today and still no pain or discomfort occurred. You will notice in the pictures that I added some cushion tape to help with the bra irritating me

1 week post op

I have been off all pain meds since Sunday. Swelling and tightness have gone down a lot and the "sloshing" noise has stopped as well. I still use ice packs at the end of the day because I just feel stiff by the end of the day. I'm completely in love with how they are looking. Still completely worth it!

1 week 3 days post op

Pain all except morning boob has pretty much gone away. Still a little tight but it doesn't really bother me until the end of the day. I can tell I've dropped some and I am loving the shape they are taking. They are more and more becoming part of me. I am still so satisfied with my decision on size, doctor and just the procedure itself!
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