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Hello, Realself! :) I have been researching breast...

Hello, Realself! :) I have been researching breast implants for a couple years now but recently it has become all I read and think about. I absolutely can't wait to one day have implants of my own instead of drooling over everyone else's who has got them done! I have done research on plastic surgeons in my area and found a couple that I will consider doing a consultation with when the time comes but I also have found one in Alabama that has excellent reviews and offers a discount if you pay in cash, which is awesome. Of course, I still have a lot of saving to do!

My stats are 24 years old, 5'3", 105 lbs (give or take) And barely a 32c...filling it out just depends on the time of month. From the information I have read on Realself and all the stories people have posted( which have all been very helpful, btw) I have decided that I would like to go for at least 425cc silicone high profile implants. I made some of the rice tester implants to kinda get a feel for them and it just made me that more excited! I used 2 cups of rice per implant (pictures are attached). Of course, the final decision will be made after talking to a plastic surgeon :)

I will continue to update once I get the ball rolling, but thought I would go ahead and start my journey on Realself!

Starting to see boobs in my future!

Well, it's been a while since I have posted but since the new year has started I have really began to buckle down on saving money and paying off credit cards. I'm doing much better than I thought I would be doing since shopping is something I tend to be way too good at... :)

Last weekend my boyfriend had another friend over to watch a basketball game and play a couple video games. So when they went upstairs to only find one of the controllers to be in working order, my boyfriend made me the deal of a lifetime. It was around 10pm and he said " if you run out and grab us another controller, I'll pay for your breast implants in August. " I literally haven't gotten out the door and to Walmart and back to fast! I couldn't be more thrilled and am looking forward to making consultations in the upcoming months! ( just a side note, he is my boyfriend but we are planning on getting married in the next year! I wouldn't allow him to pay for them if I didn't think we were going tO end up together:) )

I'm currently back into looking at this site everyday and enjoy reading everyone's experiences, so keep them coming! I'm going to add a couple new photos of me, an outfit that I plan on keeping so you can see the difference while wearing the same thing before and after :) I'll also post a couple wish pictures in a new post!

Good luck everyone :)

Wish pictures added :)

These are by far my favorite looks and these are the pictures I plan on taking with me to the consultations :)

My stats:

My stats are:

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs (give or take)
Pe- op bra size: 32c (but barely fill them out -VS bras)

After the BA I would love to fit into a 32DD, but we will see! I have been starting to workout more these past couple weeks in order to increase my butt muscles so that I don't come out looking top heavy.

I forgot to also mention that I have indeed had a previous major surgery back in 2002! I have scoliosis so my torso is approximately 2in shorter than it could be. :( But given the fact that I now have metal rods bolted to my spine, having implants won't affect my posture- which is one reason I'm not afraid to go a little bigger.

I know the PS will know what size will suit me best and I know the one I end up choosing will do amazing work. I've heard great things about both so I'm excited to book the consultations! I hear and read all the time about women who wish they had gone a little bigger and I'm worried I'll end up that way too!

Bras have arrived...maybe I'm too excited!

I ordered multiple bras for post BA! I got 3 coobie bras and then some Lacy bras! I'm so excited to see how they look when the time comes!

Consultation is scheduled for Monday March 3 :)

Well, things may be coming together sooner than I thought! I ended up having a bigger tax return than I thought I would so I was able to pay off all of my store credit cards(3) and one car :) I'm hoping to get my limit raised on my care credit in order to finance the surgery, but I guess we will see! :)

I made a consultation for Monday, March 3rd at Dr. Stokes office here in NC. I talked to a couple people who used him recently and they all raved about him! I am a nanny and the family I work for will be gone for 12 days in April so it's the perfect time to get it done! I will update after the consultation on Monday morning!


Consultation is complete!

I had my consultation this morning and it went great! Although I learned one of my nipples is about a cm higher than the other! :( but he said that is of course normal so as long as I understand that it will be a little more noticeable once they are bigger, which is fine, really no big deal!
As of now we decided on 375cc silicone round high profile and I'm so thrilled! My prep appointment is March 13th and surgery is scheduled for April 3rd :) I'll update soon!

Two weeks away!

My procedure is so close I can hardly wait! I went to my pre op appointment one week ago where they drew some blood, took vitals, photos again and asked a lot of questions and got a few signatures from me. It was too easy :) I am flip flopping between 375 and 400...I want them to be big but I also don't want to look ridiculous. He said he would try his best to fit the 400 but if not the 375 will have to do, and I trust him to make the right decision!

I am starting to get things ready around the house(s), I'll be staying my my moms the first two nights then going to stay with my boyfriend on the weekend.
I'm not near as nervous as I thought I would be at this point, I'm extremely excited and can not wait to be on the other side like a lot of you already are!

Take care, xoxo.

Before picture

As you can see, my nipples are pretty uneven...I alWays thought it was because one breast was bigger than the other but he said one nipple is just slightly higher! Oh well, it is what it is!

Surgery is finished!

Had surgery yesterday, everything went very smooth! It's all pretty tight but I haven't experienced any pain to speak of! I have been staying on top of my Meds down to 10 minutes of the times to take them so I'm sure that helps.

My mom and my boyfriend have done so much to help me since I can't lift my arms much or even get off the couch alone! Post op appointment is today at 1130 so I'm sure I'll get to have a sneak peek then! Honestly if any if you are on the fence about it, from my experience so far, it's totally worth it. I was a little nervous and my IV wouldn't go in correctly...tried my right hand but could get it to float on enough, finally put it in the inside of my elbow which seemed to be fine but I guess after I went to sleep the IV fluid leaked into my arm so they have to move it to the left hand during surgery! My arm is pretty swollen because of the fluid but they said it should go down with in 48 hours!

I'll post pictures when I get a change, maybe try to get one at post op today!

Good luck to everyone who has a surgery date coming up! You'll all do great!


All done :)

My surgery was on Thursday so I'm about 2 day sand a few hours post op. There has def been a lot if pressure on my cheats but nothing unbearable. I have thrown up 4 times from the hydro codine so I switched to extra strength Tylenol with seems to be working along with the Valium and antibiotic. Haven't pooped since Thursday but no pain or anything from it...I have been taking stool softened since Tuesday! Here's a picture of what they ate looking like!
My boyfriend helped me bird bath and changed my dressings and bra for me, he has been great. I hope you all are doing well!!


Monday morning 4 days post op

I thankfully haven't experienced much of the morning boob most people speak of... But I also set alarms to taks meds throughout the night and make sure to get up for a minute to go to the bathroom and walk around, so maybe that's helping.
I have found that it's it much easier to prop up on my bed than on the couch because the couch is leather and all I do is slide down and end up basically on the ottoman, which makes it difficult to getup by myself. So this morning I ate oatmeal before my boyfriend left for work and took my medications which knocked me out for almost 3 hours. I'll get up soon and make my way back down stairs to eat some more and then around noon take my next dose of meds. Honestly I have found staying on top of the meds helps so much. I ended up throwing up 4 times because I didn't eat enough with the hydro condone but switched to oatmeal and it seems to do the trick.
Another thing I noticed it that when I stand up there is a little pain on my incision sites but I found that if I take off the band that's pushing the implants down, it feels so much better. So I have been trying to take that off before standing up. The dr told me I could take it off at night to sleep but it really down bother me at al during the night.
. Another great thing happened this morning, I pooped! I hadn't had a bowl movement since Wednesday i believe so I was due for one. I do feel much better about that, although I'm still pretty bloated.

I hope for everyone reading updates of those who have gone through with it are helpful! And for those who already recovering, I hope you're doing well!


I'll try and update some photos once my boyfriend gets home, it's difficult to do alone! :)

Day 5 post op

Just woke up this morning without much pain at all. Since the surgery I've been waking up in the middle of the night to assure I take my meds when they are scheduled but I slept through the entire night without any problems at all. My boyfriend left early this morning so he made my oatmeal, since I can't life my arms up high enough to get to the microwave, and got my meds ready for the day for me. He has been such a trooper throughout this whole thing.

I have been pretty bloated, so when he helped me shower last night I got pretty upset about how fat I looked, basically looked pregnant. My boyfriend, being a nurse, assured me that I wasn't big and that it's completely normal, etc. although I still felt self conscious. :( --which is why I didn't make any new pictures!

Having to sleep propped up has been quite a pain in the butt, but
Hopefully I'll get the okay to sleep on my back and side soon from the dr.
Well, since I just ate and took my lovely meds I suppose I'll fall back asleep any moment, but I will try to update later!
Happy healing everyone! Xoxo

Very minimal bruising

Got to take a sneak peek at the girls this morning and was surprised at how well they seem to be healing. I took a few photos, I'm laying down in all of them but it's pretty easy to see :)

Up early!

Well, I'm up early due to my boyfriend having to go into work, he always wakes me up to give me my Meds and checks on me before he heads out. I must say, I slept like a rock...don't think I moved an inch all night. I took a Valium and 2 hydro before bed and woke up in absolutely no pain...until I tried moving around to get up. He brought me up a breakfast bar so I could take a Valium, stool softener, and 2 extra strength Tylenol. So I'm hoping I can get some more sleep! I serialized the hydro was making me lose my appetite and feel dizzy when walking around so
I'm going to stick to Tylenol during the day unless I'm in unbearable pain, which at this point I shouldn't be. I'd say the most painful part right now is getting off the bed by myself and wearing the annoying band!

Well I'll have my boyfriend help me shower tonight so I'll post more pictures then! It's so early that's it's still dark out right now so I can't even attempt to take pictures without trying to get up.

Another thing i want to point out is that everyone is going to recover different...I see girls on here at 4 days post op trying on clothes and swimsuits in fitting rooms, and in my case I can barely move my upper half! I'm hoping I'll turn a corner in the next few days and be able to get out of the house just to walk around. Another thing that I noticed, which I ended up calling the nurse about, was that all it took for me to get out of breath was walking up the stairs! She said it's completely normal because you have to think your lungs had all this room before and now their space has been limited and it's something they have to kind of rearrange and compensate for!

Well, hopefully it's back to bed to me, I'll update later :) xoxo

Feeling so much better.

I turned a corner tonight! I feel SO much better and am in very minimal pain. My boyfriend helped me shower and then we took a walk down the street for me to get some fresh air. It felt amazing. I took a picture and it looks like one has already dropped into the pocket so now the waiting game begins for the other! I have an appointment Friday morning so hopefully the doctor will have some insight on when that may happen :) happy healing everyone! Xoxo

Still healing

I decided since I was in so much pain last night that I would only take one hydra codeine.... Well I woke up at 3:45 AM, and couldn't get comfortable for a little while. So I think tonight I will go back to taking two before bedtime. I was pretty sore this morning but from not moving much all night it makes sense I suppose. I have class tonight, I missed last Thursday and Tuesday because I was in no shape to go...hopefully it won't be too terrible. My mom has to take me since I can't drive yet. I'm looking forward to my appointment tomorrow to see if I can ditch this obnoxious band! I'm going to attempt to take a few pictures in some lace bralettes I have later today! Xoxo


Sorry I have so many typos...I'm updating from my phone and sometimes use Siri! :/

8 days post op

Well, I had my appointment this morning at the doctor is very pleases with how everything is healing. I have to keep taking it easy for about one more week and wear this silly compression bra one more week. Then I can start doing some light cardio, lifting a little more weight and raising my arms above my head. I'm feeling much better just still a little sorrel also they are still pretty hard but I'm sure I just have to be patient in order for them to soften up and settle a little more. He says the one that looks like it's dropped just may be because that pocket was lower anyway so it could never change...kinda disappointing but everyone has their flaws. Just like most peoples have one ear that's higher than the other! I know in a bra and in clothes it won't be noticeable so I just have to accept it for what it is :)

I hope everyone is doing well! Xoxo have a great weekend :)

Few pictures from today

9 days post op- feeling much better and moving around great! Even was able to put a normal non button or zip up shirt on today :)

Just started loving the new girls :)

I'm still sore and my incision sites are pretty itchy and sore as well. I've been standing a lot the past few days and gravity can take a toll on the girls! I have a few new pictures but am patiently waiting for them to get softer and squishier! :)

Couple updated pics :)

From tonight! Itchy and irritating but overall doing great :) it's bacn to work tomorrow though!

Got a chance to go to VS today :)

So my PS told me around now is when I'll be able to tell what size my breasts will finally be, that they will continue to settle and may change shape more but that this is the size! I am happy to say that a 32DD fits oh so perfectly! I took a few pictures and will up load them :) I know I can't wear the bra I got for a while, because it has underwire but the plan is to just stick it out in the Walmart ones instead of spending 50 bucks on a wireless one from VS :) the ones that's nude is the body by Victoria Demi and I love it! (I wear a lot of light color shirts so I usually stick with nude color bras so they don't show, but will of course now have to purchase a few fun ones since I'm so much happier with my body! :) although in the nude photo, you can see how my nipples are still uneven, but of course that's how they were to begin with so I can't blame that on my PS :) and luckily I don't frequently run around town in my birthday suit, so under clothing no one sees that! ;)

A little over 9 months post op

I apologize for not updating my review as often after my surgery as I should have! At my 6 month check up my PS told me the girls are "100 percent user friendly" ! They really have been for a while but they just like to make sure scar tissue isn't building up and that everything is settled like it should be :) I haven't had any issues with my implants and continue to love them! I will say that one thing that my PS told me that really is true is to remember that your breasts are sisters, not twins! Here are a couple updated photos. I apologize if they are upside down, I don't know why they upload that way!

One year ago...

Hello, Realself! On the 3rd of April was my one year anniversary of my surgery. It's crazy that it was that long ago! I'm loving them more and more and wouldn't change my decision to get them :) still fitting a 32DD with 375cc!
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