Anticipation and Fear.... - Birmingham, AL

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I have been large busted all my life, and...

I have been large busted all my life, and developed early. When I was 13 I was already a c cup, and in high school I was told I was a dd, but looking back I'm sure I was larger than that. I was never comfortable with the attention I got from the guys I went to school with, and ended up dating someone 10 years older than me thinking he would be interested in me for me and not my girls, I was wrong!

I've had 3 kids and even after breastfeeding the girls are still the first thing that walks in a room. About a year ago my wonderful husband brought up the idea of a reduction, part for my own self-esteem but also to show our now 18 year old daughter that it's ok to seek a change to some things, she is large as well and I'm thankful that my 13 year old is barely a b cup. Anyway, I've also battled horrible headaches most of my life along with muscle pain and tension. I've gone through months of muscle relaxers and some chiropractic treatment with no success.

Finally two weeks ago I went to a ps who agreed that I would benefit from a reduction, then she told me that because I have blue cross that I didn't qualify because although I'm large for my frame I'm not large enough to take the 500 grams from each that is required. My heart fell, then I realized that she was taking about blue cross of Alabama, thankfully I have an out of state plan that only requires 350 grams each, which would put me where I'd like to be.

Today I called the insurance to check on the progress, because I cannot afford this otherwise, and found out they didn't have the claim yet but would need supporting documentation from the other doctors as well. Gp didn't have a problem with it and chiropractor agreed after he realized I'm a 30G on my 5'6" 150lb frame. So now everything is off to the insurance and I another two weeks of anticipation and fear that the insurance won't approve it. Here goes nothing.... At least I have vacation to the beach to help keep my mind off it.Thanks for listing to my rambling fear.

Still fighting

All my doctors have submitted their recommendations for my reduction and still the insurance has denied it. So I have requested my records from ALL my doctors over the last several years to prove that I've been dealing with this and had conservative treatment that is not working. Praying that the appeal goes through and gets approved.
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