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Hello! Im going for my consult tomorrow! I am...

Hello! Im going for my consult tomorrow! I am excited! I have appreciated all the info on this site. I am 28 years old, 2 children(8,5), and Victoria Secret size 34 B. My weight varies from 130-135 lbs. I had full C's in high school, D after my first child, DD after my second child. I started crossfit over a year ago and lost all of my breast size! I have "blah" boobs now and really want the high round profile. I really want "pretty" boobs-lol...I will post a pre-photo and please feel free to give advice on cc,profile, and placement. I forgot to mention that I called for my consult last week and asked for a quick surgery date. My surgery will be Wednesday or Thursday(I didn't want to back out).

1 day post

One day post op

1 day post op

With bra

1 day post op

Front- 650cc

The before

34B VS bra, Hedden said I was an A.


I ended up going for silicone. I paid 3300. 00 saline would have been 2500.00. I received a discount.

Post op day 2

Post op day 2

Post op

1 week Post Op

It seems longer. Everything has been mostly great. I have been following all of the "rules". I do allow myself 1 minute after work with no bra. I think I have been a little depressed- I miss working out! Lol, for some reason my boobs don't seem that big to me. When I look at others with 650cc they look big. I am very thankful I did not do 500! I will say that I love them. It took me 3 consults/years to decide to get them- I was afraid that I would get them and not like them. I don't know how much more they will drop or if they are still swollen. I would love some input. I am having one issue. The side of my left breast is tender- actually-it hurts a good bit. Today my pec muscle has been bothering me some. The right one has zero pain. I don't know if I should call Dr. Hedden? I saw another md on my 1st day post op. he said they looked good and Dr. Hedden would let me know when to start massaging. I don't have any appointments scheduled. Any advice would be helpful. I'm posting pics- prob overkill but someone should see them:)!

Post Op Appt Today!

I had my 2 week post op visit today. I' am actually 16 days post op. Everything is great! My left breast is just a little high and will continue to drop. Dr. Hedden removed my incision tape and steri-strips! I'am excited its gone! I love my boobs!

5 Weeks Post Op

I love my boobs! I bought my first bra yesterday at VS, it's seems a little small. They said I was a 34 DDD! I'm exercising, no chest yet :(! I feel great, I have some Modor's Veins but no other issues!

5weeks post op

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