Would Not Recommend to Anyone, Wish I Had Never Done This Surgery. Birmingham, AL

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Dr. Hedden was highly recommended to me by one of...

Dr. Hedden was highly recommended to me by one of my fellow friends. My consultation on Skype was very rushed, as i waited 59 minutes for him to show up in the first place. Then he took a look and said i had tubular breasts. I told him i wanted to have a small areola breast lift and areola increase as i had very big areola. After 5 minutes we were done with the consultation, tho i waited a long time for him, he seemed very knowledgeable . So i decided to go with his office to have my breast lift and implants put in. Its by for the worst decision I've ever made. So the day before my surgery i went up for a urin test (i had my blood draw done by my pcm and sent to Dr. Heddens office (insurance paid for both blood draw and urin test, but still got charged 35$ the day of the surgery by Dr. Heddens office or i wouldn't be able to get into surgery)). And because i wanted the surgery and already prepaid the day before i didn't think twice about the 35$ and paid it. So i got taken back to the prep room in the back, had my IV put in and Dr. Hedden came for a quick look over and to draw the lines. Well, that day i will never forget and i dreamt about it ever since. He came in and the first thing he said was "i won't be able to do the surgery." I asked him why and his reason was that whatever i want to have done would usually cost much more than what i already prepaid for. he kept going on and on about how the lift alone would be as much as i prepaid already and that the implants would be extra. So i told him that in the email, he sent me weeks before, he had skyped with me and had a consolation and that the document said 5500$. Him and his nurse had asked me to prove or show this email (i had given my phone and everything i had with me to my care taker, that had gone back to the hotel). Dr. Hedden went out of the room for about 10 min and came back and said that he will do the surgery. Very glad and relieved i undressed myself and he started drawing lines. I asked him what he was drawing and he explained real quick, saying he was going to open my creases to both breast creases would be even, I also told him while drawing lines that i wanted my areola as big a a quarter maybe a tiny bit bigger but still a tremendous amount smaller as my areola were now. He didn't draw any lines on my areola, i asked him if he didn't wanna draw anything on them, his response "trust me I'm going to make you look good, even out your breasts and make it all look nice." So i trusted him. I believed him and made the Biggest mistake of my life.
just to paint a picture of my breast before surgery, my areola was 2 1/2 inches on each side, i had tubular breast but both nipples were only 1/4 inch difference apart.
NOW after surgery, the right areola of my breast is noticeably different size than my left. Exactly 1 inch. Also my right nipple is about also 1 inches lower than the left nipple. My right breast feels very tight. My breast creases are also about 1 1/2 inches apart. before it was 1/4 inch. I had followed all the instructions given to me for aftercare.
I saw Dr. Hedden in November 2014 just to be told that he thinks my left breast looks wonderful (dismissing my claim of too big of areola, which mentioned at every appointment) and that he could fix the right breast for an other 1650$. I had already paid him 5500$ cash plus 35$ (which my insurance paid also) and now i have to pay them again to fix the mistake. Im devastated. I was very self conscious before my surgery and now even more because i went to fix it and still came out botched. I hate the look of my breast even more. My friend kept telling me to have faith and wait it out because the breasts sill could drop (just on my right side) and it will even out and all will be good. She recommended to wait about a year because hers took that long to drop and look perfect. But no, even after 1 year, my breasts still look very much botched. The only thing i liked about his office was that the staff was very friendly.
So no, regretfully i don't think i could refer anyone to Dr. Hedden. I think the least he could do is fix my breasts of no charge.

Would not recommend to go there

Dr. Hedden gives a 3 month guarantee if capsulation happens. After the first month of me complaining that I did not like my breast and saying there is something wrong with the right side. He agreed and said it possibly build scar tissue (capsulation). He did not want to fix it. He recommended meds to try and help it (which I understand and agreed to try). Closer to the 3 month guarantee being over he said it will help if I keep taking the meds ( which I did). But nothing changed. So his guarantee is totally useless. And now it seems to get worse. This is not how it's supposed to be looking like. I'm totally devastated and just can't afford to fix it.
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