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I finally booked my Mommy Makeover! So excited!!!...

I finally booked my Mommy Makeover! So excited!!! I am 44yo...two kids 15mths apart, each 10lbs, and C-sections. Always had large they are saggy and sad. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and got in great shape but lately I can't get my belly off at all! Decided to cut it off :)

So here are the pictures...

Yikes! This is so humiliating. For the record...this is the end of the night after a large meal. I purposely did this so I could compare the "end of the day bloat/swelling" after my MM. I look at these and I am so ashamed at how out of shape I have gotten and I hope that I am making the right choice to do this now instead of waiting a little longer and running more! I am excited about the inspiration of a flat belly. I know what's ahead of me based on the women in my family...the dreaded pot belly of menopause. I may be there in peri-menopause by the looks of it! Yuck! I am getting tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift (and I think he is going to even them out to be like my smaller right side...yay!), and lipo on the flanks (for FREE)! Looking at this, I'll take anything and everything...gosh I hate nighttime bloat! Going to finish my glass of Pinot. I have about 17 days left...????

Waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

So I finally understand the complaints about waiting at Dr. Hedden's office. Here for my 2 week lab work and have been waiting for 1 1/2 hours. Ugh!!! I can't reschedule because I am two weeks to the day.
I WANT TO SCREAM ????????????????

Finally met with the nurse. Blood is drawn...H & P completed...consents signed. My first thought was: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!?! But I am ok now. I may not be absent from anxiety but I am ok.

It's going to be a looonnnggggg two weeks...

My fat belly in the bathtub

Reminds me of why I am doing this! I can't wait to be flat. I keep thinking I have less than two weeks to get some flowing sundresses and a zip up sports bra and some new bras period. I can't stop looking at clothes (buy stock in Anthropology because it is ON when I get flat!) and I can't wait to start running/training after I heal. I've been busting out my exercise routine hoping to lose as little muscle as possible. Just the fat, please!

Today's the day!

Super excited but really, really nervous! I'll post later...wish me luck!

MAde it!

I'm on the (cheesy) flat side! My muscles hurt SO BAD. Omg! That's all I can feel. He must've seen them up tight!
Follow up appt is in 2 hours. Hopefully it's all good.
Gotta lie down now...getting dizzy.

Not gonna lie...

Still very, very sore. Doctor said I had over a 3 inch gap in my upper stomach muscles (that part always it's FLAT!) I only have one drain, which is nice. He was a little concerned about my nipples so I have to put on nitroglycerin cream and I'm on oxygen for the weekend to help produce red blood cells. The nitro stimulates blood flow too. I see him again early Monday morning. Right now the tops of my thighs where they meet my torso hurt (binder? Lipo?), my abs and ribs, and my back aches. I get up and walk around the house every few hours for 5-10 mins. Sleeping in a recliner. Can't wait until day four when it seems less painful. Pics are about 16 hours post op

Two days later

I took a shower...I took shower!!!
It looks AMAZING!!!!! Still sore (obviously) but it does get better as far as moving around. I wish there was an easier way to get out of the recliner!!!
I'm off oxygen, still using nitro cream, and I have heartburn no matter what I eat or drink! I've chugged 4 large bottles of Powerade...I can pee ok but it comes out weird. No BM yet...just took some stuff to help. We will see what happens!

I am so over

the drain tube, sleeping in a recliner, having to repeat myself every time I say something because my breathing is more shallow! I have an appt tomorrow early in the morning to check my nipples after applying the nitrous. I have a lot of redness on the top of my thigh and back hip on the side I do not have a drain.,.and my breast that was reduced a little in the same side feels "hard" like when you can't breastfeed and you need to. Hoping this is all ok. I'm still very swollen (maybe more than the first day?) and I drain about 25ccs in a 24 hour period. It's nasty looking too!!!! But the best thing about today? I pooped! And that is an amazing, magical thing at this stage. Lol I'll post pics tomorrow.

The rumors are true...

For whatever reason days 4 & 5 are like a magical unicorn colored by the rainbow. And those aren't meds talking. may not be THAT wonderful but it's definitely different.
The good: staying awake longer, not counting minutes until the next pain Med, able to sit up without abs screaming (they just yell), easier to breathe, and just plain feeling better.
The bad: swollen literally from head to toe (I'll post pics to prove it), my feet look like I'm a hobbit, swollen beyond belief, bored, swollen, and did I mention I'm swollen?!?!?!

Seriously though...I only took half s pain Med this morning which is nice. I just wish I could pee out some of this fluid!!!! I feel like I should be walking in search of a ring...

Because I know how important pictures are...

Here are some for you. Just remember, I am VERY VERY SWOLLEN!!! I mean unreal swollen. So I know this is nothing what I will look like. And my boobs are real :) I had the left one reduced a little to match the right. So far I think this was a good decision!

Things I have learned...6 Days PO

1. Follow other's advice carefully- I took screen shots of all this stuff I was going to buy to make it easier when I was home (compression garments, herbs/vitamins, bras, scar reducers, etc). I'm glad I didn't. So far I wash out the compression garment my doc gave me while I shower and dry it (even though it says not to) and I use a lanyard to hold my drain all the time rather than pinning it to my clothes (whoever suggested that is a true GENIUS). I have scar strips for down the road and soft bras as recommended by my doctor. Nothing else. Eat healthy and you will heal. 2. We were going to board our dog but didn't have time to take her...and I'm glad we didn't- can I walk her? No. She likes to pull and she is a diva. But since she is used to being home she hasn't bothered me much and it's nice having her around. You know your own pet but I'll be honest, it really worked out differently than I thought. 3. You can do more than you think- I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned I've been alone since Day 4 PO. My husband travels and he is gone all week. My kids help in the evening but I've been on my own during the day. I'm a Type A kind of girl so I wouldn't want anyone doting over me anyway, but being alone has been good in many ways. It's been a much needed break from the corporate world and an opportunity to take it slow, do my own thing, and not get frustrated easily. 4. Body builders and personal trainers will never admit it- but vacumming is an ab exercise. You heard it here first. 5. There are periods of regret and guilt- we are women. It's always there. It will pass and you will be damn happy you did it in the long run, especially if you keep it up!!! Very Important- it's not a quick fix! You can get a belly again! Don't do it!!! 6. The recliner is my best friend right now- he has endured all types of punishment. I don't have a tip to sleep if you don't have one. I tried to roll onto my bed last night and decided it just wasn't time. My doc said I could do anything I wanted...I will know my limits. So I took the easy route on this one and I'm still hanging out with my best friend. 7. It's hard to know what could be bad and what is normal- trust your gut. I had this hot, seering pain on the left side of my groin/low belly every day. I thought it was a stitch gone bad. When I mentioned it to the nurse on our 2nd visit 4 days PO she didn't think much of it. So I let it go. It KILLED every time I got up and walked. Now I'm 6 days PO and it's gone. Of course now I freak out it was a blood clot and it will travel to my brain...but I'm not pissing my pants and I know my name so I'm not going to worry about it ;) I'm not gonna lie...those first 4 days are bad. The first time you engage your stomach muscles to sit want to scream and your mind sees no way'll be stuck there FOREVER. But it gets better. Much better.

1 week PO

I snapped some pics today...thought I would share. I tried some new clothes on that I ordered...can't wait for the drain to come out! Everything looks so cute's such an amazing feeling!!!! I'm obviously still very swollen. And I'm still draining 25cc's a day so I don't know if he will take it out tomorrow. Will keep you posted!

8 days PO

Saw Dr. Hedden this morning...he is great! I got my drain out...which is good except now I have to wear the binder SUPER tight for the next 2 weeks. The drain coming out doesn't will expect it to or that you'll feel it sliding out, but I didn't feel a thing. My belly button stitches came out too. Can't wait to see what it looks like in a few weeks. Wonder if I will have to do the marble trick?

I stopped at work to say hi...I go back next Thursday. Hard to believe how fast two weeks will go by! I could've waited until after Memorial Day but I'm pretty flexible and I like to set a good example for others. I'll be fine.
So after that I stopped at the store and wiped myself out. Crashed on the recliner for a few hours with the cat.
Hoping to sleep in by BED this weekend...I can't imagine :) :) :)
I'll post pics in a few days!!!!

9 days PO

Morning pics!

Shaving- 10 days PO

This is one I haven't read about before. Lucky for me, I have 90% soft little blonde hairs. But for those of you who do not, shaving is a real challenge!!! I honestly suggest an electric razor if you shave nearly everyday. And have someone do it for you and lotion well after. I made it today in the shower (no baths for 4 weeks ladies!) but it was tough to contort. And since I washed my binder, I was out of it longer than normal today. Boy did I swell!!!! Still happy about the whole thing...wouldn't change anything.
Heading out to do a little shopping with the family and get lunch. This is one of the cute little dresses I got at Loft. It has a zipper in the back but I just pull it over my head.
Have a great day, ladies!!!!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Very nice, attentive, realistic, and supportive. I really like Dr. Hedden and his staff!

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