Almost 5 weeks post-op! Steri-strips off and looking good! *Updated Pics*

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Hi there! I'm a 25 year old graduate student who...

Hi there! I'm a 25 year old graduate student who is happily married and recently started to take much better care of my body after being hospitalized with a collapsed lung about a year ago. This past year, I've been on a journey of healing, eating clean, lifting weights, moving across the country for school, getting married to the love of my life, and generally knocking out any goal I set my eyes on :-) So I thought hey, I've been wanting boobs long enough, why not cross that off my list too?!

I've always been small framed. I'm 5'6", 32-27-37, 125 lbs. I've never been overweight but this past year just taking better care of myself has been my main focus. I'm still transforming my figure by lifting in the gym and have loved my look so far... but I've always been so embarrassed to wear a sports bra with no padding because of my small chest size. I remember being 13 years old, having already gotten my period along with most of my friends, but wondering when my chest would start to develop like theirs. When I was 15 and had my first visit to the gynecologist for severe cramps (had to stay home from school a few times!!) I asked her when my boobs would start growing. Obviously she didn't have a crystal ball but took a look at me and said "maybe next year, have lots of time left to develop!" but I didn't believe her. It actually became a joke between us every year from that point because every single year I would walk into her office and ask the same question. By the time I was about to graduate college, I stopped asking, and she stopped bullshitting me! LOL!

Anyway, I am so thankful that my husband is supportive of me wanting to have this procedure to balance out my shape. He's already in love with my butt so I think this would be the icing on the cake haha. I had my initial consult with my PS yesterday and am more excited than seems like it's all becoming real now. I tried on a bunch of sizers and am going with silicone, high profile implants under the muscle. The size I really liked turned out to be 450cc, but my PS said because of how small my frame is, he may need to go closer to 375cc and that's ok with me- he knows what I want the final result to be and I trust his judgment. I put down my deposit and decided to schedule for a full week before spring break... my rationale here is that I only have classes two days per week, so I'll have the surgery on Friday, then until the following Tuesday to recover. All I need to do is get my ass to campus for two days in a row and then I will have the entire week after that to take it easy if need be. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself... I've been lurking around looking at all sorts of boobies on this site for awhile now (LOL!) and think this is a great platform for sharing worries, advice, questions, and to track the next step in my journey.

Hi All! Thank you so much for the comments- I'm...

Hi All! Thank you so much for the comments- I'm sorry that I haven't responded to them yet but I really appreciate the advice. So, due to an unexpected gap in my classes and a change to my travel schedule, I had to bump my surgery date. I was originally scheduled for March 15th, but now I am on the books for February 7th!! That's 4 days before my birthday soooo... happy birthday to me??! Haha. I am a bit nervous about the change but after weighing my options and talking with my hubby about it, this is the best decision for me. Now I am worried because my pre-op is this Thursday morning instead of six weeks away. I'm excited to try on the sizers again and am pretty sure I will still want in the 400-450 range, silicone, high profile. This time my husband is coming with me to the appointment, so I am excited to see what his feedback will be, and get a final number nailed down. I am a little anxious though because the last time I went for an appointment, my PS wasn't sure if he would even be able to get the 450's in because of my small frame. I've read so much about women who had wished they'd gone bigger, and I really don't want to end up with something I'm dissatisfied with, but I'm also trying to come to terms with the fact that it may not be physically possible for me to go that big my first try (I think the 450's would put my in the D-DD range, as opposed to my PS' prediction of 375, which would most likely become a C cup). Has anyone else had a similar experience with this and if so, how did you deal? Were the results what you were hoping for?

I'm also struggling with the idea that in less than a month from now, I will look completely different. It's kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around, considering I've been an A-AA my whole life. I'm really looking forward to it, but also in some strange way mourning my "old" self. Like I'm almost feeling depressed about the big change that's coming up. But, I'm sure that feeling will pass.

Getting my bloodwork done Thursday morning too... at 8:30! Ack. I HATE getting my blood drawn. All in the name of beauty I guess.

My pre-op is tomorrow morning! I am...

My pre-op is tomorrow morning! I am nervous/excited. And really really hoping it does NOT snow here overnight like the weatherman is predicting as my PS is an hour drive on the freeway (husband is taking me). Hubs is a great driver, but this is our first "winter" in the south and I have a feeling everyone else has no freaking clue how to behave on the roads even if it's just a measly inch of snow! Haha ;-). So yeah, a little worried that the PS may call me and say "we're closed!" for the morning but I'm probably just overreacting. Trying to get myself to calm down so I can go to sleep. Will post update tomorrow. Also, put up "before" pictures... as you can see I've got something to work with on the bottom so I need the top to match :-D

Pre-op appointment was this morning and I'm...

Pre-op appointment was this morning and I'm feeling more excited than ever now! My husband went with me and was super supportive through the whole thing... especially when I almost passed out from the blood draw (I'm such a wuss). I got to try on the sizers again and we both agreed that the 450's are perfect (my first choice at the consultation). I don't know if I will end up any bigger or smaller than that, as I'm leaving it up to my PS, but let the nurse take down the 450cc HP as my 'ideal' size. We also paid so that's done and a relief as now it feels more real for sure. My husband took me to the sporting goods store to buy some zip-up bras as the nurse recommended, we went to two stores in our area and both of them were out of stock - they said under armor and champion are phasing them out?! Weird. If only they knew how much money they would make from BA patients if they kept making zip-up bras...ha! So there's one more store we are going to tomorrow, otherwise I'm just going to order the VS ones I found online. Also got a new pair of shoes and some tempo shorts so that made me happy :)

I also got the green light to start cardio and lower body weight work two weeks post-op, which pleases me greatly :-D

I think I am kind of over the blues/nerves for now but I'm sure they will surface again closer to surgery. I skyped with my best friend today and told her all about my plans and she is so happy for me, which really helps me feel better. She just had a baby so I think she really understands coping with a change in your shape (to say the least!) so I got some great advice from her, now I feel more well-prepared for all of the emotional realities of having surgery. She was also really glad that I am doing this for myself because we have known each other since we were 2 so she has heard ALL the boob complaints from me over the years!!!

Still looking at boobs for days online. I feel like a pubescent boy. Does this ever stop? Is this like pre-op boob greed?

Best of luck to everyone who are still waiting for surgery! I downloaded a countdown app on my phone today and I have 20 days until showtime. YAY

Well, I have 8 days left until the "big day" and I...

Well, I have 8 days left until the "big day" and I feel really strange because I haven't been actively thinking about the surgery too much but I still feel nervous/anxious etc. Almost like I'm in denial. Is this normal??
I have been so busy too with class and traveling out of town for my assistantship that the surgery date is totally creeping up on me. I'm constantly going over my to-do list and my husband is cleaning house while I'm out of town this weekend :-)

I have a few "last minute" questions for those of you on the other side:
How helpful is taking the bromelain and arnica for swelling? Is this a must?
How many front-close/comfy sports bras did you buy before surgery and how did you size them?
Should I buy a wedge pillow?

That's it for now.

UGH! I just typed this big long update and it was...

UGH! I just typed this big long update and it was deleted. Oh well. Quick version:

3 days to go! Am home alone till day before surgery since husband is out of town but am getting stuff done to keep myself sane! Haha. Rx filled, arnica, bromelaine, food made, recovery bras bought, still going to the gym daily (drinking BCAA/pre-workout and protein which doctor said was ok) and am generally feeling really good! I do still have a couple of concerns that are bugging me:

First, PS nurse said massages won't start until 1 MONTH post-op. What the heck is that about? How will my boobs drop? Anyone else told to wait?

Also, I have a very slight allergy to iodine contrast but have had surgery with medical iodine before. Nurse wants me to opt out of the betadine rinse during surgery to prevent any sort of allergic reaction. I want to make sure we are doing everything possible to prevent infection and capsular feeling conflicted on whether or not to opt out. Any thoughts?

Still going with 450cc HP's and can't wait until Thursday! I'll post some "before" pics later today for comparison.

2 more days! I can't wait. Unfortunately STILL...

2 more days! I can't wait. Unfortunately STILL thinking "eh...maybe I should do 475...?" but I know my PS will be able to help me with that decision on Thursday morning.

It won't be too hard for me to stay busy between now and then with classes and last-minute around the house prep so at least I know these next two days will fly by!

Today is the day! I'm scheduled to be there at...

Today is the day! I'm scheduled to be there at 6:30am. I'm a little bit nervous but other than that, trying to constantly tell myself not to eat anything (sooo hungry) drink anything (sooo thirsty) or pee my pants!! I can't pee until I get to the doctor's office to give a sample, so yeah...kind of dying inside right now! Haha. Wish me luck! See you on the other side :-)

Well ladies, I am on the other side, and so...

Well ladies, I am on the other side, and so relieved/happy that I went through with this! I'll post some pictures after my post-op appointment tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it- for now, I am LOVING what I see in the mirror. Looked at them for a minute with the sports bra on and then hubby helped me unzip to get a peek- WOW! They are huge. Haha. But I got exactly what I told Dr. H I wanted, 450cc silicone HP under the muscle. I know I did a little back and forth with the HP versus mod plus, but I asked my PS this morning and he measured the diameter of my chest, then went back to look at the different profile implants to see what would be the best match, popped his head in and said "yup, high profiles are what you're getting!" HA.

So here is the whole night before/ day of story... sorry if it's really long but I want to write down everything I can remember.

Yesterday I left for Birmingham (hour from where we live) around 3. My husband was out of town so I picked him up from the airport, which was actually quite convenient because we figured since we were already there, we could get a hotel room near the PS office. Really glad we made that decision, I booked the room last week so I could have an idea of where we would be and pack a fully loaded surgery bag :-). We went and had sushi for dinner (yum!) so I could say "goodbye" to my girls. Then we bought some chocolates for me (I am cheating on my diet right now as a little treat during healing) and headed off to Victoria's Secret so I could get a new zip-front hoodie and some PJ's. Then at the hotel we chatted with my mom and I ate a protein bar, drank some "smooth move" herbal laxative tea, showered and went to bed.

We got up at 5:30 this morning and I had to pee SO BAD. But I had to wait until check in at the doctor's...ugh that was awful. Also, that laxative tea turned out to be not the best idea as I was having some tummy cramps. I'd recommend drinking it after you get home from surgery, maybe like six hours after. Anyway, doctor came back to mark me and do before photos. I got my IV in and then really had to go to the bathroom (thanks to that icky tea). I took so long in there that one of the other nurses thought I had gone back into surgery and told my husband he could leave! I was so incredibly upset when I went back into my pre-op room because I wanted to say goodbye to him :-( I mean, that felt really awful (he actually had just left the building to pick up a boppy pillow for the car ride home). Thankfully, my nurse-anesthesiologist was so thoughtful and let me use her cell phone to call him. That was so nice of her. She also knew I was really upset and took the time to calm me down and make me feel comfortable. I am really thankful she did that for me. Then she pushed a "relax" drug into my IV and I was out.

Waking up was the worst part. I was shivering uncontrollably for about 20 minutes or so, but it felt like an eternity. Before I knew it I was in the car with my husband. He held my hand for most of the car ride home :-) and the hour drive felt like no time had passed at all.

The first few hours at home were a little uncomfortable. Now I know what the "elephant sitting on your chest" feels like. And I had a bit of gurgling/popping on the left but the nurse said that was just trapped air. I slept for about a half hour at a time (got home at 10:30am) off and on until about 2pm. I feel much better now that the pain meds seem to be cycling well. Husband has been so wonderful as a helper. He went and bought me a birthday cupcake from this cute place I like in Birmingham... going to try and save it for my actual bday on Monday :-D
Been drinking lots of fluids, hoping for some of the bloating to go down. Deep breathing/walking every hour, the breathing is still a little tough. Anyone have any advice/warnings about morning boob?? Kind of dreading that tomorrow morning.

Thank you SO very much for all of the well-wishes ladies! Your support really meant a lot to me, since I only know one friend who has also had a BA and she wants a revision (saline to silicone) so having all of these different perspectives have been awesome.

I'll update after my post-op tomorrow!

Hi everyone, Sorry for the lack of pictures as...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of pictures as of yet... Day 1 was a lot easier than I thought it would be, while 2-3 are not so easy. I've slept on and off pretty much all day today and have been going braless every once in a while too. Post-op went really well yesterday, though PS did tell me I will be quite sore for a week or two just because of how small I am and how tight my chest muscles were prior to surgery. So now I'm just trying to relax and take it easy... though I wish I could stay up for more than a half hour at a time so I can actually catch up on my crappy reality shows! haha.

Thinking I'll wait to post pics when I'm less exhausted. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Hey everyone! Well I am post-op day 6 and still...

Hey everyone! Well I am post-op day 6 and still super sore, worst morning boob on the planet,many gained five pounds of pure bloat. Yay for me haha. Anyone else have this hard of a time getting through the first week of surgery? My chest just feels so tight and heavy like I'm carrying around a couple of rocks, plus the pain meds are making me so fuzzy I can't function for more than a half hour and I need to get rid of this nasty water weight (I've been guzzling lemon/lime/mint water by the jug). Any advice always appreciated!!! Thanks ladies.

Hey ladies, First of all, thank you for all of...

Hey ladies,

First of all, thank you for all of the supportive comments. It's good to know I'm not the only one going through this crazy journey right now!

So I've still had it pretty rough and am on day 10 post-op. This weekend were my first "outings", went to a movie for my birthday on Friday, then to dinner and ran errands all day today. The bloat unfortunately is really not going away, and from the painkillers/saltines etc I've gained about 10lbs (all in my midsection, im sure you can tell from my after photos). NOT a happy camper about that at all and still no cardio until Friday... God I can not wait to get my beached whale of a self back to the gym...ugh!!!! Been taking a laxative before bed and well, that hasn't helped much. Yay for that.

Today I noticed my nipples (especially leftie) were extremely sensitive and it felt like my recovery sports bra was squeezing the life out of them. When I got home after running errands (I did not drive, hubby did) I thought it would be a good idea to take a nice hot bath, with the water obviously much lower than my incisions so my boobs wouldn't be submerged. Well, when I got out of the tub, I noticed this liquid on my nipples, assumed it was soap, and wiped it off. But then a few minutes later my husband noticed it and said "uh, honey, are you lactating or something?" which TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT because I've never had children nor been pregnant. We called the on call nurse ASAP, she said this is not common, make sure I don't have a fever, swelling (no and no), and that hopefully it would resolve itself in a few days. She said I can put band aids over my nipples to decrease the sensitivity, which I did, and as far as I can tell the lactation has subsided for now but I mean, come on, that is just scary. Not what I needed right now, especially when I'm still in so much pain, can't function at school and my diet is all jacked up because I can't fucking poop right now for the love of all things good and holy!!!! Sorry for the TMI but UGH!!!! I just want to be normal again... I knew this would take a lot of patience but I'm on my last leg.

Also, righty is dropping some and feels fine, full arm mobility, but leftie is hard as a rock, not dropping and I can't raise my arm above elbow height. Still. On day 10.

Ok, rant over.

Hi Ladies! I'm so sorry I've been super sporadic...

Hi Ladies! I'm so sorry I've been super sporadic in updating recently- school and work have taken over my life! Anyway, today marks 3 weeks post-op. I'm seeing small changes in the shape of my breasts every day and I have to say, the size is fantastic on me. I am so happy I went with 450cc because (at least for now) they don't feel too big or look too small on me. They are easy to "hide" in clothes if I want, but in a push-up bra they are noticeable and look really great. That's all good stuff, but I'm still not feeling 100%, really I'd say I'm at 60% right now and that's on a good day :-( I'm at the point where my swelling is going down so it's easier for me to feel a muscle spasm (upper pecs mainly) or my nipples "burning". I've been putting band-aids over them during the day, which helps. I'm hoping those sensations are good signs. Also I'm getting more used to sleeping on my back but I absolutely can't wait until I can sleep on my side again in total comfort. My PS said I can sleep on my side now if I want, but it just doesn't feel great w/o taking a major painkiller... and I'm still super bloated from surgery so I want to try and stay away from those.

At my 2 week appointment my PS said I look great, I'm healing wonderfully, and that I can go back to the gym for light cardio. At 3 weeks, lower body. At least 6 weeks before heavier arm work. I was also told to go get an underwire bra to wear during the day, then sleep in my sports bra for at least the next 6 months or so. I went to Victoria's Secret after (which I know their sizing is not really accurate) and laughed at the lady when she measured me as a 34DD! Going from a 34AA to a 34DD in the same store is kind of a lot to take in! I've posted some pictures of me in my "granny" bra (was the most comfortable one right now...I'll hit up the semi-annual sale in a few months to get some cute ones), sorry for the poor picture quality.

I tried going back to the gym last sunday and think I totally overdid it. I did some lower body work (bodyweight only like lunges, swiss ball squats etc) and could only do about 15 minutes of cardio before I felt spent. I also was very tired the next day. Unfortunately on Tuesday I had to take a trip to the ER because I was having breathing problems...with my history of spontaneous lung collapse my PS told me to head straight to the hospital if I had any breathing issues. They did a chest scan and all is well, thankfully! They gave me an asthma breathing treatment and I feel a lot better. Some of my post-op swelling went down too because of the medicines they had to give me for the scan so that was nice but yesterday I was very sore from all the poking and prodding :(

So here I am, 3 weeks out, still super tired, feeling not myself. I think I might have a small case of "boobie blues" but I don't really know how to tell. I just feel like I'm in a strange fog that I want to get out of. I'm also really sad because I'm worried that getting back into my old fitness routine of lifting heavy weights will not be possible (at least, not for a very very long time). I don't want to hurt myself again or my new girls... so if there are any ladies post BA who lift heavy now comfortably I will gladly take your advice!

And here I am on the couch eating pizza :-)

Well tomorrow I will officially be 4 weeks post-op...

Well tomorrow I will officially be 4 weeks post-op... feels like it's been the slowest 4 weeks of my life! haha.

This week the upper back and neck pain really kicked in. I know that the upper back pain comes from having the pec muscle disturbed by surgery, but I also have a spinal condition called kyphosis which basically means I have a curve in my upper spine that pushes my shoulders and neck forward. Kind of like a hunchback. So I'm hoping that the extra weight from my new 450cc friends is not going to permanently aggravate my condition :-( my PS said it would not be an issue and that he had seen patients with much worse conditions than me, but I can't help but wonder. Only time will tell, but I'm not sure if I can take many more days of waiting for my next aleve, running to the heating pad as soon as I get home, and constantly having to tell myself to relax my shoulders. Anyone else have this experience? Even if you don't have a major back condition, I'm assuming this upper back pain will subside and is normal? I know I need to call my PS tomorrow about this.

Another thing I'm dealing with is getting used to feeling like my boobs are shoved into my armpits haha...especially since I have a narrow ribcage. It's like any time I go to grab something, my arms brush against my "armpit boob". This has also made shaving my armpits quite comical :-)

Otherwise, my stamina is up! Not having any more breathing problems, yay! I think "boobie blues" are burning off too. I'm just uncomfortable in my back and need to talk to my PS about whether I am allowed to stretch my arms overhead, circle my shoulders, etc, because I'm feeling really stiff. I think I'm going to start light walking on the treadmill this week too since I'm feeling so much better.
Hooray for boobs! Happy healing to the ladies on here who are having surgery this week!

Well on Thursday I will be 5 weeks post-op. I'm...

Well on Thursday I will be 5 weeks post-op. I'm feeling so much better every day! Sleeping on my side is still tough but I know that's going to take a while.

Finally had some awesome workouts this weekend! I'm not going hog wild yet and am limiting myself to how I feel/what my PS has told me to do. He said I don't have any limitations right now on stretching so I have been stretching my arms/shoulders twice per day when I massage. I did some incline walking and a lower body weights workout legs are sore (as they should be) but otherwise I'm feeling good today! My husband and I also went on a trail walk/hike this weekend and that went well.

Of course I am so ready to be six weeks when I can ease back into lifting but I'll take 4.5 weeks for now haha. I feel like I've really turned a corner in how I look and is slowly getting back to normal. I was instructed to wash off my steri-strips last friday and my scars look wonderful. They are razor thin. The cut is long (I knew it would be because I have silicone) but I doubt anyone will be able to tell when I wear a bikini. I've been lightly putting A&D ointment on them for now when I get out of the shower. The incisions haven't bothered me too much... I get a sting here and there but nothing bad. The only time I really worry about them is after a workout when I'm wearing an icky sweaty bra so I've been careful to shower as soon as I can.

I've updated my pictures and am so happy I can now wear a size L bikini top with no padding! Yay! I will never have to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a padded bikini ever again. Woohoo for boobs! Hope everyone else is doing well.
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