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13 more days until my BA with Dr. Hedden in...

13 more days until my BA with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, Al. I've been waiting for this for so long... Growing up not feeling very womanly sucks...I don't know how big I want to go, but I dont want to be the girl that wished she went bigger... Any ideas?? I'm 5'11 and 182 pound... Currently an 36A.. Please comment...

5 more days

5 more days and I will have boobs!!! Yay!!! But looking at my breast they look a little weird lol.... I'm so confused with the size I should get... I'm pretty wide up top so I think maybe a full C or small D any suggestions... I'm 5'11 and 184 pounds... Help please!!

2 days post op!!!

I went with 500 cc mentor round high profile... I'm loving my new boobs.. Can't wat to see the end results!!

Finally got my boobies

Finally got my boobies and I love them already!!!

Why are my breast hard when I lay down??

Well its been 4months since I had my BA... I've notice lately that they seem hard and high up.. Also when I lay down on my left side my left breast hurt( like the muscle pain when you first get them) so am I worrying too much are do it sound like capitular contraction??? Please comment

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