Bad Experience with Ulthera - Birmingham, AL

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I am a a very young 60 year old with really good...

I am a a very young 60 year old with really good skin. However, I started developing some sagging around my jaws and decided to do Ulthera to tighten up my jaw line last September. I arrived for the procedure knowing that it would cost $2500 but when I got there I was told it would be an extra $1000 to have my forehead included. (Normally 1500.00 but a discount came with facial treatment) Now, a year later, I could KICK myself for adding it.

For some reason I developed a "sink hole" in my forehead a couple of months after the procedure. The doctor had no explanation for it and seemed quite unconcerned so I contacted the parent company after finding their telephone number online. They put me in touch with a plastic surgeon in California who is apparently paid very well to promote Ulthera because all I got from him was lip service. He did finally tell me that no procedure is risk free and that sometimes there are adverse consequences to pay for the risks we take.

So I am here to advise you to run, don't walk, away from Ultherapy. No one ever took responsibility for my mishap although the doctor did offer me free Sculptra which filled in the hole in my forehead and finally achieved the result I had wanted with the Ultherapy. But Sculptra only lasts two years (at best) so I suppose that for the rest on my life I'll be paying have the hole in my forehead filled back in.

Oh, by the way, the treatment did absolutely NOTHING to tighten my face or jaw line. That fact couldn't be disputed because my "before" and "after" pictures look the same. The reason it didn't work on me could be due to my age, although people tell me that I have the skin of a 40 year old. But I would advise anyone who asked NOT to do Ulthera.
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