Ever Since a 21 Hr Birth my Labia Have Left Me Feeling Very Insecure - Birmingham, AL

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My first child took many hours to get out of me....

My first child took many hours to get out of me. Afterwards my vajayjay never looked quite the same. I felt very insecure about it. I also developed a hemorrhoid which makes me even further insecure. After my second child, which took 10 hours, my vajayjay and hemorrhoid looked even worse. My first husband (and children's father) would withhold sex from me and would tell me it was because I was ugly and disgusting. I also lost boobage and he would tell me that I was so unsexy. Even though, I lost boobage, they really didn't look that bad. I was still a perky 34B. I was 110 pounds after both kids, I had no stretch marks or anything.... We divorced within a year after the birth of my second child. I have wanted a labiaplasty for years not just because of my first husband's hateful and cruel words but because of my own insecurities And because of the pain I would have from exercise, riding bicycles, sex, clothes, etc., etc. (my kids are now teenagers). I remarried a little over two years ago to a wonderful man who made me feel good about myself and made me feel normal and who did not notice anything at all wrong with me. However, I still had my major insecurities in those areas. So, I recently had labiaplasty done and am undecided about the outcome of it. I think it looks great except for one spot. I am hoping I still have a little swelling but I think it is actually almost healed. Most of my stitches have already come out. It's been itching like crazy for the past couple of days. Clothes are an irritant and it's been hard finding something to wear to work that doesn't look frumpy because all I really want to wear are sweats!

I have yet to get the hemorrhoid taken care of and didn't even bring it up with my surgeon but am hoping that at my next gynecologist visit I can bring it up to her and maybe get a procedure covered by insurance.

I am really ready to feel sexy again! (Of course, I have gained some weight over the years and I need to drop about 20 lbs to get back into good shape again lol) I am determined to do that after I get my procedures done:)

Labiaplasty and hemorrhoids, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things for women to talk about with anyone. It's even embarrassing to talk about it with a doctor and his staff. Absolutely no one knows that I have had this done except me, my doctor and his staff. My husband doesn't even know about the labiaplasty and he was the one with me to bring me home and take care of me after surgery... So this is my only outlet. I also had a breast augmentation done on the same day (under a different review.) My breasts look amazing and are fast healing as well:) I basically told my husband that he keeps his hands off of me for at least six weeks and that he will not even get a peek of my boobies because they have to go through some changes, etc. and he is totally respecting my privacy over it. Which, in turn, gives me my privacy regarding my vajayjay! I have no idea how I'll handle telling him about a hemorrhoid removal if/when I have it but I'll figure something out!

A little worried

I don't have pics to post but like I said before, my stitches have been coming out. Today I went shopping - first time for lots of walking since my procedure. When I got home I noticed blood in my panties so took out a mirror to take a peek. It seems as if the places where stitches have come out are separated a bit and are bleeding slightly. I'm not infected and it's not terrible bleeding but I worry about how it'll look if it heals with a little space between. Plan to call my PS office tomorrow to see if there's anything I need to do. Also the spot I referred to in my first post is still there and I can't stand it!! In addition, I had a BA done at same time and my surgical tape came off my sutures tonight (10 days po) so I'm now also worried that my incisions there are going to get screwed up. However the incision sites were so clean you could already barely notice them! Will bring that up when I call PS tomorrow too. I was hoping to keep those tapes on until my three week post op appt on Jan 20!

Updated pics 10 days po

Here are updated pics. Even though stitches have been coming out & I've had some slight bleeding I still think overall it looks good, with the exception of the spot that looks like a weird growth. Will have to get that addressed at next po appt!! I'm just going to keep it clean and dry and put an ointment on! Think that's all I can really do for now!

2 wk post op

I think my stitches coming out (meaning ripping out not dissolving) early has now proven to be disastrous. No picture for today. I must've not realized how swollen I was. Yesterday and today I've bern itching soooooo badly! But also hurting a bit. It looks gross now. I think it's not healing properly. I have a post op appt Tues of next week and am patiently waiting to see what my dr says. And to see what he says about that one spot that I just cannot stand the look of ... Maybe will post a pic later :-/
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I really like Dr. Hedden and his staff. This was one of the most embarrassing things ever for me but they all handled it very professionally and sympathetically. I have a post op in a couple of weeks and will bring up the lump of skin I still have that bothers me and may even bring up the hemorrhoid issue too.

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