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Okay, so here it goes.... It took me 2.5 months to...

Okay, so here it goes.... It took me 2.5 months to start writing a review. And here I am, finally doing it. I began my weight loss process in April, 2015. I've lost weight before, but gained it back after a while. Not this time, tho. This time it was different - I had a real goal. I told myself that if I can lose this weight, I will get a lift and implants. It was hard, but I did it. And I have had a surgery done in December.
I endlessly went back and forth about posting this review. The reason I did not want to do it was because how bad my breasts looked before the surgery (you can see for yourself on the pictures). The reason I am doing it is because I went with 750cc high profile silicone implants, and when I was in the process of researching and deciding on the size, I did not find a single useful review of the implants of such large size. Again, I have lost a bunch of weight and I wanted my big boobs back. First I started from 650cc or possibly 700cc when I was in the consultation with the doctor 3 weeks before the surgery. Having read many-many-many reviews on the BA, I saw that many girls are recommending to go bigger than you want (at least 50cc). On my pre-op, the day of the surgery, I went ahead and tried 700cc and 750cc and decided to go with the bigger ones (my boyfried was the partial reason I did). And I am telling you, I cannot be happier. And, oh boy he loves them. In fact, now that I think about it - I could go bigger. Let me tell you this - THE IMPLANTS YOU TRY ON AND PUT IN YOUR BRA LOOK A LOT LARGER THAN THEY DO IN YOUR BODY. I would say about 100-150cc larger. REALLY. Go bigger!!!Another reason I am writing this review is that I did not see a single useful review that had both the lift, AND the large implants put. Most of the breast lift reviews that I saw scared me. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION (I am not trying to offend anyone) the lift itself or the lift with the small implants does not give a good result at all, and just makes the breasts look weird and unnatural (plus the scar). Now, when you look at my pictures, you can judge by yourself. But I believe, that the reason I have such good boob shape and the reason they look so good is BECAUSE I went with large implants. Okay, that was my introduction and motivation. Now I will try to structure the advice:
1. RESEARCH, research, research. I think I saw more boobies in 3 months that I was researching than does any man in his entire life. That gives you a pretty good idea about the size, shape, expectations, what you need for the surgery, what is going to happen, and what you should be expecting. Most importantly, WRITE DOWN ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR AS THEY APPEAR. Make a list and add to it constantly.2. REALSELF is a real gold mine. It has everything. Don't be affraid to ask questions and look at other people's reviews. Oh and, feel free to ask me ANYTHING about my experience! I was literally waking up with it and looking at the before/after pictures before going to bed :) 3. Go on the CONSULTATIONS. At least 2-3. Don't go on the ones that require you to pay - those doctors are usually not really good. For example, there is no need for Dr. Hedden to charge you for the consultation - he is good and he knows that you will return. Which I did. ALSO, i travelled for 4 hours. SO WORTH TRAVELLING!4. I am very surprised to say this, but IT WAS NOT AS BAD as I expected it would be. Let me tell you a little story. First of all, 4 days before the surgery, I got a sore throat and it hurt bad. I was worried that the surgery is going to be rescheduled (there are risks connected with the sore throat and anastesia). I called the doctor's office and they told me to wait a few days. So, I did. I got a little better and they told me to come. On the day of the surgery, I still had a sore throat (but it got better) so they proceeded. Oddly enough, I woke up with no sign of sickness or sore throat whatsoever. Oh, and the night before the surgery, I was more worried that they would postpone it, than I was about the surgery itself. That helped :)Okay, so 6 AM I was in the surgery center. Around 6.30 they have invited me in to change, give the urine sample, and get ready. My boyfriend was there with me almost all the time. The first thing you'll do is change into the robe. Then the doctor will come and draw on you ( I am attaching the masterpiece). Then, the anestesiologist will come and start the IV. About 30 minutes after that, I was invited into the OR. Laid down on the table (which looked like a cross :). The anestesiologist was asking me some questions. The last one I did not have time to answer because I just fell asleep. Then, 3 hours later (which for me seemed like a second), I heard a voice of a nurse telling me that they need to transfer me from the rolling bed onto a regular one. Then I blacked out for a bit because I felt tired. I did not feel any pain, but did feel some pressure on my chest. I woke up later again and felt very nautious. Obviously, it is normal for some people to vomit when they are getting out of an anastesia. I dozed of again ( not sure for how long) and woke up becase the nurse had to put my pants on. She asked me to raise my butt, which was very hard to do, and a little painful. Then, I guess 10 or 15 min later, I was transferred to the wheelchair. All this after surgery stuff lasted for about an hour or so. After that, I got up, got into the car, and then we drove to the hotel. getting out of the car slowly was a bit hard, but nothing too bad. The rest of the day I spent in bed. 5. FOOD. I suggest not eating hard food for at least two days after the surgery. Believe me, it won't be hard - you will be sleepy the whole time from the meds. What I did was drinking KEFIR ( this is a drinkinf yogurt with fruit flavors) and eating some chocolate or kitkats. It worked well, I was not constipated at all! Believe me, KEFIR works wonders with your stomack. It helps the good bacteria, especially when you are taking tons of medications. Oh, and NO CAFFEINE for at least 5-7 days6. BRAS. Buy them with Amazon Prime so you could return the wrong size. Buy few of different sizes and bring all of them to surgery. I found one EXTREMELY comfortable, supportive, and nice.
I am telling you, I wear it day and night! Extremely comfortable.7. STUFF YOU NEED WITH YOU.
- Pillows (body pillows work wonders)
- Big loose pants you can put on no problem.
- Tops on zippers so you don't have to put your arms up.
- Antibacterial soap (you need to wash yourself with it the day of the surgery, and I washed myself with it after).
- Comfortable shoes for the surgery day.
- Socks (it will be cold without them in the post op).
- Do something with your hair so you don;t have to touch it for a whole day. Lifting your arms up is a problem.
- Make sure that your manicure/pedicure/waxing/hair removal is done right before the surgery because you will not want to do it after.
- Chapstic and halls for throat. Might need them.
- Water
- Snacks8. FIRST TWO DAYS. Just stay in bed, let someone else to take care of you. Drink a lot of fluids, KEFIR, and walk every few hours. Don't do anything else. During the first two-three days after the surgery, when you get up to walk (which you need to do every few hours for 10-15 min), you might get dizzy, nauteous, or feel like you're going to faint. Happened to me 3 times, while the first two times was because I got up to walk, when the last one was in the doctor's office on the post op next day when the nurse removed my bra. That is normal. Just sit or lay down and MAKE SURE TO LIFT YOUR LEGS UP. That's it.9. MEDICATIONS. Have someone to fill the prescriptions WHILE you are in the surgery. Also, one or two months before the surgery, take a multivitamin and additional vitamin c - this helps heeling. I am still taking them almost three months after the surgery. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. Usually, they want you to take pain killers and muscle relaxers separately.10. SHOWER - do not wash your upper body after the surgery. You can wash everything below the waist. I used BABY WIPES for the upper body to freshen up. I did it for a week and took a first full shower about 7-9 days after the surgery. That is a smart move, because it causes your steri strips to stay put longer. Also, DO NOT use any oily stuff on your boobs next to the steri strips. I did and it caused me some troubles, of which I will talk later. Make sure your steri strips are always dry or dried after the shower. NO BATH! 11. Once the strips are off, using BABY OIL to massage your boobs works awesome for the dry skin! Massage them. The skin is EXTREMELY dry and sensitive after the surgery and will peel of easily after the smallest irritation. I think that's it with the advice. Now back to my story.
Surgery went well. Surprisingly - I felt great. I stopped taking all the meds on the third day. I felt awesome. Probably because I ate extremely healty and exercised 2-3 hours a day 3 months prior to the surgery. On day 7, we had to travel 12 hours in a car. it went well. Just had to stop every 2 hours for me to work around (that is needed for the blood cloths not to form). Around day 12 I started walking for around an hour every day, which at first was slightly weird (boobs bounced around). Returned to the gym to walk incline 2.5 weeks after the surgery and then a month after, I started doing all the lower body exercises in full strengths. At first, your breasts are extremely tight - like when you got stung by a bee in your thumb. But it is not too bad, and it goes away. There can also be plenty of weird feelings in your breasts. The side of my left breast was completely numb and felt extremely weird if I touched it ( you know when you sit on your leg for an hour and it goes numb - that's the feeling). Now I am 2.5 months post op and 90% of that feeling is gone. You can also have shooting pain (which I didn't). Weird stuff I had:
- Side of the left boob numb
- Implant making squeeking noises when I was lifting my arms high up (day 3-7 after the surgery)
- Pain in the morning, or after laying down for a while when my implants "dropped" with the gravity when I was getting up (it passed within around two weeks)
- Nipple goosebumps (You know when you have the sudden shivers when you are cold and then you got goosebumps? That's what I had every 10 minutes for like 5 days. And my nipples would get hard and poke out too with it). It did not hurt, but it was such a weird feeling. Especially considering the fact that it was happening every 10 min!)
- Now, occasionally, one or both of my nipples would "wake up" on me and poke out and then go back to normal.
- And in general, implant moving would feel weird at first when it was creating a pocket. This is all for this review, and I will post the separate comment with some problems I ran into. PLEASE let me know if you have any question.

Problems I have faced during the healing process

There are many variables that influence the healing process. And, while there was no problems with my implants, I did run into several problems with my incisions.

1. I guess to the fact that I used baby oil on my boobs and it softened the steri strips, plus the fact that the implants are large, i had three spots on the incisions that ruptured. This is called superficial wound dehiscence. Basically, the top layer of skin breaks down. It is not very serious if it does not get infected. Takes a looooooong time to heal, but heals properly if you keep it DRY, CLEAN and change gauze pads two times a day. I did go to see the doctor, which took like 5 minutes. He just looked at the wound, made sure its not infected. Then the nurse cut out the suture that was sticking out of that wound, cleaned it and put a pad on it. Then we went home. After that, I put triple antibiotic ointment on it two times a day after I would clean the wound. It healed slow, but well (see the pictures, HOWEVER:

2. Using antibiotic ointment for too long is BAD. I did use it for more than 2 weeks, so I had bad skin irritation for like a week after I stopped. After the irritation was gone, all that skin peeled off and then my incisions looked better. This was all happening while my dehiscences were healing.

3. After they did, I started noticing "pimple like" spots right on the incisions. I had 5 of them (wow! ) they looked like pimples, with white puss underneath the top layer of skin. One time I took my bra off and I saw all that pus came out of one spot. That is not bad also if you take care of them. You can either go see the doctor, or you can do it yourself. I did some research and all the sources said to see if there are any sutures poking out (which there were). Basically, what happened, is that these sutures that were not absorbed by the body yet, were treated like a foreign object and my body was just trying to get rid of them and push them outside. So I poked a little bit at them and got the little parts of the sutures out. Again, I had around 5 of them. Had to poke at them to remove all the pus, then to remove the sutures. I was left with tiny holes where those pimples used to be. So what I did, was cleaned them with alcohol twice a day and put a tiny amount of antibiotic ointment on these holes for two times during the first day (just to avoid infection). They also healed well and are almost perfect now.

4. On the bottom part of my right breast, where are had 2-3 skin dehescences, the skin on the incision itself looks like it has been stretched. It is also more red than other parts. I was worried about and the scar, but Dr. Hedden assured me that the redness will go down eventually and that the scar would look not bad at all. We will see. BY THE WAY, in the process of healing, when they get cleaner and cleaner, it might seem like their size increases, but its okay. It is supposed to be like that - all the dead skin around them is going away so don't panic. They will get smaller when they heal.

5. Scars. I have already bought two packs of Scar away silicone strips for the c-cection for my scars. The reason I bought the ones for the c-section is that they ate 7 by 3 inches, which is perfect for my incicions. I will start using them in a few days once everything is healed and will keep updating this review with progress pictures.

I am also attaching several pictures of the problem spots, so be careful, it is not nasty, but not pleasant as well.

3 months post op - my first boobieversary!

Hey ladies,

So here I am, 3 months post op - healing well and doing well too! Still have the little scars and pimples. Waiting to put the silicone scar strips on once everything is healed. To everyone out there - do it, its worth it!

15 weeks post op, time to take care of my scars.

Hi ladies and gents(?) haha.

I have finally felt confident enough to start my scar treatment. I have decided on using Scar-away 3-inch wide silicone scar strips for the c-section. The goal is to keep them on for 20 hours a day (excluding 2 hours when I am in the gym), alternating two batches - one for the day and one for the night. I will attach some photos of scars to see the progress.

Review coming soon!

Hi all, sorry that I did not post anything in a while. I am currently taking comprehensive exams (this coming monday) so I am extremely busy!

Will post all the updates and pictures really soon after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Love you all, ladies!

Finally back and ready to talk

Hi guys,

Three months ago I said that I will soon post a review about 6 month post-op and I have to apologize because I failed. I have quite a few things happening in my life and literally no free time. But now, finally, being already almost 10 months post op, I am ready to share my struggles with you.

Okay so the first thing is weight. I am at 170 lbp now, while I was 155 at the day of the surgery. This means that I gained roughly 11-12 pounds (since my implants are 3-4 pounds). This has happened because: 1. I could not exercise as hard after the surgery; 2. i've let myself go a little after the surgery since I had good looking boobs and did not have to care about my body any more. This is bad/and good. Good because I gave myself a break and relaxed a little bit. Also good because since my SO was so excited with the new boobies, he started loving my whole body because of that even more. Bad. because I let myself go, I was not paying attention to myself and m body for 6 months. Finally, I am back on track and I realized that I worked so hard to get this done, that I need to maintain myself - it is not worth it. I honestly now find some food not so delicious like i did before ( this is weird, but when I eat something bad, it is not as tasty any more - making me feel like eating it is not worth it). If you are struggling too, reach out to me and I will try to help. But now, I have started running 5-8 miles a day and exercising, so I am getting myself back to being healthy and fit. You can judge by the pictures I am uploading with this review.

Second, scars. I have done three laser scar treatments and I keep using silicone strips on my scars almost all the time. They are called Mepitac - cheaper and equally effective version of Scar-away. The redness on the scars is almost gone. I do still have signs more visible on the scars that are left from my skin dehiscences. All of the "pimples" are gone. Even the one that was oozing for about 3 months. I will attach all the pictures with the descriptions. Scars are doing well and, hopefully, will be gone soon.

Three, I have encountered a new problem in the last two months. So around 3-4 months ago, I have noticed that when I was lying straight on my back, my left implant would move "into my armpit" - very much to the side of my body, causing all kinds of weird in a bad way feelings. Dr. Hedden has suggested using a thong bra, which is around $105. I have found a cheaper version on Amazon and was wearing a Posture corrector bra. You can send me a message if you need some references for it.
After about a month or two, the feeling decreased and it was not as bad any more, so that was good. But something else happened. I have noticed that my implants are too low ( i could feel like they are dropping too much, my nipple was still looking upward, but the implant itself was going lower and lower. I have asked Dr. Hedden and he told me to use shoe laces on my breasts 24/7 without taking them off ever, not even in the shower. I did. And it hurt. Especially my neck (due to the weight of the implants). And it hurt even more in the gym since the laces were rubbing on my collar bones, underneath my breasts, and the neck again. SO, I tried tying down the laces in different ways and finally came up with the best option: two shoe laces on the neck and boobs, two bra extension strips on the back. Again, I am attaching pictures with explanations for everything. I have been wearing them for 7 weeks now and I see tremendous results. I have had them on all the time, maybe 10 minutes off maximum during all 7 weeks. So now when I am sleeping, I have shoe laces on, a regular soft wireless bra for support, and a posture corrector bra for the side breast. Its insane. But it works. I have one more week for the shoe laces, but I think I will keep wearing them at home. I will be taking them off only if I go somewhere, because they always show.

Fourth, my nipples are not shrinking when it is colder like they used to, so it looks like they are too big for me (look bigger than before the surgery). I am thinking of fixing it, but considering just postponing all of this to see how my scars are doing (if they are visible or not) and maybe doing another surgery after I am done giving birth to children.

So that is what I have been dealing with. I am going to keep working out to lose all the excess weight, and going to keep wearing shoe laces and see what happens.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer all of them!!

One year boobie-verssary!

I cannot believe its been a year already! Even though I've gained some weight back and still working on it, and the scars are not perfect yet, IT HAS BEEN THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVEN MADE! Here are a few pictures, 1 year post op.


I have been asked some questions about the shoelaces I have been using to correct the positioning of the implants, so I have decided to post separately about that. Here is what I have learned from my experience:
1. You have to wear them ALL THE TIME - 24/7. No taking them off, not even in the shower (especially first few weeks). So, I had two pairs of the shoelaces that I was switching up all the time (every 12 or 24 hours, depending on if I was in the gym that day). Also, that way you can wash them when you need to.
2. Do not buy the thin wide shoelaces, they do not work. You want them as thick and "fluffy" as possible. Mine are two pairs, 70 inches each.
3. When you tie your breasts for such a long time, its hard to do it very high. I have not even thought about how high I want them, just tied them higher than they were and that was it. The thing is, my implants are 750 - they are heavy, so it was impossible for me to tie them high because my neck would hurt from the weight and shoelaces getting into my skin. So basically, my advice is tie it the way you want them and I would not worry about the boobs being too high.
4. It does feel like the implant is raising, in fact, it feels like the shoelace goes right between the implant and your rib cage (kind of separates the implant and makes the fold bigger and more defined).
5. I've read that you are supposed to wear them for twice as long as it took you to see the result that you want. I had them on for 4 months. Last month, I did take them off for a few hours every now and then.
6. It does hurt. It rub against your skin and hurts, but you have to be patient if you want results. The worst was in the gym, when my collarbones would get the wounds from rubbing, but then I came up with the solution and I will explain under the pictures what I did.
7. I used the bra padding (will show on the picture) to put it where the shoelaces rubbed the most.

Now, I did my shoelaces differently than normally suggested by the literature. The suggested way, I felt like my breasts were lifted only in the middle, but not on the sides. So I have adjusted the technique to fit myself better. So I will post the pictures on how I do it step by step with instructions. Let me know if anything is not clear or confusing.

So the pictures I am going to post will have the description of what I did and why. Let me know if you have questions.

Dr. Hedden is wonderful! The best thing about him is that he is straightforward and will give you the reality and will explain to you what results you can expect. I really liked everything about his practice. Once, I had to wait for about 30 min, but that was it.

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