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Iv been wanting boobs for about 5yrs. Iv been doin...

Iv been wanting boobs for about 5yrs. Iv been doin research on breast implants for a very long time an iv decited to go for it this October.. I really need help on deciding on if 500cc's are too big for me. I'm 5'9, 160lbs. I'm a A cup right now. I want to go for the real look and I'm getting smooth silicon under the muscle. Anyone think 500cc's are to big for my body? And I got a little big of a butt btw.. (; thanks and I hope to find some help!

I had my consultation..

It went great.. It was free. And he was honest with me.. He told me that 500cc's would look great on me. He also told me that I had very nice breast. As in when I get implants they will look amazing.. So I'm goin to think on a date to have my surgery.. Iv was on accurate for 6months and I last tool that in March.. So I can get my boobs in bout 4mts!! I can't wait. :) Dr Hedden is very nice and answered a my questions I had.. His facility was very nice and clean and his workers were nice! He will be doin my surgery for sure!

What I look like with 500cc sizers

Consult. 500cc

This was in march. I have lost 15lbs by then so my belly is flat now. Does this look okay?

Wish boobs!

These girls boobs are purrrfect!!! I hope mine come out looking this good. I was going to have my surgery in November. Something has came up so I'm having to wait until January. :( I hope I get my boobies then. Iv done had to change my date so many times already. Bummer!!!

well guess what?

Im not having to wait till January! Im excited.. Im goin to call Dr. Hedden's office this Wed. Or Thurs. To see when I can get my boobies done. (:

picking a date!

I only have 4 dates I can choose from bc my aunt is taking me and she can only take off on these four certain dates. So im hoping when I call dr Hedden's office they can get me in on one of them dated! Right now my heart is rasing with excitement and im kinda scared.

finally a date!!

Im having my breast augmentation on Oct. 24th! Geez im excited and nervous! Anyone that has had this done by dr heeden, when you had to have ur exam done before surgery. . Did you have to pay for that separate from ur breast augmentation? Or is it included?

bad dreams!

Ever since iv scheduled for my ba iv had nightmares bout my surgery comming up on the 24th! Its scaring me to death! Iv had dreams from not waking up after surgery to the doc putting huge implants in and having the fake look. Def not what I want. And last night I had a dream I didnt get pain meds after surgery bc they wouldn't give me a script! Im goin crazy. Lol HAS anyone ELSE had dreams like this before surgery? 13 MORE DAYS TILL im on the other side! :)

one week till I have my (.)(.)

Well iv got all my supplys ill be needing. Iv got a hotel booked. And my caretaker will be my wounderful mother in law. (: shes the sweetest. I cant find a reasonable wedge pillow. So I guess a recliner chair will have to do for now. Im so excited and anxiously awaiting. Ahhhhh! Lol I never thought I would go thru with this! I need prayer for everything to go smoothly. And I think im comming down with a cold so iv been taking vitamin C and drinking hot tea. I cant get sick now! Thanks for all yalls support!

some more wish pics.

me laying at different angel's

is this bra okay for after surgery?

It dont have much support. And I got a under armor sport bra but in case it dont fit I have a back up.

Thursday is the day!

Wow. I feel like I have no time to prepare for my surgery. Even tho iv been preparing for weeks now. Haha. Im so ready to get this over with. Thanks to all the girls who have helped! Yall do make this all seem worth it. :) thank you thank you thank you!

super nervous! :/

Dr. Heddens office will call me tomorrow to confirm a time to be there for surgery Thursday. (DAY AFTER TOMORROW!) Im super nervous and I have upset stomach over this worring bout size and the healing prosses. Thanks girls for all your support! Pray for me!

this is really happening

Surgery is at 630am! Tha sooner tha better! Im more excited then nervous now. Thanks to a special lady on here. :) its great to have support. :p tomorrow needs to hurry up! Ill post pics tomorrow as soon as I can! Pray for me!db thanks girls!

kind of a sad moment...

This will be the last night ill have my lil uneven boobies. Hehe..

this was suppose to be attached

Im on the other side! :)

Sistas im doin great! Had to be there at the surgery center at 630. I signed papers and was called back to meet the anesthesiologist, he was super nice and numbed my arm where he put in the iv to hook up my (breakfast) as he called it. Some kind of drip they ran thru my body. Took vitals. Dr hedden came in and marked me up. Hes super sweet. Oh anf I had the sweetest girl to tale my vitals and take my urine sample. She was so sweet. Then the cute anesthesiologist guy came bak in and took me bak to surgery by 730. Then he was talkin to me. I was tellin him how cute he was.. lol then I was out. Woke up with some.pain. 1 being lowest 10 being higest I had bout a pain of 6. ALOTS of pressure! So I was told to take deep breaths 10 times every now and then and ice my new boobies. Thats has worked wounders! I hope everyone today is having a great day of recovery! :p im feeling pretty good.

I forgot to tell yall! lol

Sorry for the misspelled words...
I got 425 on my bigger breast and idk what I have in the left breast. Which would be either 450 or 475. And the doc picked my profilee. High profile is what I got. Thanks ladies!

implant info



Jus letting ya know my 1st day went pretty good. I can lift my drinks, open lite weight doors, use the bathroom on my own. And iv been taking a lil crazy bc of my meds. :p I havent gotten to look at them yet. But I hope I will tomorrow on my post op appointment. I hope all tha sistas have had a great recovery as I did. Good night!


His was suppose to load with the last message.

kinda worried

I got 425 on left boob and 475 on my right boob. The side I got 425 on is bigger then the 475. Is it normal? And my boobs look really small to be 425 and 475. :(

my new boobies have been reviled lol

Here are my boobies.. there bruised... but I LOVE them!

sleepying all day jus bouy

All iv been doin is sleeping.. getting up to pee.. eat a lil of something... pee again and go bak to bed.. right now my mother in law is fixing me a fried egg. Maybe the oil from that will make me have a bm. If not ill do a suppositorie. :) them usely works within 10mins. Then ima grt a shower! Yay.. cant wait.. ima wear a bikini bottom and my mother in law will give me a shower. Kinda odd but thays the only way I can grt one right now.

My ares are soar but I can move them around pretty good. Grtting up oit of my recliner when laying down in it I csn grt up by myself pretty good. :) im seeing progress.. I hope it grts alot better from here. :)

iv got gas soooo bad!

Oh my gosh. . Yall everytime I doze off to sleep I pass gas and wake myself up.. lol and I jus did it infront of my in laws while on the recliner. . Lol embarrassing! Hahaha... im feeling alot better tonight.. :) I do have a big headache. Cant seem to get rid of it. Other then that im dandy! :) good night yall...

I got a questuon?

My ps wants me to wear a under armor sports br for two weeks. Then after two weeks massage them. Does anyone else ps tell you to do so? Jus curious.

will they still drop if in the sports bra?

off my drugs!

Im no longer taking my tabs. Ill take a muscle relaxer only if needed. N im on tylenol now.i jus took a full shower tonight and what a diffrence it makes! I feel like myself now. Jus with beautiful boobies. My man still calls me skeeter hes so silly.. well im still sleeping in my recliner. Tomorros night I will try to sleep in my bed. I did lay down in my bed today but fount it kinda hard to get up. Lol. Im not experiencing what girls say "morning boob" is. Maybbe I havent gotten there yet. But im feeling fantastic. I still cant get a tee shirt on. Almost can. Im goin to try tomorrow night. Done rambling. . Good night sistas. :)
Oh! My headache went away on its own. :p

3days post op

I can tell there droppin a bit more so on the left.

wish they would drop already!

Im having this shooting pain in my left boob on the outside. Should I call my doc? My right boob is still bigger then the left. And I got more cc's on the left. Seems a lil weird. But ps said that was normal. I had another bm this morning. :) im jus ready for my boobs to be soft and jiggly. . Haha.. does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to get soft? My boobs still look the same as post op 3..

still bloated. how do I get rid of it!

Jus some more pics.

zip up under armour sports bra

I have washed my bra this morning in cold water and air dried it with a fan. The band is super tight on me. HAS ANYONE ELES HAD THIS PROBLEM? With this brand of bra? I have a 34dd but now need a 36dd bc the band is hurting me.

one week post op

There still numb at the bottom but I can tell the feeling is comming bak. :) there a bit squishy but still hard if that makes since. I like them alot. I jus wish I would have gone bigger. I stressed so much over how I didnt want them to big n now I want them bigger. Funny. But I am happy. In the future ill have them redone abd they will be bigger. :) im still having trouble with sleeping. I cant sleep laying all the way down or on my sides. Im still in my recliner. :(
That's all I got. Im getting in the shower bc I always sleep better after taking a shower. :)


I know im not done healing and I knkw I dont have my final results but I wish I would have gone bigger! Im kind of bummed out. :(

Two week po

Wow. Do I feel much much better than I did a couple of days ago. I got to take off 10days from work for my ba. Im so glaf I did but even when I went bak on mon it was still hard for me to perform my job. I work in a factory where im bent over jus bout all the time. It was hard but I think it helped the stiffness I had. My boobies are now squishy (: and I can tell they have dropped the tiniest bit. Hehe. Im in love with my new investment but I do wish I would have gone bigger. Thats okay said my honey. Lol we will get you bigger boobies when you have our kids. :) hes so good to me. Anyways. I can do jus bout everything now. I do advise DONT SLEEP IN A RECLINER UNLESS YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TOO! I did so for bout 10 days and when I went bak to my bed I had tthe worst back pain ever. No meds or heating pad helped. :( I can now sleep on my side. Which I freakin love! Bc im a stomach sleeper.. sorry this is all scattered.


I forgot to mention

Under my breast has very lil feeling. And I hate it. My nips r soo sensitive too.

I was sized today!

Im a 34D baby! :) I looked so hot in this bra! Lol I cant wait to hit the gym in a couple of weeks. I feel ehh.. I was so use to goin and haven't been in a while.

my insisions!

Looking so good already! I will be using silicone sheets for my insision scars. Starting this Thursday. : )

not flat anymore!

Im no longer flat when I lay down! Hehe

three weeks po

I start my massages today. I only do one for a whole year. I push up and in on my boobs. Ill also be using silicone sheets for my insisions.


Dressing up to see what I'm wearing tonight. Girls night! :)

feeling more and more like my own tatas!

:) so happy to say that my investment feels liks there mine. There definitely fluffing! So excited! Iv been having more pain in my Cleavage part but its normall. Iv been doin some lifting I shouldn't be doin. N didn't really notice untill I was done. But im all good.

1month and 2weeks po

Im doin good. One is dropping more so than the other. Jus hoping for great end results. Hating the unevenness. Hope they come out even! Scared they will not. Oh and when I sneeze my breast move apart from each other. Lol thought id share that. Ha

love them in my new bikini top!

I jus got a new bikini top in the mail I ordered from VS. Its the new unforgettable demi bikini top. I absolutely love it! Cant wait to hit the gym and have a new body all the way around! And of course to hit the summer time. River every weekend. . To the beach three times next yr. Ahhhhhh I cant wait to show these twins off!

2months post op yesterday.

Im pretty much bak to normal. Ps dont want me to work out untill I see him jan 17th. Im loving them. :)

a little over 3mts

I have no restrictions!. So iv been goin to the gym for about 2 weeks and have done lost 8lbs. :) im so excited for summer to come! I still have some "shooting" pains in both breast all over and thats from the implants pushing on down on the nerves. Dr. said that its all good. So im doin great.

my bra size got bigger... lol

Well iv been wearing my sports bras like all the time now. I have bought 4 34d bras with in the last 3 months and cant fit them anymore. My nips hang out.. lol so im a 34DD. Im cool with that. :) so they r fluffing n droping more.. so iv only bought two more bras. I dont think they will b bigger than a dd. :)

Little over 5mts

No changes except jus fluffing more. :)

6 month mark!

Everything's great!
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