Six week follow up! Birmingham, AL

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I got the confirmation from my insurance company...

I got the confirmation from my insurance company in May and chose July so I could take the month of August to heal. I am excited and nervous. I went for my pre-op appt yesterday. Had a ton of questions to ask thanks to lurking around here for the last two

I am 48 and since the birth of my last child at 41, I knew it was something I really wanted to do. Like everyone else, I have felt defined by the girls since I was in my teens. Well, often anyway. They have been 'tons' of fun, but the older I get the more difficult they are to carry around. At a 36G I am so tired of carting them around, NEVER findings clothes that fit, and longing to take a deep breath all the way to the bottom of my lungs. I have been purchasing really good (aka expensive) bras for a long time. It will be nice to just buy 'off the rack'...haha.

Reading here has been very helpful. Thanks to everyone that posts here about their experiences. I told my PS about this website and he said he would have to look it up!
He's really very nice and puts me at ease. He will take me down to a very full C he says. My frame is small, but I am so worried I will look down and see a pouchy belly when they are not in the way!

Hope to post here regularly. I have the entire month of August to heal and be bored. I can't wait!

My coworkers who are 'in the know' say to me "how...

My coworkers who are 'in the know' say to me "how will we get along without you for an entire month!". Its another distraction and worry for me. Not that they can't get along, they CAN!

Surgery is a WEEK FROM MONDAY! Don't even know where to start with getting things together around here. I went to Costco tody and got some things I thought might be easy to fix for the family to feed themselves. Will probably have to go back as they will eat all of it this week. Hubby is taking the week of surgery off to help. Trying to be unworried. Is that a word?

So I told my 7 year old daughter yesterday about...

So I told my 7 year old daughter yesterday about the surgery and what a look of horror and confusion on her sweet face! She has long considered them HERS since I nursed her until th age of three. No really! She has asked me several times about the milk in them. I have tried to explain that is no longer there, but it's just confusing I guess. So now she asks me a gazillion questions all day. I am afraid to show her some pics from here, but it may help. Or scare the bejeezus out of her. Any ideas or experience out there?

I realized something today. MyPS says no pain meds...

I realized something today. MyPS says no pain meds for ten days before surgery, so I have not taken anything for several days. But my goodness I had no idea how much I depended on them to make my life easier! My neck and shoulders are absolutely killing me! He says acetominophen is ok, but it doesn't cut it for muscle and joint pain like ibuprofen or naproxen. This getting older thing, ain't for sissies!

Well, one more night sleeping on my tummy and then...

Well, one more night sleeping on my tummy and then it's here! So excited here I just can't stand it. I worked in the house today cleaning like crazy. It makes me feel better anyway. Now I am hoping I haven't forgotten anything. I have a sweet SIL bring dinner in Monday evening. Don't know if I can eat, but the family will be glad anyway. I am thinking I may be sleeping alot the first 24 hrs or so.
I am loving all the pics posted here of before, during and after. It helps with the anxiety level I think. All these beautiful smaller breasted girls. I CAN'T WAIT to be one of them. Had hubby take pics of them. He doesn't want me to post them so I guess they are for posterity. Haha
Will try to post tomorrow night before I have to be in hospital at 5amCST.

It's here! One more (short) sleep, and I will be...

It's here! One more (short) sleep, and I will be there! One last on my tummy night for a while. Hubby bought me a bolster pillow with arms and a back rest today so I can sit up better and maybe rest ok. He is very thoughtful. I had to start my antibiotic today and my stomach is upset. Yuck! Will get back with an update after as an official member of the IBT club!

Got home from hospital at 1:30 today. Am doped up...

Got home from hospital at 1:30 today. Am doped up but I am pretty sure I LOVE MY NEW BOOBIES! I am sore and sleepy but happy. Will post more when I can speak (or type) in complete sentences

I have literally slept the day away. Ate a little...

I have literally slept the day away. Ate a little yogurt and crackers. The pain meds are great but they make me itch and make it difficult to walk. I have to have assistance. I I have plenty thank goodness. So last time it was pain meds time I took Tylenol. Cotton mouth is better and I can speak in complete sentences. And the dreams! Wow. Also took odd scopolamine patch. It made my vision blurry.
Just some soreness today. Can't see them yet of course. The bra they put on me has hooks and a zipper. And I have drains too. Hubby is a champ emptying them. Glad he's home with me this week.
Still no bathroom extravaganza but I haven't had much to eat either. Mentioned it to the nurse who calls to check on me. She said if nothing today, start taking Colace tomorrow.

So looking down they seem very tiny. But then again what size wouldnt after carting the BIG ONES around for so long lol
Willbe back soon with an update and to get my boobie fix!

Wow another day gone already! Had a sweet friend...

Wow another day gone already! Had a sweet friend bring us dinner and it's smelling yummy! My hubby is killing himself vacuuming the house and cleaning the windows inside and out. I just sit here in my princess recliner and smile :). Have fun y'all!
But seriously, if he isn't up and doing something productive it nearly kills him, so why shouldn't he, right?

I am feeling better since I am taking just Tylenol. And no more itching either. I am sore and the drains are no fun. I ran a fever last night but none today. The nurse who called me told me to make sure I coughed often to keep things from settling in my chest. Apparently that's a possibility when you get anesthesia.
The PS told my hubby he removed a little over 7lbs! Can you believe it? That's the size of an infant! My shoulders look so narrow now. A friend who came by today said I looked about 30lbs lighter! Not that I believe THAT, but even a little is good.
Supper is nearly ready! It's so nice not to have to think about that. I will take it. Can I leave with. I LOV MY TEENY TITTIES

Nothing much new to report actually. These drains...

Nothing much new to report actually. These drains are driving me crazy and will not be removed until Tuesday. I feel pretty good but tire easily. Therefore, I am not doing much. Alot of sitting and reading. I did get out yesterday to get my hair washed by a friend who has a salon. That was nice. I didn't get out of car except to go in and out. But I was very tired. But I could NOT sleep last night. This back sleeping is for the birds. Even the recliner is not comfortable after a while. So I move around the house alot. I had some tissue removed from underneath my arms so I can not lift or put pressure on my arms much. Or do much extending. Even need help pushing back the recliner.

Trying to stay cool since I still can't shower. Baths are not very relaxing when there are tubes and drains hanging from you.
It's funny but until I can actually see them I can't believe they are really there. My teeny boobies I mean. Lol. It's still some figment of my imagination.

My family is being so very helpful this week. Have not had to do anything at all only give direction. It's very nice being the queen. :)

Went for my one week follow up this morning and to...

Went for my one week follow up this morning and to have drains removed. I actually did not get to see the PS as he had a family emergency and had to leave. His nurse was very good and she removed all stitches and drains. What a relief! I was glad I remembered to take a pain pill about an hour before. It was pretty uncomfortable still though. But so glad to get them out. They look pretty high and tight right now as I expected. My nipples will scab over she said. They look like little burned pancakes.
I had some tissue removed from my underarm and that is still pretty tender. It's a huge incision it seems to me. On both sides. He had said lipo wasn't an option there. It was just enlarged breast tissue and had to come out. Otherwise I would stillnhave wicked 'dog ears' hanging over my bra sides. I hope it heals nicely. I haven't worn any thing sleeveless in years anyway because of the ugly hanging tissue. At least I might have an option to do it now.

I am still to take it easy.. Still no lifting, pushing or pulling. Treated myself to a mani/pedi after. That was heavenly. Follow up appt next Tuesday. Will be checking in all week y'all.

Well I have been trying to lay low and rest. But,...

Well I have been trying to lay low and rest. But, I went to th movies today and some winow shopping and I was exhausted. Yesterday I bought another cheap Walmart bra (since my other one shrunk) and it feels much better to wear. Still have a bit of drainage from righty at t- junction. Today I had a bit from aroun my left nipple. Not sure if I accidentally scratched it or what. Trying to not do too much and just rest, but it's hard. My family has been very good. Hubby has to go out of town next week for just a couple of days but he is worried. We have a perfectly grown up daughter here can help. He told her to stay with me while he's out of town. Haha. So sweet.
Two cool things : a friend brought dinner yesterday. SHe had BR about 10 yrs ago. I showed hem to her. She said they looked awesome! And today while shopping I saw a former neighbor. As we caught up, I noticed she kept looking down at my chest as if she couldn't quite tell what was different. I didnt say a word. Just smiled alot. pretty cool.

Go back to PS next week. Hoping these underarm incisions heal up quickly. They are a nuisance. Can't lift my arms. Especially my right. Wicked long incision there. Guess the tissue he removed from there was quite a bit bigger than left side. And of course no bandage is going to stay on well there. I just try to keep it down by my side as much as possible.

Some shooting pains here and there. I expect they are normal healing pains. Not too bad.

You know what's fun? Trying on button up shirts...

You know what's fun? Trying on button up shirts that I've NEVER been able to wear! I am still too sore to try on any bras yet. The girls are still looking kinda high and tight. Seem to be doing ok though. But I am still not doing much. Today did a little around the house just to keep me from going insane looking at stuff. Tired out now. And taking a shower seems to take forever too. Still not able to lift arms up due to underarm incisions. Only just a bit. Sleeping a bit better though finally.

Enough random thought for now. :)

Went to two week post op yesterday. Got to see the...

Went to two week post op yesterday. Got to see the PS this time. Last week at one week he was called out for a family emergency. Turns out, his 92 year old father passed away this weekend. Sorry to hear that but he was very talkative about him and told some great stories about him. He really is a very nice man. His nurse is awesome too.

About boobs...he says they are doing nicely. Was surprised at how well my nipples are 'pinking' up at this stage. They still have blackish skin on them but it's really going away quickly. Took more stitches out at t junction. They are oozing a bit today. Us thats normal. He said I could start gently massaging my underarm scars but wait a while longer for the underneath big scars. Still have bandages around nipples but they will come off on their own. I go back Sept 11 for four week follow up.

Mental health ...seems to be a bit more difficult than I imagined adjusting. Right now I feel a bit strange about it. Not a bit unhappy I had it done, just sort of sad maybe? I think as time passes and I can DO more, it will be better. Can't exercise yet, just walk. Having all this time off, and it's seems a waste to just sit. I know, I know. I am healing and I am taking care of myself. See? I am thinking I am conflicted and somewhat in mourning too. Make any sense?

Enough about that, I sm enjoying some new pieces of clothing. They certainly fit up top much better now! Gotta get this belly down now!

Wow can't believe what I miss when I don't check...

Wow can't believe what I miss when I don't check in here! So much going on.
I am now five weeks our and doing well. Went back to work this week and that was a bit of a stretch. I work with infants and even though they are mostly tiny, I still have to hold them up close to the girls. And it was a bit touchy. I had to come home and put ice packs on. I am healing pretty well. I still have two scabby things that havent fallen off, but they will soon. Massaging twic a day. Go to see my PS next week for 6 week f/u. Hope to start exercising after that. I am still tender to the touch. Still using pillow in the car when driving.

Still not sure of final size. Could be Christmas before I know I guess. But it doesn't matter. I am happy right now. So worth it.

Went this week for my six week follow up. He said...

Went this week for my six week follow up. He said I was doing great! I will continue to massage the scarring. I am still tender when lying on my stomach or wearing the seatbelt. Still a little squarish on bottom of breasts, but the sides are rounding out. He says it will take some more time for that to happen.

Love the Bali Comfort Revolution bra right now. Not able to wear more molded cups yet. They fit weird. Hoping as they get more rounded out, that becomes an option. The last scab fell off my nipple this week. Now they don't look like they are winking at me! With an FNG this is just something you gotta del with. But it took the full SIX WEEKS! Omg. Still have quite a bit of numbness at incisions and on my nipples. No more 'pokinatcha's' for me! (slang for poking at you just in cas y'all don't get my southern slang! Ha
Love all the little bitty spaghetti straps and cute tops I can wear now! Yay for IBT's!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr Duquette. He is the nicest guy. Has a great bedside manner and is so friendly. He puts you at ease. His office seems to be fairly small. It's located in a hospital but it is run very efficiently by just a few. He answers all questions frankly as does his nurse Ann. I am only two weeks out so far, but I will update more as time goes by. Hopefully I can talk about scarring and adjustinag as the months go by.

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