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My hubby knew that I wasn't happy with my boobs,...

My hubby knew that I wasn't happy with my boobs, they had lost so much volume from having 3 children (c-sections) and then losing 60 pounds about 3 years ago. He offered the breast augmentation to me as part of my Christmas present. I thought about it for a day or so and jumped on the offer. In the meantime, I researched and also mentioned to him that I have wanted a tummy tuck since the birth of my last child 9 years ago. I was very self conscious about my stomach. If my shirt rode up for some reason or came up when I reached for something, I was mortified! He knew it meant alot to me and said that we would talk to the doctor at my consultation. We researched plastic surgeons and agreed on one that we both had heard of.

My consultation was Jan 4th, 2013. My husband and I really liked my PS and decided to schedule both surgeries for Jan 28th. Me and hubby looked at and couldn't decide on how big I wanted to go. I was leaning more toward 400cc to 425cc. He wanted 450cc. My PS gave me some good advice that day. He told me if I was stuck between sizes to go with the larger size. He said he's only had 1 patient wake up from surgery and say she wished she'd gone smaller. Most wake up and say they wished they'd gone bigger. We decided on 450cc, silicone implants. I schedule a week off work, my PS said that was about average.

I arrived at my PS Clinic at 6:30 AM that morning. The doctor said that my surgeries would take about 3 hours. Everything went smoothly and I was in recovery about half an hour and my 18 year old daughter and husband took me home about noon. My husband was wonderful. He made sure I drank plenty of Gatorade, made me get up and walk around the house every hour, made sure I took my meds on time and took very good care of me. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I am very lucky. The pain wasn't that bad on the first day of surgery. I did vomit a little that afternoon for some reason The binder and sports bra really got on my nerves, but the drain (only had 1) was the worst. Hubby took me back to my PS the next day at 8:00 AM, everything checked out and looked good. The next few days there was alot of pain. I took pain pills and Valium for the discomfort and lived in the hubby's oversized recliner. Literally lived there. Watched TV, ate and sleptn there for the first week. Tried going back to work full time after a week and it just wasn't possible. I ended up leaving between 12:00 and 1:00 each day. The second week I left early some and stayed all day some. But when I got home, I sat in the recliner and stayed there. Was able to get the drain out after 11 days. I felt so much better afterwards. I was also able to start sleeping on my side with a pillow to support my new boobs. That took some getting used to. Ended up back in the recliner each night that week, it hurt my boobs way to much, even laying on the pillow to support them.

I did experience some depression about the 3rd week post op. I cried at the drop of a hat and felt disappointed in myself for not just bouncing back and not being able to take care of my family like I thought I should. But, my family assured me that they were fine and could take care of themselves and each other while I got better.

My sugery was 4 weeks ago today. I went for my 4 week post op check up last Friday. He said that everything looks great and my incisions are healing nicely. He said all the fluid was gone, but there is still some swelling. He told me that I can now wear and regular bra during the day, but still wear my sports bra at night. He also tole me that I could wear the binder as wanted. Yea! I am so excited about those 2 things that I could scream. I had some concerns about swelling above and right below the incision. It kindof reminds me of a muffin top. He assured me that it would flatten out. He said it may take several months, but it would happen. I sure hope so. Besides that, my stomach and belly button look amazing. I am very pleased. He also gave me a strap to wear above my boobs and showed me how to massage them to help them drop. I can't wait until they do!

I am still wearding the binder if I go anywhere. As much as I wanted to get out of it, it does help support my tummy and back. Not sleeping with it, is great though.

I went to Victoria's Secret today, Feb 25th, to get fitted for a bra since I wasn't sure what my new size is. Happy to say it is a 38D. The PS said that 450cc would make me a full C or small D and that's exactly what it did.

My next follow up appointment is March 29th. So far I am very pleased with my results. The boobs and tummy look great! And I look forward to seeing them look even better over the next several weeks and months.

5 week po pics

5 week po pics

6 Weeks Since Surgery Well, out was 6 weeks...

6 Weeks Since Surgery

Well, out was 6 weeks today since my surgery. I am so glad that I did it. I just started being able too walk without at hunch say all over the past week. The recovery was a little tougher than I thought it would be. I figured since I had 3 c-sections this would be a breeze. Not so, at all!! I think past of many problem was trying to do too much, too soon. Went back this work after 9 days. There is still a lot of swelling off I over do it. I have to remembermy body its still recovering. Knit boobs are still tender and still need to Dell done, but over all, I'm a happy girl.

I am 7 1/2 weeks po now. This week has been tough....

I am 7 1/2 weeks po now. This week has been tough. I have been in swell hell. I guess I'm doing a little more now, working, taking my 9 year old to baseball practice after work, etc and I guess my tummy doesn't like it bog well, guess I will luve in swell hell for a while because games start Monday. No rest for the weary. lol Oh well, we moms are tough, heck we survived a mommy makeover, we can survive whatever is thrown at us. Today I wore my spanx with binder on top. Desperately trying to get some if this swelling down. Thank goodness the weekend is near.

Hope all you wonderful ladies are healing well. Take care.

Last Monday, the 25th, Marked the eighth week...

Last Monday, the 25th, Marked the eighth week since my surgery. I really feel like I'm getting back to normal. My energy level gets better each week. I still try to rest in hubby's recliner every chance I get because I still swell during the day. Can't wait for that to go away. I am still wearing my binder every day, without it by evening I'm so swollen that I hurt. I have my 8 week appt with my ps tomorrow. Going to ask him if I should slowly wean myself off the binder and just deal with the swelling. I have become dependent on it. lol Never thought I'd say that!!! I used to despise that thing. I have several questions for him. My left breast hasn't dropped completely and I'm getting concerned. :( Also gonna ask how much exercise I can start doing. Keep in mind, I don't exercise alot. But really want to start working out. I want the rest of me to match my new tummy and boobs!! I posted new pics. Keep in mind they are evening pucs and the swelling was there.

Went for my 8 week po appt this morning. He said...

Went for my 8 week po appt this morning. He said things look great. He told me to massage the side of my breasts, didn't ask why though. He also said my tummy is ahead of where it should be right now. Excited about that. He scheduled me for a deep tissue massage on my tummy. I got some before pics from my ps (since i never ended up taking any) of my belly that I posted. OMG!!! I don't guess I realized it was quite that bad!! Thank goodness I did this!! I didn't get any of my boobs, just because I like them now, and don't really care how deflated they were. They are nice now.

Hope all you ladies have a great weekend and a blessed Easter!!!

Nothing much new to report since my last post. I...

Nothing much new to report since my last post. I was 9 weeks po this past Monday and have been pretty swollen all week. Did alot Monday at work, I'm in IT and had to carry some equipment and climb under a few desks, etc. I'm sure that was the reason. But it seems like it is so hard to get to go down some once it starts. Ugh

My back is hurting me as of this morning. I'm coughing alot because of allergies and the fact that I live in Alabama doesn't help with that and think I pulled or strained something while coughing. Hopefully it will subside soon.

Hope all you gals are healing well and have a great weekend.

I got up this morning and had less swelling than...

I got up this morning and had less swelling than I've had thus far since my surgery. One of my sides was almost flat. I've been worried about it even though the dr assured me it was swelling and that it would eventually flatten out. I'm excited to get a glimpse if what my tummy will look like without the swelling and hardness above my incision.

Throughout my recovery my left boob has always...

Throughout my recovery my left boob has always been a little behind my right one. Which is strange since I'm right handed. But I admit tingly use my left hand alot. left breast I thought needed to drop a little more to catch up with right. But in examining them before my shower a little while ago, my right one is alot different. Not to the eye. But if I hold them and push on them my left one just seems kindof like there's no implant in it. I mean I can feel it and know its there, but it just feels totally different and when I push up on it from underneath the implant seems to go way up my chest. The dr told me at my 4 week po that my natural folds were different, but I just don't think that is the problem. I dunno, just concerned about it. Maybe it just hasn't dropped completely into place yet, if that's the case though, when is it going to?

I am 11 weeks po today. For some reason in the...

I am 11 weeks po today. For some reason in the last couple days got confused and was thinking I would be 12 weeks today. But, it's been 11 weeks. Nothing really new to report. Still swelling. I didn't wear my binder or spanx for the last 4 days. And even though I took it easy all day yesterday I am pretty swollen. I wore my binder to work today. I have to work all day then my son has to be at the ball park an hour after I get off so I will be there until around 9 PM. Makes for a long day when you are super swollen...hence the binder.
I hope all you ladies have a super week and rest and heal like you're supposed to. And good luck to the ladies getting their surgeries this week.
I posted a few pucs that I took of myself this morning.

I went shopping today. Bought my first bikini in...

I went shopping today. Bought my first bikini in 15 years. I'm so excited. I bought it to wear at my mother in laws pool, not in public. My ass, legs and cellulite won't allow that. I also bought a new tankini. Both very cute. Just the fact that I actually tried on a bikini is exciting. I am going to check on group training in my area tomorrow. Maybe this time next year I will look good enough to actually wear one in public. Ya never know. Hope all you wonderful ladies are feeling well and healing ok.

I went for an Endermologie Massage today on my abs...

I went for an Endermologie Massage today on my abs and tummy. My ps set it up to try to get rid if some of the scar tissue and couple of knots I have in my incision line. And the therapist said it would help with the swelling. It's a vacuum massage. It has 2 rollers with the suction part in between. She rolled it slowly across my belly slowly increasing the suction. It didn't hurt, just felt weird. The only time it was a little uncomfortable was when it rolled over my ribs. I have about 4 more appointments to go. Will let you know if it helps. I also got my before/ after boob pictures from my doctor.

Went out with hubby and a friend last night and...

Went out with hubby and a friend last night and had a great time. Drank about 5 beers and danced. It felt so good to have fun and dance for the first time in a long time. It's amazing how much more confident I felt without worrying about shirt rising up over tummy or how I looked sitting on the stool at the table. Today, as I was afraid of, I'm in swell hell. So swollen there's hardly any indention at my waist. Oh well, I guess that's our lives right now. I will take the swelling over the ugly belly any day!

My surgery was 13 weeks ago today. Man, what a...

My surgery was 13 weeks ago today. Man, what a journey. I am so glad that I did this. It wasn't easy, but was so worth it. I am so blessed to have a husband that offered to do this for me. He didn't hesitate for a minute. He was there for me every step of the way. I am feeling great. I just wish this darned swelling would go away and stay gone. I can't wait until that day comes. You ladies take care, ready and heal. You have all been such an inspiration to me. Thank you!!

That was supposed to be, take care, rest and heal.

That was supposed to be, take care, rest and heal.

Posted new pics. Ignore the white line around TT...

Posted new pics. Ignore the white line around TT scar and bb. lol I am applying 50 SPF on breast scars, tummy and bb scars. I don't care if I have a white line. My suit hides it.

16 Weeks PO

My Monny Makeover was 16 weeks ago today. Wow! It's really hard to believe it's been that long. I still experience skin ghost if I don't get to play down or prop up enough. But, as a mother of 3 and a step mom to 3, when is that possible? I love my results and would do it all again in a heartbeat. To all those thinking of having a MM...DO IT!!! One of the best decisions I've ever made. The first 2 or 3 weeks are tough. No doubt about it. But, you deal with it. This is a life changing experience and is so worth your wild. This site and everyone here has helped and comforted me through this journey and I appreciate you all so much. Take care everyone. Hugs and kisses to you all.

19 Weeks PO

Mommy Makeover**

16 Weeks PO

Ok. Auto correct is killing me. The above should be Mommy Makeover and 16 weeks po. Ugh

RealSelf Interview

I was contacted a while by Nicole about doing an interview for RealSelf. She sent me a link today for the finished product. I have posted it below for anyone who is interested.

Sexy Top

I went out for a little while last night in my sexy top and actually caught a man staring at my boobs. That may be the first time that ha EVER happened to me. :). Pic attached.

19 Week Check Up

My surgery was 19 weeks ago Monday. Went for a po check up Tuesday. My ps did everything looks great. He did mention that he may need to do a little Lipo on my tummy right above my scar. He said it's still a little fuller. It's been that way since day one. Until this check up, we both chalked it up to swelling. He said it still may go away. I'm a little bummed about it, but know he will fix what is needed. I go back in September and I guess we will see... Other than that, he did I'm great. Boobs are fantastic, I still love them.

I have tried to post pics and the site isn't letting me. I will keep trying. Maybe I'll get lucky.

MM 22 weeks ago

Well, can't believe it has been 22 weeks since my MM surgery. Wow, how time flies. NNot much has changed since my last update. Everything is back to normal for the most part. Still can't sleep on my stomach due to tightness. I'm sure its just a matter of getting used to it. But, for now, will pass. This was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I would do it all over again without even thinking about it. I hope everyone is doing great. I have attached a few pics.

Can't Believe It's Been 26 Weeks Since My MM

Yesterday marked my 26 week po. Not many changes going on lately. I am still very happy that I made this journey. I am trying to work out more. Ab work still doesn't feel that great. But, I'm trying...

Had Mesotherapy on the fat pocket

Well, went in for a follow up and my doctor said we could try Mesotherapy on the small fat pocket I have above my incision. Well, I can tell you that it did not feel good! Lots of needle pricks. I go back in 4 weeks. I really hope it works. I will let you guys know how it goes. I have posted a pic. You can see all the tiny needle holes. To all those new tummy tickets, good luck. To all you veteran tummy tickers, stay well and take care.

Meso Therapy - take two

Had my second round of Meso on the fast pocket above my incision yesterday. I had twice as many injectiions compared to the first round. Ouch. My tummy and flanks are very swollen today, along with some bruising. It hurt, but I gritted my teeth and bared it. The things we do for beauty. lol. I go back in two months. I hope I can tell a difference. Will let ya'll know.

Hope everyone is doing great and healing well. Good luck and take care.

3rd Meso Treatment

I had my third meso treatment on Dec 6th. They aren't getting any more comfortable. However, I am tolerating them much better. No downtime. Bruising and some soreness, but no flu like symptoms like I had after my first treatment. I am still skeptical, but my hubby and 19 yr old daughter say they see a difference. I will get on my laptop and try to post some pics later. Can't do it from my phone for some reason. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since my MM. I would do it again without hesitation. I hope all of you have a very safe and Merry Christmas.

It's Been aYear Since My MM

Well, today marks my 1 year anniversary. It's been a wild year! This amazing transformation. I won't say the while thing was easy, but I will definately say it was worth it. I would do it all over again, if needed. My confidence has grown by 80%. I am very pleased with my scars. I dint even notice them anymore. I still need to lose 20 pounds, but I will eventually, I hope. I have attached a few pics that I took today. I hope everyone is doing great and healing well.

1year pics

1 years pics.

Meso - Round 4

I went for my 4th round of Mesotherapy last Friday, Feb 21st. I do think it's helping, it's just slow going. I dint get the flu like symptoms with it lije I did after the first treatment. I have attached a few pics. A few right before the treatment Friday, I did have the numbing cream on. And a few after. You can see the shit holes. lol

Almost 14 Months PO

The 28th will mark my 14 month post surgery date. I am doing great. Love my boobs and tummy. Still working with the doctor on the fat pocket above my scar. I am also going to ask about the little bit of puckering on my right side. There are alot of stretch marks and thin skin there, so that may be the problem. I have posted some new pics. Happy healing to those of you who have had surgery. Good luck to those who are waiting for it.


I forgot to mention tbat I totally LOVE how light my scars have gotten in only a year. Even the ones under my boobs are almost unnoticeable. I have attached pics of my breast scars.

Final Meso Treatment

Went for my final Meso treatment Friday. Can't say that I will miss all those shots in my belly. Still swollen and bruised from that. We will see if it helps. I so need to just start exercising more to try to finish off the fat pocket. I hope all youh ladies are well and take extra good care of yourselves.

New Bikini

I bought a new bikini today. Pic posted. I so need to start working out.

Love My Tummy

I am now about 17 months po and walked past the mirror last night getting ready for bed and caught a glimpse of my tummy and had to take a picture. It still has stretch marks and isn't perfect by any means, but i love, love, love it!!! I really do have so much more confidence now.

2 Years Since Mommy Makeover

Today is the 2 year anniversary of my mommy makeover. It's hard to believe it's been that long. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I started a new job with all new people about 7 months ago and nobody has a clue about my mm. A few of them have mentioned how they wish they had my flat tummy. I started to tell them once, then I thought nah. It will be my secret. I am having some thyroid issues and have gained about 15 pounds over the last 10 months. I have had hypothyroidism since the birth of my first child 25 years ago, but it's just decided to go crazy this past year. I am so discouraged about the fatigue and eight gain. I am going to see a specialist next month. So wish me luck. I will post some pics later. Hope everyone is doing well and is happy with their decision to have the surgery.

Just Checking In

Sorry, it's been so long since I've checked in. Things are going great. I've lost about 17 pounds and still trying. I'm feeling a little better about myself. I was very down on myself for gaining it. There's not much to really report. Still love the work that Dr Hedden did on me. My boobs and tummy are great. No pain in a long time. My scars are so light that I don't even notice them anymore. My belly button is awesome! Can't say enough good things about my doctor. A friend of mine is having a TT the first of October, Dr Hedden is doing her surgery also. Please pray for her that everything goes great and for a speedy recovery. I have added a few pics. I took these this morning.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I would highly recommend Dr Hedden. My experience has been awesome from start to finish. Dr Hedden is very professional and has a great bedside manner.

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