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I've wanted new breasts since 7th grade when I...

I've wanted new breasts since 7th grade when I realized I'd never fill out like the other girls. I'm now 27 and have 2 kids. I breastfed both and although I kept some of my cup size (I went from a 32B to currently a 32C/D) from breastfeeding my top half is flat. It's the cupping at the bottom where I hold my weight/tissue at. I'm certain that I want to be the large D/small DD I was when I was breastfeeding. It matched my lower half much better than the sad pair I carry around now.
I would love nothing more than to have an augmentation. I'm currently trying to save for it. However, my situation on having more confidence and a new start is much different than most here. I love my husband more than anything on this Earth which is why when he asked for kids I happily gave him the boy and girl he dreamed of. My poor body is a wreck since having them but all I wanted to do was make him happy.
Unfortunately, since giving my husband the greatest gifts he could ever ask for he has passed away. He used to make me feel confident and sexy but now that he is gone I definitely don't feel it. It's certainly one thing to feel sexy, confident, and comfortable with the man you made your precious gifts with. It's a completely different ball game when you're having to go back out on the market after such a blow to your emotions and confidence. I don't even like looking at myself in the nude. I definitely don't want anyone else looking at me.
At any rate that is my story. I'm hoping to save the money needed to get it done over the next year. I've read such great reviews about Dr. Hedden that I'm definitely going with him and it doesn't hurt that his office is only 15-20 minutes away from where I live.
Thank you to anyone who took the time out to read my story. I hope every one of you ladies get the new breasts and confidence boost we're all searching for.


I realized I have not been on or updated in a while. Since posting I have decided to get a full mommy makeover. I am looking to go to the Dominican Republic. If you ladies have any favorite doctors that gave you an hourglass figure please let me know. I am getting a breast lift with implants, a Brazilian butt lift, and a tummy tuck. If I could get all these prosecutes done at once that would be fantastic!

Leaving myself links

So after doing some research I have found someone in the area the does lymphatic massage not far from me. I think I'm going to post links to myself that may be of use to others in my area or in general.
Lymphatic massage: http://www.jillcopeland.com/#!specialties/sitepage_1

While everyone celebrates

I'm on here reading reviews to gain more knowledge and pass the time. Everyone else has plans and I figured since we don't celebrate today I would seize the opportunity to do more reading on procedures. Definitely learned a thing or two. Doing some research on other ways to earn money for my mommy makeover. I already work a 9-5 Monday- Friday and have my kids. Just trying to figure out other means. If you ladies have any ideas please let me know.

Finally got my quote!

I am very excited! I got my quote and could not be more thrilled at the moment! Definitely going to put my down payment in before the end of January.
On other news, I spoke with my mother about needing her help after I get my MMO. I was informed that she too wants to get a BBL and a TT. She is too worried to leave the country for her procedures.
I have already started taking some of the supplements needed even though I don't plan to have my surgery until around this time next year. Doesn't hurt to start now with some of them.

Shopping for Surgery

Hi ladies! Since I have company from out of town visiting we ventured to the outlet mall 10 minutes from where I live. Ladies if any of you live in Alabama I implore you to head to your nearest Wet Seal! The one at the outlet mall is closing. She said all the Wet Seal locations in the state are closing! I bought myself 4 tank tops for recovery. I paid $8 for all 4! I got them in a large because I have read reviews of ladies saying they thought a medium would be fine, they needed a large instead. So I took advantage of the sale while I could to start getting supplies for surgery later this year. I have no idea how my clothes are going to fit after surgery and the Aeropostale in the outlet is also closing but just at that location. So I got a lot of stuff my usual size and a size larger just to cover my bases.
Next weekend I am going to go back to purchase more and figured that I can resell some items to help me come up with more money for my trip to the Dominician Republic.

More Shopping

So, since my venture of going to the outlet mall last weekend I went back yesterday. Went into a couple of other stores and pick up some more stuff but I thought would be useful for recovery and being swollen after surgery. So I've now have plenty of tank tops that I can wear I'm just waiting for some maxi dresses to come out. I did go a little overboard. I am sending my deposit next week. Going to schedule my surgery for Dec this year. Definitely getting excited about it. Since I don't need to lose any fat I am just going to do cardio workouts for the rest of the year to make sure that my heart is healthy for surgery. Actually, need to keep all of the fat that I do have. If anyone else is going to Dr. FG mid Dec please let me know.

Helpful Pics

So I was showing a friend of mine also interested in getting a MMO with a BBL my profile. She said I needed to update my profile with pictures of my body to share with others. She didn't see where my problem areas are. Hopefully, this will help someone else as well. I'm 5'4 and 120lbs. I have a nice amount of extra skin and a big gap in my muscles. I also have no hips. Seriously, I have dents where they should be. Seems like no matter how much I try to workout I can't get any.
I have nice framework it just needs a little help as a couple of doctors put it. So I hope these help someone.

Deposit sent!

Sent my deposit today and spoke with a key player at work about possible promotion. I think I'm too busy to truly feel the excitement yet. I'll update more later.


So I guess subconscious me is pretty excited since I sent my deposit yesterday. I have terrible insomnia and has for years. So not only do I rarely get sleep, I also rarely sleep deep enough to dream. Well I had a dream about surgery last night. I woke up in my dream to a massive butt and hips. I was freaking out a bit because the size was too much but was the day's went I lost volume. I ended up a wonderful and comfortable size for me once everything settled. I'm hoping its a slight glimpse into the future.
Since yesterday was a holiday in the DR I am waiting to hear from Dr. FG's assistant to schedule my actual surgery date. Hoping I can get Dec 22 and that not many ladies will be getting surgery then.

My Work Situation i.e. Change is coming

So I have been having issues at work recently. After having a conversation with my manager I feel more enlightened. Change is definitely coming. So I think that when my kids are done with the school year I will be done working where I do now.
After the information I have received from others and realizing I will not be able to progress with the company in my area I do not feel like continuing to bend over backwards. I would be forking over 2/3 of my paycheck during the summer to put my kids in summer care while I work. At this point I would much rather quit and save myself the grief. No point in getting overlooked for promotions, stretching myself too thin, and stressed about other things when I am clearly not understood or appreciated.
So I say all of that to say that I am going to have surgery during the summer instead of December like I originally planned. If I'm going to be without work and looking it may be my only time I can do so without requesting time off and someone can keep my kids without interrupting their school schedule.
Cuts my time in half and I need to get on top of taking vitamins and getting testing done. I'm going to get myself pumped up and ready my MMO regardless of my work situation.
If any of you ladies are going in June let me know. It would be great to have a travel buddy or someone to share a recovery room with.


I had a really nice update and it all disappeared. I will try again tomorrow. I am too impatient to try again today.
I hope those that just had surgery are well and those preparing are too.

Work advice wanted & starting to pick up supplies

Hi everyone! So today I ran errands as I did something interesting happened. I know I posted previously about not feeling like I would get promotional opportunities staying where I am. I had previously applied for a position and was turned down. My manager said it was because I have an attitude problem to make a long story short. I do not interact well with customers and I do not smile.
At any rate, as I was out at the store today (looking and feeling terrible thanks to my allergies) I hear someone call my name. I turn around and it is the manager at the location I was trying to get promoted to that turned me down. I was told by my manager I was not well received there. He asks me if I have applied for the same level position I applied for at his location someplace else (we will call it C). He hired the location C's person which is why it is available and tells me I should. So what do you guys think? I am debating on applying for it but found the whole interaction with that manager slightly odd.
Supplies, I was out there to start picking up some supplies. Our Dollar Tree only allows 3 of the same item, so I thought it best to start getting things now to build up stock.

???? Possibly postponing MMO

Things in my life have gone from good, great, bad and to terrible. I was already looking to possibly relocate because of work. Now, it has become an issue greater than that. Aside from being a widow with no true support or friends here I had a significant other that did work inconvenient to any kind of stable family life. I, however, found out that he was to be married today to someone else. All the while communicating with me constantly day and night. So with all that said I have no reason to stay where I am. I will be figuring out finances on moving. I feel for my mental and emotional health it would be best for us to move this summer. I'm going to try to do both the move and my makeover but if one triumphs the other moving will be it.
I want to do my makeover for myself. I could certainly use the confidence boost. Especially after being with some for over 3 years only to be more than disregarded and thrown away. I feel ugly and worthless now. I've been through enough in my short life. I'm not sure what I did to deserve so much bad in my life but I wish life would stop beating down more. I'm tired of crying oceans.

Walk by faith not by sight

Hi lovelies!
I just wanted to update you guys on my journey. So, I moved! Sadly it took some of my makeover money to do so but I am very glad I did. I was given signs it was time to go so I did. I moved to a different state and now reside a little South of Atlanta. Kids are loving the new place and their new school. We just got here a week ago and I'm almost unpacked. I am postponing my makeover to December-February to have more time to save without so much pressure on such short notice.
I was trying to gain weight for my surgery but since I am holding off a few more months. I had a former male associate tell me a week ago I look like I've gained weight. He also asked when did I get an ass. Thus why he is now a former friend. I know I have picked up a couple of pounds but I was hoping no one noticed. I've always had an ass since the guy has known me. So to ask when I got one and joke he thinks I got injections just wasn't okay. This person has always rubbed me the wrong way. That was just the final straw for me. I have never been able to pick up weight unless I was pregnant. I ripped a pair of my favorite jeans pulling them over my butt. We all want change to make ourselves feel better about our outside and even with current/before bodies there is somewhat of a comfort level. I am out of mine with the weight I have picked up. I have a 24 hour gym accessible to me now so I'm just going to work on being healthier. I will work on picking my weight back up in a few months when I'm closer to surgery.
I certainly hope that those that have recently had surgery are doing well and those preparing have hassle free journey.
Peace & Love

Must haves: BBL Pillow & Rx Timer Cap

So ladies after reaching reviews and trying to make things as easy sailing as possible for recovery I have invested in 2 items that I think will be extremely helpful. I ordered 2 BBL pillows. It is by PilaPort Creations. I bought one for out and one for home. I think it will provide the stability and support needed for after the BBL procedure. We don't want to hurt our results and this is a nice way to help ease that fear.
The second product I have found is something else I am going to highly recommend. It's called the Rx Timer Cap. Your medications go in and once you close the cap it tells you how long it has been since it was opened last up to 100 hours. This will be plenty useful for any medications. We know recovery is not going to be a cake walk so I urge you ladies if you are forgetful of when you had your last dosage to invest in these! Your health is an investment. This is a great way to help you keep up with it.
I hope this is helpful information for someone out there. I hope all of you are well. If you have any questions by all means please ask.

Working out: I'm so out of shape

Ladies, we all hear it or should from our plastic surgeons. If we want the best results we need to be fit before our procedure(s). Since I went back to my original time frame, I decided now would be a great time to see just how much I could do on my own. I just finished my first workout. Please do not let my frame fool you. I am severely out of shape! I am already sore from the measly 30 minutes I did various workouts. Huge eye opener for me. I will get myself back to being fit. One day at a time I will add more reps and push myself. I can't believe I have let myself become so weak. Let's remember to take care of our bodies before, during, and after our procedures. Not only will we feel and look better but heal better as well. Those are my thoughts for today. I hope all of you lovelies are healing well and for those getting surgery soon may all be well. ??

Put Working Out on Pause: Medical Drama

Hello my beautiful caterpillars and butterflies! I just got back home a few hours ago from the ER. I awoke this morning with more pain than usual on my sides. After more pain and much debate I went to the emergency room. I was walking with a limp in pain. Of course they were looking at me strange. I didn't care. I know my lady well and something wasn't right. Surprise surprise guess who has a nice sized cyst on their ovary? Unfortunately, this woman does. I would prefer not to be limping in pain but it was nice to be validated. If my pain levels are any indication I'll have to have surgery to get it removed. Calling the GYN they referred me to in the morning. I wouldn't dare risk being in the DR and having other health issues getting an elective surgery. Ladies, if you're feeling something strange go get checked. The flipping triage nurse kept saying "oh your stomach hurts?" When I kept pointing to the areas that hurt. I corrected her and said no it's by my ovaries. We went back and forth about it and then the dr checked me. Just because she is in the medical field doesn't mean she knows more about MY body than I do. Clearly I was correct. Anyway, doctor gave me Percocet for the pain. I have to take it easy. So that means I have to put my workouts on pause :-(. If you're feeling strange get checked out. You know what is normal for your body. I'll keep you all updated. Again glad I moved my surgery back to my original time frame of December. Medicine is kicking in *smoochies*.

Reflection on safety

This morning I awoke to an article that was tragic but it truly needs to be used as reflection. A woman came here to the USA looking to get great results from plastic surgery. Instead she passed away. If she were not someone of celebrity in her country her death would not have made news. It truly doesn't matter when it comes to country you're getting your procedures done at. You're at baseline risking your life. I just wanted to share the article with you all. Whether you choose to go to your local plastic surgeon, to a different state, or a different country it's always a risk. Be honest with your surgeon about your medical history as well. It can save your life.

Medical Update

It's been 4 months since I have updated. I've had a lot going on lately. So I still have this stupid ovarian cyst. It's so small most doctors won't remove it. I asked the doctor if I'm allowed to get the birth control shot this close to surgery. I'm awaiting a response for that. It's made things very uncomfortable. I've gained 7lbs in the last 6 months. It wasn't easy and has made me wildly uncomfortable. I'm over the weight issue so I'm back to working out and strengthening my lower back since I'll be hunched over for probably 3 weeks.
I left the bank I worked for previously and am at another. I love it and the perks even if I'm only working part time. We have uniforms so I'm pumped that I don't have to worry about a new work wardrobe for the next year. It's also less than 10 minutes away from where I live. The kids' daycare for after school care is 6 minutes away and their school is 4 minutes away from where I work. I got off at 6pm Thursday, picked up the kids, and was already inside my place before 6:20pm! Can I get an amen for that! My old job was a 20 minute drive to get to the kids daycare alone. I'm so thankful to have something new that I have opportunities to grow with. I won't be leaving them for a long time.
Totally looking forward to an improved body because I cannot wait to hit the gym hardcore once I'm cleared and up to it. I have goals I'm trying to achieve and getting me fixed will be the platform I need to get there! I also had a physical done last week. My hemoglobin level was at 12.8! I'm excited about that because I went in on an empty stomach. I can easily get my level to 13 so I can get this body together.
Ladies if you're getting surgery done in the Dec/Jan timeframe I was informed by the USPS worker who did my application that this time of year (Sept/Oct) is a slow time of year for them. Talk to the person taking your application. They can offer nice insight. She actually told me to get the larger 52 page passport since I explained I'll also be visiting Europe. My late husband was half German. His mother and her whole family still live there. Since the kids will start going for the summers sometimes starting in 2017 I need the larger passport. I intend to fly with them over and visit a few countries each visit. My picture for my passport came out very nice. So yay for having a nice photo ID for the next 10 years. It's been 2 and a half weeks since I applied for it. I will let you guys know next update how long my wait was to receive it.
I hope all you ladies that have had surgeries done are recovering well and loving your results! To the ladies waiting like myself I hope we can all get things together smoothly.

Passport Time!

My passport came in the mail on Monday! My birth certificate 2 days following hot on my passport's trail lol. Starting to feel more real that I may pull this off. It took roughly 4 weeks to receive.
Now ladies, if you're anything like me you're going to want to take your improved body around the globe. So I highly suggest getting the larger passport. My kids are part German and their German grandparents want them for the summers sometimes. Of course I'm going to be a good mom and fly with my kids there and see some sights. I'm also thinking we may go on another cruise winter of next year (2016) to the Dominician Republic and Mexico. I do know I'm planning at least one out of country trip yearly from now on. The passport is going to see a lot of stamps.
Otherwise, I don't have much else to report for now. Will get back into my workouts this upcoming week. I spent the week going to training in Buckhead. The traffic in Atlanta is no joke and I spent over 9 hours in it. Now I have a surprise guest headed my way for a few days. So clean clean clean is on my agenda! Hope all preparing are on track and all post op are healing well. Later lovelies. ??

Massages & Discounts

As I have been preparing for surgery in Dec I thought I would share something that's important and will help others save money. We all should be getting massages after surgery to help with our swelling and overall recovery. To help combat the costs once we are home try finding deals on Living Social and Groupon. I researched local spas to see if they have deals on massage packages and if they offer lymphatic massages. The deals you find on those two sites can help you get what you need at a more friendly price. I'm also going to be using those sites to get my brazilian done before surgery. I definitely don't want to be concerned with hair after surgery for a while.
That's my helpful tip for the day. We definitely out a lot of money into getting the body we want but that doesn't mean we need to break our pockets more to protect the investment.
To all the lovelies preparing I hope things are on track and to those recovering I hope your recoveries are smooth sailing.

Holding my breath

So I started working at a new job and just did some quick research. Doesn't look like I'll be covered by FMLA and if I'm not scheduled hours or covered by that or short term disability for 2 weeks I'll have to cancel getting surgery done. By cancel I do not mean reschedule. Because of my unique situation there is no other time I'll have that someone else can keep my kids for nearly 3 weeks. My manager is really awesome and is going to make some phone calls to see what he can do to ensure that I come back to having a job. Roughly 6 weeks to go. I won't call it quits yet. If it's meant to happen it will come together.

Awaiting 2016

As the year is coming to a close I am excited about the wonders to behold in 2016. I didn't want you all thinking I disappeared. While I did have to reschedule surgery I have been working a lot. I did not have the hours or FMLA to cover my down time for surgery I will have it next year. I have gotten almost all of my supplies. My previous medical issue seems to have gone away. Going to start hitting the gym at my apartment community again and order some skirts for after surgery to wear to work. We have a uniform look and dress code so I'm hoping black skirts that are loose fitting will work.
To all the lovelies recovering I hope all is going well and to others preparing that it's all falling into place for you.

Taken to the Other Side

Hi lovelies, I know it has been a while since I updated. I just got done with surgery. I'm still sleepy. There is no pain right now. Just a little pressure on my chest and tightness in the stomach. Otherwise I feel fine. Haven't seen Dr. G since waking up he may have visited earlier while I was knocked out. Will update more later. Hope all is well with everyone.

Day of Surgery & First Day of Recovery

The day of went well. I came to the clinic already sleepy and ready to get it over with. Dr. G came in and marked me up, the Anesthesiologist came in to ask questions (she doesn't speak English), and she came back with the little blue pill. Afterwards she gave me something in my iv and I was asleep before they got me out of my room. I didn't wake up until almost 7:30pm. I definitely needed the rest. I felt fine, no pain. Dr. G came in to speak to me and tell me how surgery went. He did say he went with a bigger implant because I have strong chest muscles and the smaller sizes went flat under them. My muscle repair was pretty big so I should be back to my original waistline. Said he gave me everything I asked for and genuinely is excited for me to see what he has done.
Today is my first full day of recovery. Not much pain except I had to cough. It hurt. I tried not to but couldn't avoid it. My chest doesn't feel tight or really anything much at all except when I try to get out of bed. My mid section is where I have the most discomfort and occasional pain. I'm still waiting to be released from the clinic. I really want to go back to the recovery house and get a sponge bath or wipe down. I feel disgusting.
Anyway lovelies I'm going to sleep.

First Massage

Just got back from the clinic for my first post op and massage. The massage wasn't too bad. I did clinch my teeth a few times when she got to the lipo areas and near my incisions for my tummy tuck. Dr said I look great and to keep doing whatever I'm doing. I'm drinking lots of fluids and walking like he wants. I've actually gone up and down the stairs in assisted 4 times today. Overall feeling really good and I got to see the front of my body with nothing blocking the view. I'm in awe and I'm swollen. My waist is small, I have hips and I have boobs. Definitely looking forward to seeing my end result.

Post Op Massage 2

Definitely getting more feeling back in a few areas. Drainage is flowing like it should just be on the lookout about others emptying your drains without asking or getting measurements. When I got my second massage she did. I'm no where near having my drains removed but getting measurements of what your body puts out is important. My drains for the improved girls up top was removed the day I got my first massage. This second one wasn't worse but it wasn't better. I did manage to get a couple of pictures. I go to see him Monday. I will update again then.

No Painkiller Massage & Dr Follow Up

Yes, I went to my appointment knowing I was getting my 3rd massage and opted not to use pain killers for it. Truthfully now that I have had a massage with no pain killers I'm honestly thinking that they haven't been working for me. I felt no difference between my first two in which I did take my pain pill before going and not having anything for the 3rd.
Dr. Goico wanted to check my scars. He says they are looking great honestly but that I don't seem like a patient that had any surgery done. To me that is a great the compliment. I don't have any swelling really except for on my feet. Drains come out tomorrow or Wednesday. Going to nap. Not feeling well. Going to nap. Blessings movies.

One Week Post Op & Drain Removal

Today I am one week post op and only taking pain meds at night to help me sleep. I've very active but even with activity my feet have swollen. They are going down with elevation and pineapples. Another day another massage but today my front drain was removed. I don't miss it at all as it became harder for me to continue walking up and down the stairs. Tomorrow or Thursday the other should be coming out too. Some people say that drain removal hurts. For me it was a slight sting but totally bearable and over with quickly even though she pulled the drain slowly. The doctor was in surgery so the massage therapist removed it. I didn't want to wait another day or two for it to be removed. Oddly I have more feeling in parts of my body some generally don't. I did get a small bruise because my faja keeps folding over on my skin in a certain area. We got pads in there but by then the damage was done. My waist is still getting a bit smaller which is why I'm having issues with it starting to fold in some areas. My scars look great but I will not likely post photos of them as I have tattoos in many of the areas they are located. Actually the breasts are the only area where I do not have a tattoo but I will not be posting photos of them. As helpful as I would love to be in that aspect because of my work I cannot have photos of myself in that way floating around anywhere online. I hope all of you lovelies are healing well or your preparation is going well for surgery.

Let's Talk Boobs Part 1(a multi part series)

Ideally I wanted between 300-350cc for my implants. When the doctor had me on the OR table, however, my muscles were too strong for those sizes. He says they flatten under my muscles. I now have 380cc implants. I will say Dr. Goico did tell me during our consultation that if my muscle was strong he would go bigger to give me the result I wanted.
I did get a periareola (donut) lift. I'm still young and didn't want to do a lollipop lift on my vastly larger breast. Since I wanted a more natural look the doctor was able to give me the look I wanted but did warn one breast is still bigger. I can tell but at this point I don't care. They're perky, natural looking, and nicely sized for my frame.
I still have some swelling but I know the results will be great. I haven't had the feeling like something is sitting on my chest or like being engorged with breast milk ,I.e. morning boob. I sleep sitting up and my legs elevated to keep blood flow going without getting much swelling.
They don't feel foreign. I can't truly tell where my implants start. They're already kind of soft and getting softer everyday. My doctor did have me wear a band. Only 3 more days with it and I'm done! Woohoo! Not the most fun thing ladies let me tell you. While it has moved the girls from my collarbone to their natural position very quickly it can feel a bit suffocating.
Stats Before: 32C
Implant size: 380cc
Will update with more parts to this series as my ladies get nice and settled in.

Safely Home

Just wanted to post a fairly quick update. I made it home safely and managed to get things ready for work tomorrow. I had a skirt but way too tight for work. Found some wide leg slacks that will be getting worn to death this summer lol.
My flight went well and honestly I must say Delta treated me extremely well. Apparently when I called to add my wheelchair assistance last month they upgraded me. I was able to sit in Economy Comfort at the aisle. Very comfortable seating with more room than regular economy. I requested an aisle seat because I was instructed by my doctor to get up each hour to walk. Tip ladies, drink plenty of water. It forces you to get up to use the restroom. My ankles were swollen by the time I got to my ride's car to get home.
I'm a bit tired going to bed. Hope all of you lovelies are doing well out there.

Short Girl Problems & Back to Work (Oh the Drama)

One thing no one has ever mentioned in their reviews that I have read is having short girl problems. I got my stage 2 faja in the mail. The material is definitely more sturdy and less stretchy. I, however, am having an issue with closing it all the way without having to bend it. The torso is so long I have to fold it to make it somewhat comfortable. It is a size small but honestly I don't foresee myself getting to the last set of hooks. The curves this thing creates are to die for but I took a pic of the faja/compression garment and my hand for comparison. Frankly it is outright insane to think I will ever be that small. Seems unrealistic to me. On another note, I finally found a massage therapist in my area. It is harder to find them here. A lot of massage places and spas don't perform the lymphatic drainage massage I need because they see it as a liability. Definitely do your research ladies. I went back to work Wednesday. I know some of you are thinking I must be crazy! Truthfully I felt totally up to working. Aside from how busy we were Friday it has actually been the perfect amount of sitting, standing, and walking. I have no clue what my manager would have done without me coming back. Our staff usually consists of 8 people total. Usually there are 5 of us at work around the clock. This week there have been 3 of us. I've been the only one at work on my side since I got back, no pressure. This week has been drama filled at work. Half the staff is gone! I'll elaborate on that soon. I'm rolling with the punches with a smile and walking like an old lady by the end of the day lol. I start my day standing upright but by the end I'm swollen, tight and hunched over. Expect to go through the same. It's just part of recovery. I'm going to bed. It's 5 am right now and I have work in a few hours. Hope all is well with you lovelies. Positive vibes for all.

Things to Think About Before Surgery

For all of you lovelies that are traveling for your surgery there are some things you truly want to think of beforehand.

Recovery houses: Usually there are several to choose from depending on where you are traveling to for surgery. Be sure to get a complete breakdown of what is included and what you may need to bring yourself. This is very important. You do not want to be stuck somewhere without all the materials or funds for what you need. Some recovery houses provide more than the average. So you may be saving yourself time, money, and suitcase space finding out what is provided for you.

Roommates and/or Surgery Buddies: I had a roommate that ended up being my surgery buddy as well. I was linked to her through her mom who is such a wonderful person. We didn't speak or get to know each other before we reached the recovery house but got along very well. I was comfortable rooming with her because I know her mom. She's just like her mother so we had no problems getting along at all. If you do find a buddy and decide to share a room get to know the person first. You don't want to end up sharing a room with someone you hate.

Hygiene: I personally made sure to go get my teeth cleaned BEFORE I went for surgery. It's a mass debate between surgeons and dentists but I didn't want to risk a CC or capsular contracture. The debt is because they don't know exactly what causes it they just know that it is a bacteria that attacks the implant I did not want to risk it. You can be prescribed antibiotics before or right after a cleaning but you want to check with your dentist to see if they will prescribe them. Please do your own research on this. I did mine and many don't mention this in their reviews so I thought I would shed light on the matter. Another note on hygiene if you are getting a BBL or Tummy Tuck and your doctor uses drains go get waxed the week before surgery. If you're not comfortable with waxing then shave. If you don't shave trim your lady hairs down very low. It is not fun having a drain down there and tape. If the wrong movement or person pulls at it with hair or long hair it will hurt. Spare yourself some pain take care of your lady business down there. You may just want to wax your underarms and legs while you're at it too.

Massages: If you plan on getting massages when you get home please find a massage therapist or spa willing to do them BEFOREHAND you leave! Many get booked quickly so the sooner you know the sooner you can get on their schedule. The one I found doesn't preform post op massages until 4 weeks post op. Trust me when I say I'm stiff. I can feel that I haven't been getting massages. My swelling has gone a lot. I don't look like the video vixen type anymore thank goodness. I still have swelling though and tender areas.

That's all I have for you lovelies today. I hope this information is helpful to someone out there. I hope all that have had surgery are recovering well and those on their way have a smooth preparation.

Let's Talk Boobs Part 2

Hi lovelies,

As previously mentioned the boobs will be a multi part series in my review. I am at a point where I can wear regular bras but really don't want to. They're still changing and will "fluff" and I just don't want to waste the money buying a bunch of bras just to toss them in a few months.
Trying on clothes, boy did I underestimate. I wasn't expecting to go as large as I did with the implants. So I have a bunch of cute tops that I wore before that separate boobs from torso. The girls are too big for 9 of out 10 of those shirts now. There is no salvaging it. I have clothes I've kept for years hoping I would fit them again when I got my breasts done. My breasts are too big for almost all of it. I'll have to give away or donate a bunch of tops.
Trying on bras, I had a couple 32D bras around I was hoping I could fit after surgery. I definitely thought wrong. While I'm close to fitting in one I would just look ridiculous trying to do anything in it. Things are over following on the sides and on top ugh who wants to look desperate? Not I said this cat.
I will be starting scar therapy this week on my scars. Huge take away from this, don't go buying a lot of stuff for your post surgery body! You may end up being off with sizing and it would be a waste of money. Paying for the surgery is expensive enough. No one wants to waste more money on extras that can be avoided. Hope all is well with those that just had surgery and those preparing have things ready. Until next time.

6 weeks Post Op

Hi lovelies,

I reached my 6 week mark today. I've been swollen and sore the last few days a little more than usual. Finally got my first post op massage since being back. The woman I found for the doesn't perform them until 4 weeks post op. I can definitely tell it helps with recovery. I was feeling very tight and was unable to walk completely upright in the mornings or for entire days sometimes. I'm scheduled to get another next week. I've gotten more range of motion since my massage.
My scars are healing very well. I'm itchy all over my torso. I do baby my scars. So I'm constantly using coconut oil, rose hip oil or aloe vera to help stay moisturized. I'm also taking Benadryl since I know some of it is just my body healing internally. I get shocking pains sometimes. Again another part of healing. It isn't fun but beauty is pain.
Speaking of pain. . .as many before me and many after me I have a love hate relationship with my faja. I hate that I can't wear regular clothes because it is completely in the way. I currently live in Georgia and it's summer. This faja makes me sweat the moment I get outside. I love that it's supportive. Without it I'm hunched over after a few minutes of cleaning or general walking. Truthfully, I don't know how some women toss it aside so early. Believe me I cannot wait to get rid of this thing in another 6 weeks.
Sneezing and coughing still hurt sometimes but not nearly as much. It feels very foreign now that my stomach muscles are next to each other like they're supposed to be. I'm not back to normal and truly understand why my doctor told me to wait 8 weeks to start working my abs. They're just not healed enough and it's because my muscle repair was so extensive. Listen to your body.
I did get a BBL done but to be fair mine wasn't for the goal of projection. I needed hips and my outer areas filled in. The shape has definitely changed. Even with my faja off I have the heart shape I asked for. Truly hoping my hips and the rest of my butt don't change much from where it is now. I do know some fluffing will happen in 2-4 months where the fat settles and expands. I did buy myself something cute recently but had to take it back for a larger size because of my butt. Clothes don't fit the same which I'm not complaining about but I definitely can't order online anymore :-(. I have to try everything on now.
Still sleeping in my recliner but going to my bed this week. It has helped me avoid rolling over to my sides. Hips is the hardest area to keep fat from a BBL. I wanted to protect the investment. Even though this recliner isn't comfortable anymore. The kids will be happy to use it lol.
That's really all for now. I hope everyone is healing well or your preparations are going smoothly.

6 weeks Post Op More Pics

Here are a few I forgot to add. This is the skirt I had to return. Looks fine from the front but you can't tell when I turn to the side it is short.

Empty Room

Hi lovelies,

I really do hope that someone gains knowledge from my review. My review doesn't get much activity from others and that's a bit disheartening. Just a few suggestions before I go.

If you are having surgery outside of your area or the country find a surgeon or ask your PCP if they will help with your aftercare before you have surgery. Make appointments for your lymphatic massages before surgery so you don't go too long without them.

If you can still fit into your clothes but have an issue with swelling or bloating by the end of the day try an elastic band. I do mean the ones used for pregnancy. It will help keep your pants on when you can't zip and button them back up because of the swell. I have used it for work and it has worked well for me.

I thought the changes I would go through would make finding and even fitting my old clothes easy. It has been the complete opposite. I have a walk in closet and spent an hour yesterday trying on things. I'm down to 1/5 of what I had in there. I fit next to nothing I owned before surgery. I'm not truly complaining I look nice. I say this because results are unpredictable. As I mentioned before don't go buy much for your after surgery body. Your shape will change and if you're getting your breast done they will change.

I never thought I would see the day that I would ever say a DD didn't fit because it is too small. I'm still postponing getting more bras. I'm at the very least a DDD/E cup. When getting breasts done don't be so hung up on cup size. What fits your frame or new frame isn't measured by cup size. I even had to explain this to my own mother who thought anything larger than a C cup would be too big for me. I would be pear shaped if that were the case. I look portionate my hips and butt match my breasts. I don't look overdone or have porn star boobs.

I'm still healing and changes will come for another few weeks and months but as of right now I am done documenting my journey here. Actually, this is the only place I have documented my journey. I have NO social media whatsoever outside from this. If anyone has questions on my progress you're welcome to pm. I will not share pics of scars or any nudes as mentioned before I have tattoos near my surgery areas and don't want my photos floating around.

This is a process. Don't rush yourself. Don't push too hard. If you are having plastic surgery make sure you are doing it solely for you. Many regret getting things done because they were trying to appease someone else.

I do sincerely hope that each of you recovering has a smooth recovery. I hope those preparing have things in line and a strong support system.

Positive vibes to you all!

Other Things No One Told Me

Hi lovelies! I wanted to post another update with some tips and things that sometimes get left out of reviews.

Skin peeling, no one bothered to mention to me that my skin would peel. What I mean is because of it stretching out the cell turnover ramped up and I have to exfoliate at least twice a week because of the dead skin flaking off. For those of you that eat jello definitely find some unflavored gelatin and recipes. It will help with your skin's collagen levels to help support the stretching if you're getting implants or a BBL.

Scar line numbness makes certain movements difficult or feel odd. I struggle with this because I'm forever stretching to reach things because I'm short. My range of motion has taken a little while to come back and still isn't 100%. Be extra careful with your movements like bending etc if you have implants or a tummy tuck. You could be causing undue harm to yourself.

Ladies if you're getting a BBL and have stayed off your booty for a few weeks please heed with caution. It is going to hurt or be numb uncomfortable. I kept reading it feels weird or it's uncomfortable. For me it just outright was painful. The first 2 weeks I sat because I had no choice. Once I got home I used my Booty Buddy and BBL pillow to keep pressure off until about 2 weeks ago when I hit almost 8 weeks post op. When I went back to sitting the extra weight or pressure would make me get up and moving.

Swelling, if your feet get swollen elevate them above your heart to get it back down. Swell hell is real and I've only gone twice without any sort of compression for the whole recovery. My mid section got really thick and idk why but it reminds me of a tree trunk. Very thick all around and heavy. I will truthfully not be comfortable until roughly 6 months post op to go without some sort of compression on my stomach to ward off swelling. Again another issue for me that wasn't just uncomfortable but kind of painful since my naval trunk/stem is short. I literally felt like I was going to pop.

Check measurements before buying or ordering waist trainers online. I ordered one online and thought there was no possible way a small wouldn't fit. I was wrong. Not wrong in a bad way but they didn't offer a size smaller than small. I had to return it because I needed a X small. So check and double check that.

If you're going to the Dominican Republic I would advise against using anything other than bottled or previously boiled water. They don't treat their water the same as we do here in the USA or some other first world countries. Their country has bacteria and such that if you aren't from there your body isn't accustomed to fighting off. I even cleaned my toothbrush with bottled water. Yes, I was that paranoid but not without merit. Some ladies have had the misfortune of getting infections because of the water. For those of you who feel it necessary to bad mouth those of us that choose to go out of the country please refer to one of my previous posts about safety. As well as the following link:


Bottom line is we all need to make sure whatever surgeon we choose we have done our proper research on. It should not be solely based on cost and results (provided you make it out of surgery alive) it also should be about your safety.

Make sure you surround yourself with positive people during recovery. Don't take on other people's issues as your own. If they can't respect that you're recovering from surgery and need peace for it they do not need to remain in your life. Recovering from surgery is not just physical but also mental and it can be emotional. They're aspects some do not think of and I wanted to bring to the forefront.

Don't try to be Superwoman! Your body needs rest. Pushing yourself too far can cause setbacks in recovery. Take care of the improvements and baby your body by listening to it. It will reward you in the end.

If you any of you lovelies ever need encouragement, a listening ear, or advice my inbox is always open. Those following my journey I will post a 3 month update with pics in a few days. I hope those preparing for surgery are ready and those recovering have smooth sailing. Positive vibes to all!

3 Months Post Operation!

Hi lovelies! Very glad to be at the 3 month mark! Recovery from an overall standpoint has been smooth sailing and I am grateful for that. So here's an update with where I am now.

I still can't truly work my core as it feels uncomfortable to do so. He did a great job repairing my stomach muscles. Said he reenforced the repair and trust me I feel it.

The butt: He filled in my laterals which is where I had my problems. I had projection just no laterals/side booty and hips. Speaking of hips, I still won't lay on mine. I am scared half to death that they will disappear if I do. I'm hoping the hips and the booty are here to stay. I'm still leaning on the side of caution. I still sleep on my back. I hate it truthfully as I am a side sleeper but for the sake of results I've trained myself not to roll over to my sides.

My stomach: I'm still dealing with a lot of swelling. Some due to the surgery itself and the rest due to what I eat or drink. I'm lactose intolerant and truthfully it is hard to stay away from it. I know it will be several months until the swelling from surgery subsides. I'll continue wearing some sort of compression until then. Yes, I still wear my faja. When it is being washed I wear a waist trainer.

My breasts: This is an area I have to laugh at myself about. I didn't truly think when he did liposuction on my back it would make much of a difference. I was very wrong. I was so wrong that my usual 32 band in bras doesn't truly work for my anymore in the long term. I'm a 32F currently but the hooks are as far over as they can go on a brand new bra. Over time once the band starts to loosen it won't fit anymore. I've also bought bras in sizes 30E/30F/30FF. I know if you're reading this you're probably thinking it sounds huge. They really aren't when you look at my body as a whole.

Scars: They are all fading pretty nicely. A couple you can't see very well at all. I have been alternating between rose hip oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and using silicone scar strips. I've also started an intake of gelatin. It helps with collagen production and in turn is great for your hair, skin, and nails.

Know your body before surgery! Between the tummy tuck and just my natural build my breast crease is low. After doing some research I found out that tummy tucks can sometimes pull down the natural breast crease. I had a naturally lower one as is. If it has gotten even lower I'm not certain. What I am certain of is that I'm not a fan of it. It makes buying bras very difficult. Even after releasing the straps to the max I'm still having to pull my bra down and over to cover the breasts. It also leaves me feeling a little less youthful. Dr. G gave me exactly what I asked for. In true stereotypical form I got what I asked for and realized it isn't what I really wanted. I mentioned it to Dr. G and he laughed. Hey, at least I'm honest lol. Guess who's getting a revision next year? The intention is to lift the breast crease where it should be less of a problem with finding bras etc for my long torso and use the same implants (380cc textured round).

I know some women talk about guys following them around after getting a BBL(Brazilian butt lift) or a MMO(Mommy makeover). I'm definitely not having that problem. Guys don't truly treat me any differently than before. I don't get hit on anymore than before. Just a couple of looks sparingly but that's all.

Truthfully, I thought getting my makeover would make finding clothes easier. It definitely didn't. I really love my shape but I'm going to say something most don't and it is my truth. I absolutely detest shopping for clothing now. Yes, I really did whole heartedly write that. There is absolutely no ordering anything online anymore for me. I have to try everything on before purchasing. I am going to start having my jeans and work pants custom made from makeyourownjeans.com. I've always had to wear a belt with my clothes but now it is far worse. Since I would love the freedom of tossing on a pair of pants and walking out the door without a belt that's the route I'm going to take. I have to buy a whole new wardrobe lol nothing fits if it isn't baggy or I didn't already buy it larger.

All in all I'm happy with my results thus far but still not getting too attached to them. It's a journey for sure and takes patience. Hope everyone's plans are coming together nicely and those healing have a smooth recovery.

Know About Your Procedure(s) & Your Doctor

After doing some reading on reviews lately something truly dawned on me. Some people may research from Mars and back about their doctors but not always about their procedure. That or the total opposite. My suggestion to anyone reading this is that these go hand in hand. If you're getting a tummy tuck do not by any means expect it to be an easy recovery. Truly you have to be patient. Tummy tucks are long haul journeys. Give your body about 6 months to adjust to things unless it is something that completely needs to be fixed without a doubt. I'm not going to lie lovelies I have no started working out like I want to. Truthfully, my core is just starting to get to a place where I'm semi comfortable with trying. I also am getting feeling back in my scar line. In some areas below the belly button I never lost feeling. The scar line however I had none. Well that is changing. The nerves are reconnecting just like with my breasts. So I get shocking pains sometimes at random. Those same pains can come from liposuction as well.
Swelling is another issue that can take up to a year to resolve or level out. The tummy tuck scar takes a year to mature. I'm also going to say something and in no way is it meant to be offensive. Be realistic with what you want and what you have. I would be fairly upset if I expected my stretch marked skin to be as tight as my regular smooth skin. It is still damaged and bunches up some because even though it is tight it still has irregularities. So many complain about having some extra skin still or the irregularities because their expectations were not real. Instead of getting angry or upset with the Doctor know what you are getting yourself into. Sometimes it is the doctors fault for not being as upfront about skill set or what is realistic for the patient's body type. Sometimes it is the patient who walked in with unrealistic expectations. Be accountable for your part in knowing how the process works and what may or may not work for your body. It will save you mental anguish, money, and a plethora of other issues.
If you're getting your breasts done know it takes months for the implants to drop and the swelling to go down. You may lose feeling in a nipple or both and it too may take months to come back or go back to normal. A BBL means you need to stay off your booty for weeks for optimal results. Liposuction means it may burn and be uncomfortable to move because of the burning. Swelling is also a factor here as well. Tummy tucks with muscle repairs are sore and swelling may take a year as well as getting feeling back in some areas. You're going to start the day looking nice and by the end of it swollen possibly uncomfortable from the swelling. This is all realistic and part of the process. If it isn't worth it to deal with these issues for months don't waste your money. Don't make your life hell or anyone else's because you didn't know what your doctor was capable of or what recovery truly looks like. That's just my two cents and by no means is this for anyone who has had complications because that's a whole different path. I hope this information was helpful for someone out there.
Hope all you lovelies are doing well.

Sleepless Nights

As I have mentioned in previous post(s) before I have insomnia. Adding to it I am also still cautious of sleeping on my sides. Between all the stress I have had in life and the effects of surgery I cannot get comfortable in bed. It is currently 5 am and I have been awake for hours. Currently laying on my stomach but it's uncomfortable too. I should mention I am not a stomach sleeper usually. The arch in my back sinks in more when I lay on my stomach. It is wildly uncomfortable and is the same reason why I've hated sleeping on my back. I'll be glad when I am able to at least be comfortable in my bed again. The pressure on my butt woke me and I still use my pillow to sleep on my back. I haven't read of many other women having any of these issues months later but most don't document this far. Sigh my body doesn't care that I have work today. Recovery is a journey for sure. One that apparently is helping keep me awake more than usual. I hope all you lovelies are doing well.

5 months post op

Hi lovelies,

I had such good intentions to post Halloween night for my 5month update. My life has completely changed the last few weeks. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. Anyway, let me jump into things.
The booty, looks like a nice amount of fat survived the laterals which is all I was concerned with. I had projection already just wanted my "hip dips" filled in. I didn't start sleeping on my sides until a few weeks ago.
The stomach still swells horribly. I also have not been wearing a waist trainer or compression for 3 weeks. It was becoming increasingly difficult to continue doing so with my work clothes. I'm ordering a new waist trainer since mine is too big now. I'll have to update again later with pics of how my stomach starts for the day and how swollen it is at the end.
Boobs, oh the dear twins. I have a muscle flex deformity I'm fairly certain. I don't like the way it looks when I flex. I'm going to be doing a lot of working out and I'm just glad it can't be seen through what I wear to the gym. It doesn't bother me a lot just annoying. Oh and still on the quest to find a bra that fits and I mean truly fits. The ones I have been wearing the larger twin of the two spills out a bit. I'm currently wearing a 30FF and it isn't big enough for the larger breast. I intend to get them redone in a year or two. I though I might keep my size but I'm not certain I will. I may go down in size based on the sheer fact that bra shopping is a pain in my ass. I was floored that one boob was still too big for a 30FF. I am almost always wearing a bra. I was hoping to be able to go braless but that just isn't possible. I'm far too uncomfortable to do that. I'm sure once I get smaller implants and an internal bra next time I'll be able to. For now the only time they get freedom is when I shower.
Overall I'm still happy with my results. It has gotten attention in regular clothes when I didn't want it to. I dared to walk outside dressed nicely twice and while I wasn't approached I definitely got all kinds of looks.
Will update you all again in a few weeks. Hopefully I have some workout progress to show you all. I hope everyone is well on their way in whatever stage they're in on their journeys. If you have questions or need clarity please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

7 months Post Op!

Hi lovelies!
Sorry I didn't update last month. Aside from not having access to my account I had a lot of changes going on personally. I am 7 months post op today!
I'm very glad to be at the 7 month mark as I have seen a lot of changes in my body. I am on the dreaded cycle and bloated. Bloating and swelling are very uncomfortable for me. I've actually gone back to wearing a waist trainer during bloating phases.
My scars are really thin and healing nicely. Some you can't see at all unless you're very close up like the ones on my breasts. Kind of makes me a bit sad since I'm not sure how the next surgery to correct the breasts is going to go. Nor how the scars will turn out.
Breasts, they stay in a bra except when I shower still. They're uncomfortable without support. I also have a flex deformity. It was in just one breast but now the other is showing signs as well. I'm going to get them redone in 2018. I'm also in denial I suppose. I wear a 30FF but truthfully should be at least one cup size bigger. I'm thinking I'll go smaller next time as well. Since I'm in work clothes things get covered nicely but I plan to travel a lot more next year forward. Hard to find cute clothes for going out with my body shape. Especially with the boob area. I by no means regret getting my breasts done it's better than what I started off with.
The body, I'm so glad the extra skin is gone! I can wear some of my old slacks but they fit differently. There's no extra skin taking up space or being pinched. It's really nice not to have to suck it in or feel self conscious about being smaller with extra skin hanging around.
The booty, it looks to have stuck around. It's not perfect but much better than it was before. I still have hips! A dent showed up in one but it's my bad side and I'm not going to be bothered with it.
All in all I wasn't looking for perfection. I never have any intentions on being in a bathing suit or bikini. I have a nicer shape. I have more confidence and I feel much better in my own skin. I did this for me so I could look in the mirror and smile. I wanted to be healthier. I have the foundation I wanted and I'm grateful.

Over a Year Post Op

Hello lovelies!

It's been a long time since I have updated. I was again unable to access my account and truly life was just insanely busy. I was at a point traveling and working 55-60 hours a week. I have since found new employment but that's not what you want to read about lol.
Things have settled with surgery and how things look. I do have a couple of concerns that I will address witha future surgery. My biggest being my breasts. While they do not look very big and more natural I would truly love to be able to go bra less and be confident. I don't at all ever! I sleep in a bra. The only time I'm without a bra is when I shower. I will make sure when I have them redone I do two things. One being a support or internal bra. Two the size, 325CC and no bigger. I was already a C/D cup before surgery. While they look nice my 30G size breasts make me paranoid.
I'm in the process of finding a gym to join. I have not gained any weight since surgery. I'm still 135lbs but clothes fit me differently. I'm not used to that or having bigger thighs. Buying clothes is an adjustment. I'm more aware of sizes and that there are things I can no longer wear.
I am glad I no longer have extra skin on my stomach. Most of my stretch marks on my stomach are gone or not very noticeable. I have an innie for a belly button still. I'm still adjusting to my body and how to properly dress it.
I do hope that all recovering have a swift drama free recovery. To those preparing I hope it all comes together flawlessly for you.
Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD

Very knowledgeable as well as personable. Really great with communication and interested in each individual case. Honest and humble which is hard to come by with many doctors here. Overall wonderful experience this far. Will continue to update as recovery process goes further.

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