36, 5'7, 3 Kids, 148 Lbs, 700cc Silicone W Periaureolar Lift - Birmingham, AL

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I'm currently 11 days post op. The girls look...

I'm currently 11 days post op. The girls look nothing like I expected. I'm very tight and still in some pain. I have my second post op visit on Wednesday. I know I'm swollen and everyone says they will drop and fluff and hopefully look "normal". I got 700cc uhp so I was obviously going for a good fake look but this is something I've never experienced. If anybody has had a similar experience with a good outcome, I'm all ears at this point because I've pretty much been freaking out the last couple of days. Thanks.

More pics...and I'm sleeping without that damn bra tonight...

I'll still sleep sitting up of course but just for tonight the bra has to go. Here is another pic I took today, 12 days post op.

Decided to use an compression wrap. Using an ace bandage now. Going to start off for a few hours a day and go braless at night.

Just a personal decision. It may change. I do believe that the meds or the lack thereof now has something to do with my depression.

Burning pain on my right side under my arm.

It's a sharp burning pain. I think it's my pectoral muscle stretching...or tearing...not sure but it hurts. My right side is still pretty tight so that muscle relaxing would be a great thing. Not sure if the pain is a good or bad sign. It's not soreness. It's like fire under there. But at least it's not constant. Gonna ask the doc about that tomorrow morning. Left side seems to be settling some. I'm trying not to obsess about these things. I'm definitely not comfortable in my own skin yet.

Fifteen days post op, doc visit, and talk with a friend of a friend.

Ok so today I am 15 days post op and I had my two week follow up appointment. I was also able to talk to a friend of a friend who is 5'4 and had 650 cc implants done 7 years ago. Both went well so here's the scoop.

My implants are Natrelle 700cc silicone smooth implants. I was thankful he didn't tell me they were textured. The doc said that I still have some swelling and that my right side is tighter because that's my dominant side and the muscle was more tight and larger on that side. I have been having sharp burning pain on my right side under my arm on my side boob area. He told me that is where my pec connects and that it is from it stretching. He instructed me to massage the right breast only for five minutes at a time, three times a day. I took a pic indicating where he told me to massage. He said that they were still a bit high but he felt they would continue to drop as my swelling goes down and my muscles and skin stretches. On the positive side, he said he thought the end result would be fabulous. They are symmetrical and the left one is much more comfortable. I am amazed that the doc got such big implants in through such short incisions under my breasts. I go back in one week to get the tape off and see my incisions. I can feel my nipples but the sensation is nowhere near the same. Hopefully that will change. My skin feels very sensitive to the touch across both my breasts. I'm thinking that is nerve endings and due to the surgery and stretching of the skin.

I was then able to talk to a friend of a friend who is shorter than me but had 650cc silicone implants placed under the muscle 7 years ago. She said that it took hers about 2 months to "get out from under her chin". She said her chest muscles were very tight also but that in the long run that had kept her breasts from dropping too much since extra large implants sometimes do that after several years. Hers looked great and gave me hope that this highness and pain will go away with time.

I've found that Bactine and a thin layer of neosporin helps with chest acne produced when your skin is stretched and pores that are usually open close up. Vitamin E oil helps areas without incisions stay moisturized.

I've attached several pictures from different angles. I want to be able to look back and see the differences from update to update.

I have come to terms with and am going to try to stop beating myself up over not having done my research. I literally went into this on after photos from southfloridaplasticsurgery.com and zero idea of the additional recovery time and likelihood of complications that go with extra large implants. That is one area that my PS could have given me more guidance on. He basically said ok, and we just went for it. I should've known better. Now I am going to try to be more positive and document the hell out of my experience so hopefully it will help someone else.

Peace and love, y'all...

More pics and update p.s.

I am currently wearing an extra large sports bra. I have no idea what size bra I will need eventually but I tried to put on one of my pre op bras (I was a b-c before) and it wouldn't even fasten so I am fully expecting to be at least a dd once they fully drop and soften. I was told to keep wearing the sports bra but I've been going braless at night. It's just more comfortable and I am ok with having side boob and with them dropping more.

I will try to find some pre op pics soon.

I have been rotating Motrin and Tylenol during the day. Also taking a good multivitamin since before the surgery.

My weight the morning of surgery was 148. My weight two days post op was 159. Yeah, I freaked out. Since surgery I've been following a strict diet since I can't really exercise much and at my two week mark I'm 152. My implants weigh just under four pounds, so I'm back to pre op weight pretty much.

More pics

My boobies before!!

34-C or 36-B

Emotional roller coaster

So I've felt pretty much bat shit crazy since I had this done. One of my bff's sent this to me last night. Her PS gave it to her before her surgery to prepare her. So the good news is that the way I've been feeling is kinda normal. The bad news is that it's kinda normal. For what it's worth, guys...worth a look.

Meds and vitamins

So I've been taking these vitamins since before the surgery. Added the stool softener and Tylenol/Ibuprofen after surgery. Hoping this helps me heal.

Still high, but improving slowly.

My right side is still tighter and appears to be healing slightly differently. The tape under my right breast came off on its own so I'm showing the incision here. Doesn't look bad. I've been doing massage on the right side only. Also discovered that simply raising the right side of my sports bra to the top of my right breast allowed the left side to be supported and acted like a compression band on the right. Who knew?! Both sides are still high but it's early. Fingers crossed. My mental and emotional state is better. I'm a little scared to see my nipple incisions this week. But preparing myself. Good vibes everybody. Peace n love.

3 week checkup

So got the tape off of my nipples finally and I can finally get a nice long bath! I was pleased with how the nipple incisions looked. I think I will be pleased with the symmetry there. It wasn't overly red and seemed very neat. My left breast is progressing well but my stubborn right tit is quite behind. My PS was much more aggressive in talking to me about the right breast than last time. He gave me a pectoral strap and told me to massage it down aggressively as often as possible.

I had some itchy bumps where the tape was on my nipples but he said that's normal. The pics are after the unveiling but before I had a chance to wash any dried blood off so I'll take another after my bath.

He confirmed that the burning pain I have been feeling around my nipples is nerve pain. We discussed Neurontin but I am going to try to tough it out a bit longer. He told me to call or text him (gave me his cell number) if it got to be too uncomfortable and he would call it in for me, which I appreciated.

I go back in two weeks. I'm hoping that my right responds to the aggressive treatment and drops to be even with the left or closer at least.

My depression is improving.

I bought some new, more comfortable sports bras that you pull down over your head instead of zip up. They are sooo much more comfy.

Peace n love, y'all...

Fun with the new boobies??

Ok so you've seen the bad and the ugly...I felt better today so I took the girls out and tried to take some flattering pics of them. They are a work in progress but I am starting to think I might like them one day.

So my stats again are 36, 3 kids, 152lbs, 5'7. 700cc, Natrelle, UHP smooth silicone, under the muscle on 8/9/16. 3.5 weeks post op.

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the rebel flag. My brother is black so please don't preach or have a flip out on me. I inherited it from a pool party and it's the only bathing suit top in the house that I could find that fit today. All my old ones were too small.

Here are the pics that I thought posted in the last update!

When you really want a bath but are afraid to soak your incisions still...

Not looking too bad. Still need to heal up but pretty solid for just under a month.

Steady as she goes...

So I've been strapping the right breast, over the right and under the left because the right is so far behind in dropping enough to fill the lower pole. I am beginning to see a bit of a snoopy tendency with the right. I think the inferior pocket may have been underdissected a bit (hope not) and the addition of extra natural breast tissue on that side along with a very strong pectoral muscle on that side, it's just going to be an uphill climb to make this girl look right. On the positive side though, I've come to accept whatever it looks like and, unless it's horrible or fixing it is free, I won't ever go under the knife for boobs again. I've spent so much time looking at this website and it has disgusted me (myself first and foremost) the lengths we women will go to to look a certain way. I know the pain and mental anguish I've been through so far haven't been worth it to me, even if they end up looking perfect. And I see so many women who put themselves through such extremes mentally and physically and for what? To fit into someone else's mold of beautiful - maybe?? Anyway...you'll probably hear more from my soapbox later... I've started trying to get more active again. I used to use my arms and pecs in strenuous exercise (pole fitness, stripping, whatever you want to call it) and can't do that for the foreseeable future so walking and whatever else I can do has helped me feel better. I have a wedding celebration to attend this weekend and didn't want to wear a sports bra compatible outfit so I went and bought a couple of cheap bras (because I'm trying to wait til I'm 3-4 months out to spend any real money on regular bras). The only thing I could find that was close to fitting was a 36DDD. I think I am probably a 34E but that's the best I could find for $20. I go back to the doc a week from today. I've started seeing a counselor, but not just because of the boobs and I've noticed some strange heart palpitations lately. Maybe stress related, not sure. I go to my heart doc Friday. I'll keep y'all updated. Peace n love...

Looking better

Had a small issue with an access stitch in my right nipple but no antibiotics yet. The right one still needs to drop some more. I go back to the doc in a month. He said I need to curb my habit of going brakes so much so I guess I will. All in all I'm becoming much more satisfied with the results. I'm in much less pain at this point and my chest is softening so it doesn't feel so weird all the time. Peace and love.

Happy with progress


I am submitting a new review today with my doctor's name and a "worth it" rating.

I am happy with the overall result. I am sure they will continue to progress but I felt that I could give a "worth it" rating at this time for my doc so I reviewed it again and put his name in it this time. More pics.

36yo, 700cc Natrelle UHP, Smooth Unders, 5'7, 148lbs, W Periaureolar Lift

I withheld my "worth it or not" on my previous detailed review because I did it in real time as I was experiencing it. Now, at 2 months post op, I can say that the procedure was worth the money. The ONLY fault I have found with my PS is that when I asked for 700 Unders, he didn't reply go over the added risks of complications with XL implants or the added time and care that it can take. That said, I think my result, though not final, is very good for this juncture and the procedure I had done so I wanted to give a good review for Dr. Schaffer. I breastfed three children who range in age from 16-6 and my breasts before were a deflated 36b-c. I haven't been formally sized yet but from what I've tried on this far, I'm thinking I will be a 34-F, 36-DDD somewhere between there. The right has taken longer to drop and in front facing pics looks smaller but in person it's hard to tell a difference. When I flex my muscles they look insane but I have used those muscles more than normal in my hobbies. I can deal with that. They looked crazy right after but after two months post op, I am happy and comfortable in my own skin again and can even sleep on my stomach some. Please see my previous review for details and more pictures.

Went bra shopping and got sized

Victoria's Secret sized me at 34-F. I got four bras. So happy!

Bra pics


Bra pics trying again


They are soft and perfect now.

What they used to look like

Five months po

They feel like part of my body now. I love them. Still some discomfort and numbness around my nipples. Other than that I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see them with a nice tan!

Dr. Schaffer was always personable and professional.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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