Dr Schaffer is Wonderful! Peri-areolar Lift and Breast Augmentation - Birmingham, AL

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I went to Dr Schaffer for my initial consultation...

I went to Dr Schaffer for my initial consultation for breast augmentation. Because of pregnancies, breastfeeding and age my breast were deflated and saggy. Dr Schaffer told me because of the slight sagging, I possibly may not be completely happy with just the aug because my nipples would not be centered causing my breast to be large- but not look their best. I asked for his thoughts on incisions and procedures. Dr Schaffer gave me great options. I was also a little uncertain of my size and saline vs silicone. Dr Schaffer told me i would enjoy the silicone better because my breasts were very small and not much tissue to work with. I would feel the saline implants and possibly have rippling.

I had a periareolar lift and breast augmentation. Went from a deflated 34A to a perky 34DD. The day of surgery, my wait was long, but I had my iPad and a book. Phillip (anesthesia), Blake (scrub tech) Tara (anesthesia) and my nurse were all great! They really made me feel comfortable and were informative- super great team! After surgery I did not have hardly really any pain, I felt tight ( like breast feeding engorgement) and tightness between my shoulders. I took the pain medication and muscle relaxer as directed- it took care of any discomfort. I actually only took my pain meds for 2 days then switched to extra strength Tylenol. I did take the muscle relaxer at bedtime for 8 days post-op. I had minimal swelling for the first week and a tiny amount of bruising just under my breast. My silicone implants are 500cc mentor moderate-high profile. My nipples are perky and beautifully centered. My implants feel like natural breasts. I am 3 weeks po-op, had my check up so got to see my incisions- they are perfect!! The incisions are small, clean, beautifully done. They are barely noticeable and i feel certain in the next couple months they will blend in with the natural folds of the areola. I am totally in love with my new look. I give Dr Schaffer and his team 5 stars. I will use him for my next procedure. :)

Ok, now 5 weeks post -op and I am in love with my...

Ok, now 5 weeks post -op and I am in love with my results! I ended up being a 34DDD, not sure why the change but I like it :). My scars around the areolar are still visible of course, but they are very faint. I feel certain they will blend into natural folds wonderfully. Dr Schaffer did an immaculate job with my incisions, I'm so happy he did. I honestly did not want a lot of scarring. I have sensation in my rt side, but the left is still coming back.
I love how my clothes fit and my body is more proportionate. The best part, I get to buy bras that fit. It's like getting a new doll at Christmas- you want to dress it up and have fun with it ;) I wish I could have done this years ago!

Happy 6th month Birthday! I'm in <3 :)

I am 6 months post-op. I must say that as each week passes my incision even better. I can't wait to see what my 1 yr anniversary will reveal :)
All sensation has returned, ya! Most of the puckering around the areola has fully resolved. The left side still has a little "puckering", that is where the larger implant was placed. The ridge under the scar is much softer, almost gone. :) I am massaging the incision twice a day with vitamin E complex lotion. This helps to soften the incision.
The new pictures are taken with my arms raised slightly to take the pictures. With my arms at rest by my side, the nipples are completely centered, even and facing front :)
I love, love, love my additions! Completely satisfied with my choice of silicone. They feel great, are soft, move like breast tissue.
I remained 34DDD. Glad I did not go much larger (I could have went some more but not much) because with the size I am, I can find really cute bras. After DDD, they are hard to find and not so cute.
Every time I think of the multiple huge scars I could have had- it make me cringe. I am so, so, so thankful for my little bitty scars but still having the lift I needed! I am very happy with the care and procedures with Dr Schaffer. Have went back to HPS many times since for other treatments. #happygirl

7 months after getting Amazing breast :)

It's been 7 months since my peri-areolar lift and augmentation. I'm loving my results more each day! I am very happy with finding courage to go ahead with my surgery- wishing I could have done it years ago!!
This is the first year my bathing suit and summer tops fit! Happy girl!!
First of all, I am so very thankful (actually, that's an understatement) for my lift. As you know, I was told by other surgeons I would need a lift and the only option I had was to have multiple incisions ( around areola, midline and verticle under my breast). I could not find that happy place within me to commit to that many incisions. When I found Dr Schaffer at Hedden Plastic Surgery and he offered the peri-areolar lift I knew I was at the right place! Now when I see my tiny and ever fading scar I'm so grateful he took the extra care to make sure I had the best results possible. I do realize that not everyone is a candidate for that type of lift, btw.
Now, how are they really doing? Ummmm, completly, perfectly Awesome (in my singing voice)! My breast are soft, move like breast tissue (I have silicone-great choice btw!). They are even, no asymmetry, no rippling, nipples are forward and happy :) I have almost all sensation back in the left side now. Ya!!! Right side sensation came back within a couple months. My incisions are great, you hear me? The are beautiful (to me anyway) they are thin, clean, following the natural line of the areola, only a very small amt of puckering remains on the left side, and continues to fade. Now it is a pinkish silver color :D
I am continuing to massage the incision lines with a vitamin E complex to soften the ridge and scar even more.
I wear supportive high impact sports bras during workouts to preserve the girls integrity :)
Was it worth the extra cost for silicone? Absolutly!!
Would I do it again? Defiantly!! Even with the discomfort, was it worth it? Yes,yes, yes!!! Actually, I was so ecstatic over the reality of getting breast- the discomfort was not even a factor. Of course there was discomfort, but nothing that was affecting my decision.

Christmas in June :) sensation has returned!

It's like Christmas in June here!
Have been waiting for full sensation to return to my left breast nipple and areolar and in just the past few days it has! Yippie!! I sort of waited a couple extra days before i got my hopes up as it has come and gone as the nerves continued healing. But am happy to say it appears all is back. Whoo hoo!

Celebrating our 9 months Birthday! <3 my girls!!!!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 9 months since you came into my life! Seems like yesterday, but in other ways- like you've always been here. So, since it was my girls' 9 months birthday, what better way to celebrate than to take my girls shopping!!! Oh how they love to shop ;)

So off to VS we went. This was a fun shopping trip, not a serious one- so VS was the perfect stop. When we walked in their eyes got big, giggles filled the air and they started buzzing from rack to rack! Oh how excited they were that VS now had 34DDD ! Just their size!

After loading up with Demi's, balconette, barely there, body by V, Fabulous, and more in various colors- off to the fitting room they went. They tried on, admired their self, totally enjoying the moment! Finally they settled on one they both agreed on, a beautiful creamy apricot lightly lined lace Demi. Since they were so enjoying their trip, and they readily agreed on a choice rather quickly- my generous heart swelled and I let them get a super cute white and gray leopard print with pink trim. Oh how excited they were! So.... I said on what the heck! You're only 9 months once, get the panties to match! They were super excited over that , as their friend Tummy- just got tucked and had been on the mend. They knew this would make Tummy's recovery so much happier! So 1 1/2 hrs later we left, bags in hand and my girls filled with their exciting day ;)

Now, how are they doing? Great! It's been 9 months, my shape has change alot from day one. My breast are fuller on the bottom pole and have more of a slope on the upper pole. The Mentor silicone are fabulous!!! They feel great, move like breast tissue, have a little jiggle ;) and just enough side boob that's cute in summer shirts. :) sigh..... And I'm loving filling up bathing suit tops! First time, EVER! :)

The size has not changed since 2 weeks post op when I was fitted, I remain a 34DDD. In very sheer bras ( more stretch Lacey) I sometimes will get a 34DD to make sure there is not gap, my shape has changed, I still have nice roundness on top- it's just not under my collar bone :) and I totally love my cleavage!!! That and the roundness on top are my top two favorites of my breast- well, that doesn't include my top, top favorite, their size!!! Love, love love them!!!!

My scars continue to heal very nicely. Usually twice a day I do circular massage with cocobutter or bio oil around the scar. The adhesion ridge under the scars are notably softer and the puckering is almost completely gone on the left breast (right in pictures) and probably 95% gone in my problem child, right breast (left in pictures). My right breast needed more lift, and a larger implant, so I think the stitching and surgery was a little more extensive on that side- probably the reason it taking a little more time to flatten out.

In the pictures, you can see the incision line-although it is almost completely faded. When the nipples are erect- the line and ridge is not even noticeable :) on yippie skippie!!!! It can only get better from here!

I wear under wire bras ( per instruction of my Dr). I exercise daily and wear a high impact sports bra, yes they are expensive, but I really want to protect my investments! I continue to sleep Ina good sports bra as well, my Dr says this helps prevent them from going lateral while that pocket heals the first year. I also massage daily ( light press in an upward tilt on the bottom of the implant, causing it to press gently upwards- he said this should be done to help prevent capsular contracture- so while I'm in the shower I massage and once a month ladies- check for lumps and bumps with SBE!!! And remember October is breast health awareness! :)

I can't wait to see how my girls look at 1 yr! They are beautiful (to me), I love how they are even, symmetrical, perky, big and full. My Dr did a great job and his staff was super to help me choose the best size! I love how my clothes fit, they are large, but for my frame they don't look like "oh, you've got implants!"

I'm so very thankful for the small, barely noticeable incisions Dr Schaffer used to lift my breast!!!!

Self Breast Exams are a little more difficult now that the girls have grown :)

Ladies, I know we are all having an affair with our fabulous breast! They look amazing, totally hot (seriously) and make our clothes look oh so much more appealing. Makes me want to sing "so happy together" Sigh.....

But I wanted to remind everyone that next month is breast health awareness month. Just because we have fabulous breast, don't forget to consider health as well :)

Since getting implants I sort of slacked the first several months doing SBE, then the last months I would do it when ever I thought of it. :( not a good pattern! As a health care worker, I know better, but once you get out of the habit it's hard to get back in!!

So with next month being breast health awareness, I'm making a goal to be consistent :)

My goals/tips for SBE

- choose a time preferably 2-3 days after my period when I'm not as tender and hormones are not as "what ever" (if you don't have a cycle, choose a date each month)

- lay flat, this allows the breast tissues to spread out and easier to palate over the implant

- don't forget to feel under the arms ;)

- oh, and around and under the nipple :D

- be consistent, I only takes a few minutes each month

- schedule yearly pap/mammo exam :( yuk, yuk, yuk!!! Ranks right up top with my visit to the dentist!
I hate getting naked! unless its for a massage (sigh...) or the wild thing :) (oh ya!!) anyways, ladies lets be brave and do the right thing. Come on, we'll all do it together- lol

- totally off the subject, but it's been almost a year since since I got my fabulous, amazing breast (sigh....) so for my 1 yr anniversary I'll be getting all new sports bras for exercise. With the spandex and elasticity breaking down over time, gotta keep the girls high and tight for impact exercises. Don't want them ending up around my new Adorable belly button :D

Below is a link with tips on SBE with implants :)


Happy fall ya'll!


Laser Genesis on areolar scars ~ LIKE!! :)

I wanted to give a quick update. First of all, I did Laser Genesis on my TT, BB and BL/BA scars.

Laser Genesis is a pretty gentle laser, it feels like warm sunshine sprinkles :) Actually pretty relaxing. Ya, the girls was enjoying the heck out of that, LOL!

The TT/BB are still pretty fresh and don't have the thicker adhesions under the skin yet, so it's still really soft, couple areas that are thickened- but not bad. The scars around my areolar on the left breast was fairly thick and still had some puckering from my lift. The right side scar is a lot softer.

So, after Genesis, the scars were a little extra pink and maybe a tiny bit puffy- nothing bad. I used a little cortisone on them. The morning after the treatment, I am amazed at how much softer and smoother the scars are. Especially my problem girl (rt girl :) the adhesions are much softer, smoother and has the appearance maybe flatter! Oh how happy I am! There is one thickened area on the rt breast that may not smooth as much as I'd like- but so far I am very pleased with the results and will repeat in a week or two :)
Dawn at Hedden Plastic Surgery rocks! just saying....

My girls are loving Genesis!!! Oh happy, happy, joy, joy :)
Will post my pics later.

Day after 1st Genesis tx

Here are the after Genesis pics. You can see the scar is pinker in some area- those are the places the scars had more thickness than the rest. It does feel much softer than before. I'll do it again in a couple weeks.

I love how it did on my breast! The places where I still had some puckering is so much smoother and the adhesions below the scar is so much softer!!! Ya!

Night my sweet friends!

3 days Post Laser Genesis on scars ~ Like!!

It's been 3 days since I had Laser Genesis. The initial days I had a little pink and puffiness- not bad, just a little :)

Today the scars are visibly better! They are lighter, seems softer (adhesions defiantly feel softer!) and the puckering on my left breast appears smoother!

I do hope that with each treatment it improves! My scars are really bad at all, however, if I can get better- that's even more a Plus!

Wish list: Dear Santa, I would like for all the puckering on my left breast to smooth :)

Can't wait until my next tx to see if there will be more improvements!

20 days until my girls turn a year old :)

My girls will celebrate a year old in just 20 more days :) Party? Why yes, I think it's a must!

Just in the past couple months the puckering and scars have softened so much! Can't wait to post their 1 year pics in a couple weeks! I can't imagine life without them now :) happy,happy,joy, joy
Laters :)


I sen this and I do believe someone made it because they saw my phone!!!
Enjoy the girls! Dress 'em up, dress 'me down, let 'm roam free occasionally.. Make sure they always get the attention they deserve- Instagram 'me and mammogram 'em often :D

Forgot this one


Happy 1 yr Birthday Girls!!!

Happy birthday to my girls, you're 1 year old :) - wow how time flies!!
I have absolutely loves every day since my surgery and have never thought my choice was the wrong one. I love my size ( bigger would have booted me out of the sexy, hot bra rack!) my lift is perfect- the girls are high and perky :) Dr Schaffer did a fantastic job and I'm so glad I chose him!
I work out regularity and from the beginning I've wore high impact bras to protect my investment- while I workout the girls are high and tight ;)
I have also wore a spots bra nightly for the past year- Dr Schaffer said it would help keep them from going lateral. I am released not to- but my implants are so heavy I'll probably continue to wear it at least a few nights a week.
My cleavage is fabulous without a push up! And this winter I'm so loving wearing fitted sweaters.
As you see in the pictures the scars are faded nicely and the left breast had very little puckering. Love how they are healing!
Everyday is like getting a new doll for Christmas- I just want to dress them up and play with them : D
Laters friends!

Happy happy! - 3 years 2 months since I got my girls :)

It's been 3 yrs 2 months since my breast augmentation and lift and I love, love, love them! Did I say I love them? Lol
Scars are tiny, I fact the guy I've been dating didn't even notice the scars and the feel of the silicon implants are so real he didn't believe is had augmentation :)
The puckering around the aerola region is completely gone, skin is smooth as you can see in pictures.
Amazing sensation- no loss at all!!
I wear high impact sports bras for exercise religiously!! Underwire always! And continue to do massage (usually just weekly) to keep pocket open.
Happy I went with mod/high profile because the shape is pretty and natural. Good cleavage but no "round pancake" look.
Never have I second guessed or been disappointed in my results. Worth ever dime!
Best thing ever!!

The more I heal, the more i appreciate my Dr and his skill! I cant speak highly enough about how much I love my results and how amazing my scars look! He really did fabulous work in my surgeries! I promise Dr Schaffer is worth the trip to Birmingham :) He answered all my questions throughly. Responded to email prior to initial appt for consultation and surgery. Gave honest answers- not just what i wanted to hear. Guided me to my much loved decision with expertise and patience. Never appeared rushed or made me feel unimportant. Kind, considerate, after surgery he came to recovery and personally checked on me. I give Dr Schaffer and his team 5 stars. I will use him for my next procedure. :) I loved the fact that Dr Schaffer NEVER made me feel rushed, answered all my questions (I had a huge list) gave me honest answers not just ones i wanted to hear, gave great options and was able to guide me on my decision to have the best results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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