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Having 3 different steps. 1st Belt Lipectomy, 2nd...

Having 3 different steps. 1st Belt Lipectomy, 2nd Brachioplasty (Arms) Aug. Mastepexy, 3rd Thigh Lift.
Wanted to try to do all at one time but was advised not the safest way to do this. Hardest thing right now is quitting smoking. I quit for 11 years and started back about 6 months ago. So tootsie pops are my new cigarettes.

Counting the days

Hoping to consult with Dr again to see if He would perform Aug. Mastepexy and Belt Lipectomy the same day. These 2 are the most important to me first. I haven't had a problem to stop smoking. I want this surgery to bad to let that get in my way

Postponed surgery due to swollen gland in neck

Very sad today to find out can't have surgery until I'm cleared by a ENT on this gland that had to choose now to swell up.
Finding out tomorrow what's going on. Was given a Zpack earlier in the week but there has been no change in it.

Still waiting

Now I'm waiting to be approved for a cat/scan to see whats going on with my neck. It's getting larger everyday so something is clogged up, but until they find out if it might be cancer or not can't get them to lance. I'm not a very patience person. This is driving me nuts.

Still in holding pattern

Keeping fingers cross that I get scheduled when I go back the 21st and neck is healed

Ready for the new me

So excited surgery actually back on schedule for 9/26. Neck healing great so doctor gave me the go ahead today. Think he was tired of me begging everytime I saw him with my neck. Dr Schaffer is the Greatest.

Anyone used the Exparel pain relief with your surgery.

If anyone used this time release pain injection, would love to hear how it worked for you.
Having a Belt Lipectomy Monday morning the 26th.
Decided to try this pain relief with my surgery. Would love any feedback.

Only 15 Hours to go

Will be leaving about 6:00 to pick up granddaughter to head for
My surgery I've wanted for years. Super excited times just going mighty slow.

Only 2 hours and 10 minutes to go.

Should have put new batteries in the clock. Time going slow.

It's been 6 days and all is well

Monday will be 14 days

Well if I hadn't had a blister appear on my tummy right in the worse place I'd could have been, this wouldn't be quite so bad. Sure there had been some pain but well worth it.
Hope it heals ok and I can continue with my other surgery.

If you have surgery just be aware be careful and wear something soft under compression garment to prevent rubbing blister. Didn't know this.

New pictures from this morning in trouble area.

Any body else had something like this? Did it do ok, fast I hope.

Not very good news

Appointment yesterday confirmed the area that blistered didn't survive.
So was told need to wait at least a couple of months to let everything heal and when have next surgery for arms and boobs, he will take out dead area on tummy.
My bad luck continues.
Other than that the other areas are healing well.

Not looking any better

Anyone else have this happen.
Not looking forward to the repair, but having the floppy stomach gone is worth the scar that's probable going to be left.
At least a scar isn't something in the dark that can get in your way.

Picture where dr cut out dead area

Picture made Saturday

Wound Vac put on today

Had the wound vac added today to help speed up healing time for the area that had to be cut out. Hoping this doesn't take to long so I can continue on my next surgery. Dr. Schaffer said he want this wound healed before he does next surgery.
He has really done everything he can to help me.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

So Far he seems very nice. Not only is he nice he came to my rescue with this thing on my neck. It seems I made a bad mistake changing my health insurance. As long as you don't get sick or need drugs it great.

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