19 Years Old, 30A, 5"2 105 Lbs - Birmingham, GB

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I am currently 2 weeks away from getting my 325CC...

I am currently 2 weeks away from getting my 325CC implants! Hoping that I will be pleased with end result cannot wait to finally feel womanly
I have a very petite frame and was always bullied at school, so now I'm doing this to make MYSELF feel good, no one else! Countdown to 17th Feb 2015. Very nervous about anasthetic and pain afterwards, need some tips I think

Post boobies!

Ok so thought I'd update with some photos of my 30A's as its only 12 days until I will no longer be an A!! Any ladies who have had same experiment as what I will be having please share?


So I only have 4 days left (Tuesday 17th Feb) and am SOOOOOOO nervous but excited!
Been out to get all my supplies. Sports bras, arnica cream, books, magazines, ice packs, painkillers etc..
Cannot wait now, hate the thought of Anaesthetic but will hopefully be worth it! Anything else anyone can think of I will need please let me know!

Feeling unwell!

So tomorrow is the day of my OP, I am SOOOO nervous I cannot even explain to you how I feel.
However, since yesterday evening I have been feeling unwell. I had symtoms of a UTI infection to start with and now they're gone but my tummy aches and im feeling sick.
I don't know if this is possibly nerves? However I don't want to go under and be unwell as that's quite a risk..
Any suggestions of what this may be? or any stories to share like mine?


Day of surgey

I'm literally an hour away from going down to theatre. So nervous but excited at the same time! Can't wait to see my after results. I'm now saying a good bye to my A cups and HELLO C cups!!! Can't believe its finally come round! Will update later on after surgery!

2 days post op

I'm 2 days post op, and I'm in really bad pain.. I cannot sleep literally I cannot find a comfertable position. With the pain and lack of sleep it's making me really emotional and just want it to end!!!! Any help please ladies..?
Also my nipples are HUGE, they're so swollen and it's crazy, I have no feeling in them whatsoever.. I know it's early days, just hope things get better for me.

Updated photos of BA


Feeling unwell 2 weeks post op! Help!

Hi Ladies,
Im 2 weeks post-op now, im not in pain and my scars are healing well! However, I am feeling quite unwell, I don't feel my usual self. I've had heartburn and I've never had that before, I feel weak and tired and sometimes dizzy. I suffer with anxiety so its making me quite panicy as well, and then I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I'm wondering if any of these symptoms are linked to the recovery of a BA? Otherwise I will be taking a trip to the doctor as I feel unusual.

Pictures to be put up later on!

Nearly 6 months!

hi ladies...
I haven't posted for a while so I thought seeing as it's nearly 6 months anniversary with the new girls, I'd post a couple updated photos as requested!



I would just like to say, I have had an extremely horrible comment posted on here for me! Apparently my procedure was performed by a 'monster'! I am shocked people have time to make women feel anxious about a procedure that is HARMLESS of done correctly. If anything like this happens again I'll be reporting it as harassment!

Ladies, don't let anyone put you down. Embrace your decisions, this is a site for positivity not hatred!
Arnaldo Pagnatelli

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