Dr. Hedden, 5'7 160lb 650cc Saline, Biplanar Submuscular

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I like Dr. Hedden. He's knowledgeable and...

I like Dr. Hedden. He's knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. Tells you directly your situation and what results you can expect. I feel confident in his abilities and look forward to my journey. I breastfed two babies and I have deflated boobs and want some volume and fullness. I elected the dual plane approach with a saline implant. I decided to not get the life because I already have plenty of stretch marks on my stomach and want to minimize scarring at this stage in my life. I hope this works well as far as results for me. I had talked about getting 650ccs, but I'm now having thoughts of 600ccs

Sport Bras I'm considering

Walmart has these for cheap!!!

At the gym

almost two weeks out!

I'm so ready in my mind but nervous at the same time. I have some more preparations to make before the surgery. I need some post op garments and to book the hotel room. I have a babysitter to come stay with my kids, and hubby bought me some sports bras from Walmart that zip in the front. I hope my results come out beautiful...let me find some wish boob pics to post...LOL

one week out from Boobie day

Well I did end up ordering that bra from Walmart that I posted above. It resembles a Victoria's secret version online that I saw. When I went to Hedden for my consultation the nurses showed me some sport bras from Walmart that resembled that particular bra. I may go back to Walmart and get another one later on post-op, but I think this one will give me the "lateral support" I need in a bra to ensure I get the best results! I also purchased a pillow chair to prop up in the bed with and a velour track suit from Walmart. Everything costed about 55 dollars which is great. I don't want to start investing in bras untll my final size settles in. Tomorrow I call the surgery center and make sure they got my blood work. So much to do in a week to get the house and kids settled before DD day : ) Really thinking about getting an even 600cc. But the other side of me says just go for the 650. Its not even a full cup size or even half of one!


Bloodwork came back fine and I talked with the nurse about all the things I need to do beforehand!! We are 6 days out!! Excited and nervous!!!

12 hours!!

Surgery is 8am tomorrow!! Keep your bras on ladies!! So much to do!!


Bag is packed! I have a pillow chair, neck pillow, sports bras and track suits!! Kids are arranged for!! Drinking my last bit of water before midnight!! Super anxious and excited and just everything right now! I can't believe it's finally come true! This is really happening!!!


Checked in and waiting be called back. We arrived about 15 minutes late. Hubby is already impatient. I still believe he has no idea what to expect despite my repeated attempts to prepare him for what is about to go down!!! See you on the other side. Still going back and forth in my mind about cc's...

On the other side!!!

Medicated and laid up. Got 650 saline Naturelles HP. Biplanar sub pectoral placement in the inframamary crease.

Before and after

Feeling crappy

But I got this wireless bra on sale at VS!! 36DD but may end up a 36DDD after the girls D & F.

In a dress

They still need to D & F but I think it's gonna be ok!!!

One week post op

I did not want the lift because of the scars. I didn't know if I had the keloid gene, and I already have a stomach full of stretch marks. I did not any more scars. I have some droop but my nipples still face forward. They are still very high. I hope to have a more natural slope once they have settled all the way in pocket . It's a waiting game at this point.

Post op week 1 side left and right

The good side

Good(right)side/Bad (left) side

They are cousins not twins. Once they drop some more I think it will look better. No massaging for another week. A lil more droop on the left because my crease is higher. Also dropping slower than the right side

13 Days Post Op

They calming but they are still high. Gotta have patience!

Nice demeanor and seems to want to give you what you want as a patient. The nurses are really nice too. I feel comfortable trusting my transformation with this group of cosmetic professionals. I have seen a lot of positive reviews here and on their website regarding the level of customer service and patient satisfaction. That heavily influenced my decision to only consider Dr. Hedden and his staff for my procedure.

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