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I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Monday Feb 17, 2014...

I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Monday Feb 17, 2014. I had a breast reduction done two years ago and loving the results. I'm kind of nervous and excited all at the same time. I am a mother of one 6 year old boy. I wanted two kids but was told the second had to planned and since I'm not married or even in a relationship, I don't see that happening anytime. Also I said if I wasn't knocked up by thirty that I wasn't gonna try afterwards and move along with having a TT. Any who.... Its less than five days away and I've bought all the things I need for post-op. Bills paid, kid scheduled to be with sister the first week. Mother, sister, and other available family members' to assist me the first week. Any one out there have any words of advice?? I've seen a lot of photos on here with some amazing results. Praying mine turn out the same... (fingers and toes crossed).

Countdown to 3 days!!

Got a call from the nurse saying to be there at 6:30 am Monday morning. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I'm so ready or at least I think I am...

Waist measurements before surgery

Hi ladies, here is my natural waist line measurement. 39".. Last year it was 44" so I've done lost some inches. The pics above were from 4 years ago I think. Believe it or not I was 200lbs then. I tend to carry my weight a bit different. I got lazy and all the weight went to my butt, thighs, and abdomen. Not cool. I never wanted to super small just, proportionate... Understand what I mean???

Last night with my tummy

So this is my last night before I have to the "green mile" in the morning. I'm not as nervous as I was before.

I'm back at home.

I've Been Home Since 3Pm Cst. So Far I'm Just Really Sore. My Fingers Are StilL Numb But They Are Coming Back Slowly But Surly. appetite Sucks. I Have One Drain In. My Sister Is Excellent Help. My Mom Will Be Over When She Gets Off Work. Throat Sore, Hurts A Little To Cough. Feels Like I have On A Really Right Corset. I can't Stand Up Long I Get LightHeaded A Little. The Nurses Were Awesome.

follow up post op

Today I went to back to the PS for a follow up. He was in surgery so I saw Dr. Hedden instead. I was swollen quite a bit. They took off the badges and said I could shower today. I was told to move around as much as could but not to exhaust myself. maybe I can take pics later when I shower and post them then. But I'm not making any promises. But I'll try my best to. Get the Exparel shot if you can it is so worth it. I'm not in any pain in regards to my tummy tuck just sore in that area. But where they did lipo It burns...lol!! Boy it burns.

binder riding up...

Any one has any suggestions to this situation. I don't have a small posterior. it measures at 54". Now this binder is riding up digging into my sides and back and its quite annoying.


Here's the pics. I swollen. That shower took everything out of me...


2nd day post op

Today I'm feeling much better, much rested. Still not much of an appetite tho. Its been chicken noodle soup for the past two days. (those to go cups that you microwave by Campbell's). My back is starting to give me hell now. I can move around with little to no assistance. my sister is still around. I took a shower last night. I broke down and purchased a shower chair. It made showering so much easier. I have not experienced any swelling in the leg and thigh area. that's a good thing.

in need of a massage

wish I knew someone who can massage my legs and arms...

Muscle Spasms?

Has anyone ever experienced muscle spasms at the locations where liposuction was done? I'm having them as we speak. I'm wondering if I was standing to long or trying to do to much... Anyone??

I feel great but i just wanna sleep

I feel great, I'm walking almost completely upright. My stomach isn't as tight as before but I am unusually tired. As soon as I sit down in my recliner I wanna go straight to sleep. I be on the laptop and find myself nodding off for minutes at a time. I have no trouble falling asleep after walking round or taking a shower. Any one else experienced this? is this normal to wanna sleep all the time?


Never thought i'd be the one to say that I would be happy to feel the sunshine and wind blow across my cheeks. (face of course). I rode with my mother to go do errands. It felt good to be out the house, it was only for an hour but I felt great. I was really tired afterwards. But I got my majority of my walking out of the way besides moving about the house. I'm getting around with no help no just taking my time by myself, learning to get up using my legs muscles only which is rally hard at first but you kinda get the hang of it after a while. I know its still my first week but I think doing pretty well. Still nothing but soups and crackers. Tried to eat ribs the day before yesterday, they were so so so good, but didn't sit well on my tummy. People find it quite amusing when I say I can finally see my cooter now. I don't think they believe me. Lol. oh well. That's a major plus for me. No more shaving in the mirror anymore. I know TMI, but anywho..lol!

i feel

I feel like a newborn, just wanna sleep all day and night. today I had no energy


Yes my drains were taken out today. So happy cause I was getting so frustrated with those things.

Went walking today

went walking today, did a 1.5 miles. I think that's pretty good. I wasn't in any pain or discomfort. I actually felt good. afterwards. Was doubting if I could do it at first. But I did yey me!! Oh yeah new pics. Still has some swelling but waist is only 38' so only an inch difference. In the pic I have on a girdle that's because it don't rise, dig in my skin. It does have a firmer hold than the garment given to me. Let me say this it is NOT to tight it feels as tho I have on the compression garment that was issued. I can breath with no problem. I can move around better.

itching around insicion....

Has any one had any problems with severe itching... Benadryl sometimes works and other times it don't.

Stitches coming out wednesday

Wednesday March the 5th my stitches in my navel comes out. I can't wait! I ready to start scar therapy. Yesterday I was up and out all day long. But I was hard headed and didn't put a cami on under my binder and it had my stomach and side very irritated. It was so tender to touch and more sore than usual. Lets just say I've learned my lesson. my scar is kind of high on the sides but with scar therapy I don't think I will have a problem with reducing its appearance. lucky me!

Two week pic update

Swelling comes and goes. All depends what I do that day. I started back driving today. Still not all that easy getting in and out the car, but i'm getting there. I know it takes time. Still tired a little more than usual. Appetite picking back up finally. Up to three meals a day but their still small in portions. Still in some pain on my right side from lipo but bearable. I'm done with pain meds so I'll be using Tylenol for pain tolerance. I'm still taking Benadryl at night cause that's when I itch the most (the scars and areas where lipo was done).

No more binders!!!

Today stitches came out and I was told to start wearing spanx!! Time to start browsing for some... Any suggestions on what kind to purchase anyone, not anything that will dig in my sides and roll up... That's so frustrating and annoying. Oh I was given a script for a small spot on my side that's healing slowly, only downside but its ok I'm still excited. Any who Happy Healing and good luck to those about to the process!!!

Back at work

So I'm back at work and I can honestly say that I'm happy to be back but gotta get used to being up all night again. I'm and Equipment Operator and the only female on shift. So I got it pretty easy, my crew has be watching out for me. They let me work the easiest but most boring job there. I can't complain really cause all I'm doing is pressing buttons and starting/stopping conveyor belts from a central location. I'm sitting for 12 hours straight. I'm still on restrictions until March 31. My appetite is slowly returning now up to two small meals a day. Not craving any sweets other than a sprite every now and then. Its been hard trying to avoid salt. I still forget at times and instantly regret it...lol. Be feeling like a swollen watermelon. I'm still wearing my corset and not spanx. My hips are 53 inches and my waist is 37 inches now with still some swelling. Spanx won't work because my bottom is so much wider and my waist is so much smaller the tummy part is to loose because I have to get a bigger size to fit my bottom or it feels like I wearing panties way to small just to get that firm compression on my tummy. Not cool at all. But over all I'm doing really good. still some numbness around my navel and soreness some. Tender spots on my areas I had lipo on. But their no longer super hard, their starting to soften up some. I massage my tummy, incision area and back with a cocoa butter and shea butter mixture twice a day. I'll post pics soon.




As much as I wanna walk around with my corset/binder on, I feel weird without it on. The black one I have on in one the previous pics was getting loose, so I ordered another. Currently waiting on that one to arrive. Without my corset on I feel like all puffy and swollen. On my way to the snatched waists club... Lol!!

Updated pics

Updated pics

scar therapy

Today i went to see Dr. Schaffer. I was released of all restrictions. I was also told I could start Endermologie, which i will look into. He sent a script in for a scar cream called Pracasil tm-plus. Never heard of it. Has anyone on here ever heard of it and actually used it. He said my scar looked good so far but still recommended that I use the cream.
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