I Have Lived Half of my Life Losing This Weight Loss Battle...the Second Half of my Life... I'm Winning!!! - Birmingham, AL

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I've lost and gained...and gained and lost only to...

I've lost and gained...and gained and lost only to gain even more! The yo-yo effect was killing me slowly and quietly. Then I discovered a battery of health issues that were quietly brewing and not only keeping me from losing weight...but causing me to gain even MORE!! My BMI is 45...my weight is too close to 300 pounds for comfort. I bit the bullet and made a call to get information. I haven't looked back. My surgery date is September 12, 2016.

Pictures don't lie!

Posting my actual weight and posting pictures kinda forces you to ADMIT and OWN the reality of being morbidly obese with a "pretty face!"

Anxiously Awaiting my Surgery Date to Join This Group of Losers!

I'm tired of being overweight! I'm tired of being stuck in a productive life inside an unproductive body. I'm ready to participate in life with my granddaughter without fits of exhaustion. I'm ready to live a purpose driven life with better habits and better rewards. I'm ready for the world to see more than my overweight self... I'm ready to be a "sleever!" September 12 marks the spot!!!

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