5'4", 105 Lbs, 20 Years Old. Pre: 32A, Post: 32DD

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Hi ladies! Let me start by saying that I have...

Hi ladies!

Let me start by saying that I have been to four local consultations and had 3 "online" consults from other surgeons as well. I had heard nothing but great things about Dr. Hedden from the ladies over at JustBreastImplants.com and finally took the plunge.... First off, Heather (the out of town patient coordinator) is a complete sweetheart and so helpful. Dr. Hedden personally responded to my first interest inquiry email in less than an hour... And it was about 9 at night! I was beyond impressed (with how busy I know his practice is) that he would take the time to discuss with me -- really shows how he treats his patients.

When I called in to the office to get the discount code for the Drury Inn (which is less than 2 miles from his office) the lady that I spoke to was so patient and kind even though it was about thirty minutes before the office closed. I think her name was Sherry or Suzi.... I'm so awful with remembering names, but she was the epitome of southern sweetness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his staff. They seem super organized, professional, and are complete dolls. I read a bad review about them being disorganized a few months ago and I really don't think that could be farther from the truth, these ladies have their shit together on another level!

I have always felt less feminine, sexy, and self conscious because of my flat chest. I am so happy with my body otherwise -- I workout everyday and do some modeling on the weekends (I work a desk job during the week). I'm petite (currently an asymmetrical 32A) and am really hoping for 600CC's -- 5'4", 105 lbs, and 20 years old (just an FYI for you ladies under 22 who want silicone -- Dr. Hedden can do them if you're a good candidate for them -- it's his discretion though, he knows what's best. "This is a recommendation from the FDA, but we called the FDA, as we were in the initial study group where patients were younger and when we asked the FDA they said it was the doctors choice if they thought the patient could have silicone at a younger age but that is was not wrong or illegal to place them in younger then 22.") This took a huge weight off of my shoulders, I completely do not want saline because I really don't care for the texture or consistency of them, and I was hugely concerned about rippling, seeing as I have so little breast tissue.

My consult is on May 2nd, surgery on the 3rd, and the one-day check up on the 4th! I'm so excited to feel more feminine. My mom had her BA in her 20's and it completely changed her quality of life in terms of how confident she feels. I don't even wear bikinis when I go to the beach I'm so embarrassed of my breasts right now (asymmetry + itty bitty titty committee)... I don't even models clothes where I can't wear my Victoria Secret bombshell bra (the one that adds two cup sizes). This is going to completely change my life and I am so excited. I've been saving for this surgery for about a year now and going to consultations for half of that time trying to decide on my surgeon. I think it's safe to say I've picked right. :-)

Lots of love and will keep ya'll updated as I go through this journey! :-) I know reading stories from other women and seeing their pictures really helped me along in this.

Decided on size tonight! Surgery in less than a week!

Eek! Super excited. Consultation this coming Monday, and surgery on Tuesday! Tried on rice sizers tonight with my boyfriend for a second opinion. Definitely hoping for the 650-700 range. We'll have to see what Dr. Hedden has to say!

Surgery is done!

Hi lovelies~ I got my surgery yesterday and Dr. Hedden was able to give me what I originally wanted -- 600cc's Natrelle (Style 45, Smooth Round Silicone Extra High Profile) in both breasts. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM! I feel so sexy and they look amazing already. Pain is definitely not anywhere near as bad as I was worried that it would be -- in fact, I am going to work from home a little bit today. :-) I'm so happy with the size. Just an FYI -- I've put on a few pounds in the past few months, I'm at about 110 lbs right now. Dr. Hedden let me know at my pre-op that 400/450cc may be the max that he was able to go with my body, it would just depend on how much he could stretch the muscle with a saline sizer that can have volume added to it -- I told him my dream was 650cc -- but I couldn't be happier with the size. If I have any advice for anyone reading this -- don't be afraid of going too big! I know I'd have regretted it so much if I had went smaller (and honestly, I'd have been a bit disappointed if 400cc was what I ended up with). I'll write out specifics in a bit, these past couple of days have been HECTIC, and I'm pretty loopy from painkillers, but I'll make sure to update some progress pics and write everything out today! <3

Post op pictures

Hi lovlies! Just wanted to update with some pictures. These range from one day post op to a few days ago. I'll post a separate update for pictures from tonight.

One week and a day post op pics

Lefty is being difficult and riding higher and tighter! Loving the size so far, can't wait for them to drop and get softer. So happy I went with 600cc, any smaller and I know I'd have wanted a revision within the year. I'm okay'd to do cardio by my surgeon, so I need to whip myself back in shape for my mom's wedding in a month!

27 days post op update!

LOVING my new boobies. They're still pretty firm and my left still needs to drop, but I had my post op yesterday with Dr. Hedden over Skype (bless that man and his team, I love them so much) and he said everything looks great! Removed my steri-strips from my incision site and my scars look AMAZING. I was really worried about the scarring because I get hypertrophic scarring (raised, ugly, and red) but they look sooooo good.

Update (pics to come!)

Hey loves! Sorry I've been neglecting my boobie news! Been traveling like crazy. I will post some update pictures tomorrow since it's been about 8 months since my surgery.
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