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I have always struggled with my weight.. was very...

I have always struggled with my weight.. was very obese as a child/young teen. I eventually lost the weight and developed an eating disorder. I was addicted to laxatives.. I still am actually. It's gotten to the point where I cant use the bathroom without taking 10-12 laxatives. I wont take them and a week will go by with nothing. My weight fluctuates so much. I am not super unhappy with how I look.. I just know I can look so much better and with this eating disorder I feel like its a vicious cycle and I will never get there.

I am getting D cups put in, as well as Smart Lipo to my lower/upper abdomen, flanks and arms. I am hoping this operation will give me a clean slate and fresh mind state so that I can focus on getting healthy all around, rather than obsessing and making bad choices.

I am so nervous.. reading all these reviews and experiences from other people have me not knowing at all what to expect.

Before Photos

Im hoping to get a nicer silhouette and fuller breasts

day before surgery

so i arrived at the plastic surgery clinic and was super impressed.. it was absolutely gorgeous and professional. we have nothing like this in canada. so i tell the doctor about my eating disorder and he decides to do an ekg test on me. the results came back and apparently i have hyper kalemia i think its called. basically an irregular heartbeat and too much potassium.. which makes them nervous to do the surgery bc they were nervous i wouldnt wake up from the anesthesia.

i felt super conflicted.. firstly really frustrated that my family doctor at home in toronto didn't check into these tests when i have had an eating disorder for like 6 years now. was glad that dr.hedden was so thorough and wanted to get to every detail of what was going on in my body.

i was also very very very upset about the way the process is for out of town patients. i disclosed to them in my online physical and medical history paperwork about this eating disorder.. and i have to wonder why nobody followed up with me on this at that time. i guess nobody even reads it. i feel like if they read it ahead of time they could have gotten me to do what i needed to be in top shape for surgery. that being said... very pleased with the doctor and his thoroughness.

they did more tests and i was then approved for surgery.

the pictures im loading are from the day before my surgery. soo terrible but i used to weigh 150lbs and since i booked my lipo i gained 17lbs. i know thats terrible.

these 2 pictures are from the day before my surgery

my honest opinion about this clinic.


but i feel like i need to post this because i almost didnt get my surgery a couple times due to the negligence of his office staff. his staff was ALWAYS curteous and made me feel at home.. so these were the issues:

-out of town coordinator is completley useless. i had to harass her to get her to respond.. i sent her my pics for my original contact email and a week later had to msg her and ask what was going on. then i email her again saying ok im ready to book.. 8 days later she hasnt responded. i felt terrible to email dr.hedden bc i know he was a million other things to deal with but this lady was not doing her job. anyways i email dr.hedden and he helps quote me and get me to the next process and passes me to one of his in office assistants. i book and put my deposit.. then the out of town coordinator is calling me asking me if i have sent pics.. like yes i have a month ago..... she cant keep track of who she spoke or or when or anything. i told her i need my requisition for my blood work.. im in canada and they cant fax it to my blood clinic.. i need the paper myself to go to a canadian doctor and get a note to get this work done.. TO THIS DAY she still hasnt sent it to me.. i had to call the office and ask one of the nurses to help me.

bottom line if i was not proactive and dead set on doing this, dr.hedden would have lost a $10,000 patient. this lady is terrible for their business. they need to assign someone to each patient and have the person constantly follow up with them. plastic surgery is new to me and as a paying customer i shouldnt have to chase this lady down to get answers. anyways ive been dying to vent about this lady.

trista, traci, penny and i forget the last lady's name were AMAZING. they made me feel comfortable and talked me through everything and anything. they couldnt have done a better job.

dr. hedden is amazing and its a shame that he could possibly be losing out on business because someone isnt doing their job and following up with things. so between heather the out of town coordinator and whichever nurse who read my online physical and didnt see any problem with my eating disorder, it really frustrated me. i asked the nurse why nobody read my physical work to get me to do an ekg at home BEFORE flying all the way there.. she said they tried to contact me and didnt get a hold of me.. which is a lie. bc they have called me before and have had no issue, as well as email. basically someone just over looked it..

imagine if i flew all the way there.. hotel flight car etc all paid for and i wouldnt have been able to get this surgery done.. sigh. anyways thats the only negative thing i have to say about this experience.

2 days post op

YAY all done finally. like i mentioned before i couldnt be more pleased with dr. hedden. the silhouette he gave me was exactly what i had in mind. i went in surgery for i think around 11am and finished at 5pm.. i got silicone 550cc implants.. as well as smart lipo to my lower/upper abdomen, flanks, back fat and arms. eeeeek quite a bit.

i woke up confused and nauseous.. thank god i have a care taker for these first few days.. i did vomit once on the drive home a bit.. and i had no appetite but had to eat a bit in order to take my medication. i bled like crazy. u absolutely need maxi pads to help but i was silly and didn't listen... im fine laying down and im oKKKK standing up but its the transition between them thats brutal...these pictures are from 1 day after my operation.


So I had been steady taking the medication that my doctor prescribed, 1 for pain, 1 for spasms and 1 for nausea. That along with me NOT taking my laxatives I have been so constipated I feel useless. It hurts to move or walk. Yesterday I didn't eat or drink anything because I literally felt like my bloated body couldnt handle anymore. I finally gave in and went for a colonic. It totally changed my mood and how I felt. I feel so much better now. I decided to schedule colonics every 3 or 4 days until this whole process is over.

I dont really feel pain anymore, just uncomfort from the compression garment 24/7. My work also has no air conditioning and I felt like it was making me so sick to be there. I have been home all week. I would suggest people taking off at least 7 days after their surgery. My breasts are so tight and tender. I dont remember the doctors office talking to me about massaging them but i googled it and started to slowly try to do some of the techniques.

I think my doctor said after 2 weeks I can start taking off the compression garment for my arms during the day and just wear them at night which is a dream come true because it is so darn hot over here. Just a few days away until that point.

Anyways I just wanted to STRONGLY suggest for anyone who is suffering from constipation from all these meds to try colonics. It is a bit uncomfortable but not painful at all. And it will change around your entire mood. Give it a try.
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