31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 32a - Birmingham, GB

So yesterday I booked the date and paid my deposit...

so yesterday I booked the date and paid my deposit im all set for 13th December. I can't wait, I'm currently a 32a and looking to go to a D. I'm 5ft 6 and 120lb. ATM im unsure as to wether to go for 380cc or 430cc. 380cc may only give me a C cup but then equally I don't want to go too big and look ridiculous hmmm??

Chosen size.... 390cc

I had my last appointment with the surgeon today. She did all the measurements and we chose a size. I'm currently a 32a and we have opted for 390cc silicone implants. NNext time I see


Next time I see my surgeon will be on op day on 13th December... Can't wait!

X3 different sizers

Here are the 3 sizers I tried on... Ive decided to go for 390cc


So I bought a dress for post op... It's the perfect dress I would love to wear but can't currently fill it out! Bring on the new year!
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