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I am 51yrs old and a Mother of 3 children ages...

I am 51yrs old and a Mother of 3 children ages 25,22 and 10. I feel like I am a Mother of a 10yr old.

I woke up one morning and realized gravity took hold. And when I don’t smile I look MAD. That is not me. I am a bubbly, energetic woman and would like my face to reflect that. I work out daily (most of the time) to change the look of the rest of me( 15lbs to go) but workouts won’t get rid of droopy cheeks and jowls.

So off to the surgeon I go. I am very excited. Not crazy about reading about all the negative experiences. I am sure there are more positive ones out there!! I have read and read and researched.

Normally I heal quickly and have a high pain tolerance. But I also understand the face is a different animal. I will have a overnight stay and a post-surgery “babysitter” applying cold compresses every 15mins for 12 hours. And also start taking the Vitamedia clinical support program.

I hope everything goes well. I expect bruising and swelling. 14 days post-surgery the family will be on vacation in California. I guess assume I will have to use camouflage make-up. No one there will know I am still swollen, just full of Face;) But then again it is CA..I am sure I will fit in

Well I did it. I went in on 6/30. My surgery was...

Well I did it.
I went in on 6/30. My surgery was set for 7:00 am. Hugged and kissed my Husband and Son and next thing I remember they were each holding my hand.
My head was wrapped, that part was very uncomfortable to me. And I had drainage tubes in. I spent the night at the hospital and had a caretaker. She would keep cold compresses on my eyes. That felt AMAZING and very comforting.
There wasn’t any pain, just pressure from the bandage which thankfully my Dr. removed the next morning along with the drainage tubes.
The first day at home I slept. I do recommend a wedge pillow. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also put a pillow under that. You do want to stay elevated. My back and chest muscles started to hurt after a couple of days but putting a small square pillow under my lower back helped.
I had plenty of prescriptions.. one for pain, a antibiotic, one for nausea , Ambein for sleep but the one that unsettled me was the one to prevent clots. My husband had to inject me for 7 days in the stomach with this medication. That worried me! But it was nothing! He did a great job, didn’t even feel them. And the needle was short and sharp.
I did have a setback. Part of the daily regime or twice daily is keeping the back of the ears clean. Peroxide lightly then apply a antibiotic ointment. Well, I had a allergic reaction to the ointment. It caused a dermatitis on the back of my ears with weeping blisters plus my ears swelled up like Dumbo and I lost about 80% of my hearing due to the swelling.
My Dr. came out, YES..made a house call!! He put me on a steroid pack for 7 days. That was 5 day post op I believe. Yesterday , 12 day Post op, was my very last pill. Anyway, the swelling started to go down after I started the steroids and he was able to remove all of the staples and most of the Stiches on day7 .
I did swell. I was hoping to be a model patient, no such luck. I still have swelling, mostly side of face and around the eyes. There is numbness around the sides of my face. I expected that. Somedays I wake up and feel okay. Somedays I am very swollen and tight.
I have lost 8lbs since surgery. I did not eat much the first 5 days when I was dealing with my antibiotic setback. And now I watch everything that goes into my mouth. I don’t want a lot of salt for obvious reasons. So my choices have been very healthy.
My eyes bother me. The right one seems like it is irritated. You know the feeling when you rub it to much then feels is something like that. The left one seems fine. I have eye drops I put in from time to time. Oh.. stick your eye drops in the frig. Cold drops in irritated eyes feels amazing.
I go in this morning. My ears were still to swollen on day 7 to remove the sutures from behind the ears. But today he will be able to.
I am afraid to touch anything. Not sure when I will feel like it is OK to go back to a normal routine.
Going out into the heat right now is very uncomfortable. I am sure it will improve a little each day.
My jowling is gone, that’s a good thing! My marionette lines are gone, my forehead is smooth and the hollowness under my eyes is non-existent! I am still cooking.. and I will post again.
I did not think I would have the feelings of..OMG WHAT DID I DO. But I did. I went through everything he said I would. You need to breathe, relax and have your own little milestones. Mine is when I can finally wear mascara again
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