Breast Lift With Implants - Birmingham, AL

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I had a breast lift and augmentation done on...

I had a breast lift and augmentation done on November 8th, around the areola. I had 390cc saline implants put in and I am very, very happy with the outcome. I am 23 years old and have had two children, both of which were breast fed (a total of two years combined) so my breasts went through drastic changes and were NOT pretty. I felt that being 23 I should have nice, pretty breasts, not saggy, deflated "skin bags" as I called them. I was most definitely ready for a change. I had originally gone in thinking that I could just have the implants put in and they would perk up and fill out what breast tissue I had left. After talking with the Dr. we decided that I would be happier with the end result of a lift and implant. I'm SO glad I did both! The size is perfect and the perkiness is even more amazing.

Tomorrow it will be a week since the surgery. I feel great for the most part and was pleased with my results as soon as I saw them. Recovery has been going pretty smoothly, nothing crazy bad has happened. I have had minimal bruising and bleeding around the sutures. My nipples and surrounding area are still numb, as well as part of my right arm, near my armpit area. I also had an allergic reaction to one of the medications. I'm pretty sure it was the antibiotics. My Dr. put me on some steroids and benadryl which took care of the rash I had developed. I finished my antibiotics yesterday and will be done with the steroids in a couple of days. I have only had to take valium a couple times for muscle spasms and my pain meds once or twice. Really, the recovery hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. I'm not saying it's a piece of cake, but it isn't terrible either. One thing I have noticed is that one of my nipples is a little off centered, I'm assuming from when my areolas were sized down. I'm hoping it will look a little better once all the swelling and everything else is healed, but other than that I'm in love with my new breasts.

I can't wait to be fully healed and be able to wear nice shirts and go BRA SHOPPING. The confidence that I feel now, (already) is amazing. I am so glad I went through with the surgery and I know (even with the scars and off centered nipple) I am going to be even happier as time goes on. :)

I really wish I had a before picture. I was honestly so disgusted by my previous breasts though, that I rarely even looked at myself in the mirror without a bra on, let alone take a picture of them. But trust me when I say, my "now" pictures are MUCH prettier!!

11-21-12 Well tomorrow will be two weeks since my...

Well tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. For the most part, I feel great. My main issue is not being able to sleep on my stomach. That has been difficult for me because that's the only way I can get a good, solid sleep. I have been able to sleep on my side the past few days, which is a little better. I just prop a body pillow up under my side to help support my breast and that's been working pretty well so far. The tape around my incisions is starting to peel off a bit, which makes me nervous and excited. I'm anxious to see what they look like without tape!

I had to go to see my regular doctor yesterday for my arm. Apparently I developed small blood clots around the spot I had my IV for surgery. My arm is swollen and there are hard red lumps where the clots are. It hurts so bad, like a giant bruise. To be honest, my arm has bothered me more than my breasts! Luckily they aren't the dangerous type of clots and I just need to keep a warm compress on it a few times a day and take aspirin twice a day until it goes away.

I will go back to see my PS next week sometime, I think he will be happy with how I'm healing overall. Hopefully he will let me have a copy of my before pictures!

My surgical tape is now off on both breasts. They...

My surgical tape is now off on both breasts. They look pretty good for the most part. My left side is pretty red around the incision, I'm not sure why. I think my bra may be irritating it. Besides that, I feel great and I am super excited to be healing decently and that another week has almost done by! I tried on a swim suit top last night and that got me even more excited. :) I will post a picture. So happy with my outcome!
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