500 cc's Natrelle smooth round silicone implants ! - Birmingham, AL

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I have wanted breast implants since I was very...

I have wanted breast implants since I was very young. But they are actually smaller now and less pretty since I had my first baby. After I stopped breastfeeding , every ounce of breast tissue I had, completely dissolved. I would definitely feel more confident in my clothes and bathing suites if I had breasts to even out my body. I have a smaller waist but i have a bigger butt and it makes my body look very disproportional. I am a small A cup now. I have done my research and i know i want my doctor to be dr. Hedden in Birmingham and i want to do 500cc saline , under the muscle with the TUBA incision. The procedure is $3000. Wish me luck!

My stats

My stats are 5'3 and 112 lbs. :) And would just like to say , i absolutely love this site and everyones updates. They help me so much! Thanks a bunches. xoxo

Just a few more WISH photos!

Kim kardashians breasts are the perfect size

Wish pics. Love kim kardashians breast size.

So after some research, i have decided on silicone!

I have decided on going with silicone implants. The look of these wish pictures is exactly what i want!! I am not for sure what size ccs will give me this look, but i am soooo ready!! To all of you ladies with silicone implants, when you feel them, do they feel real? Like would you know that they were fake by feeling them? Thanks so much everyone! xoxo

BEFORE breast augmentation

Just some before pics.

So I have a few quick questions...

Has anyone of you ladies had any children after getting your breast augmentation? If so, did it affect them negatively? Like cause them to sag or droop or even need to be redone? I plan to have another baby in the future, but years from now, and I definitely don't want to put off getring a BA any longer. Another question i have is what all do i need to buy and have for my recovery? I know i need a sports bra that zips in the front and ice packs, but thats about all i know. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm so excited and can't wait to make my first appointment! I'm counting down the days. Xoxo ????

Okay, just one more wish photo. Last one I swear! ????

This is how I want my breasts to look in clothes :) ^^^ last wish pic I swear! ????

I have scheduled my consultation! ????????

Ahhhh!! I finally did it. I scheduled my consultation! I will be going for my consultation next friday! I'm going to tell Dr. Hedden that I want silicone HP implants and show him my wish pictures to help decide on ccs. I am scheduling my breast augmentation for the end of february. February can't get here fast enough!! It is starting to become more and more real! :) The price of my implants will be $4000. What a deal, right!? I trust Dr. Hedden to do a great job after seeing his work and talking to his patients :) Does anyone have any recommendations on a great sports bra that zips in the front for right after surgery? Any thoughts, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone.

Never realized how uneven my breasts are.

So i decided to do the 3 day deal that my doctor gives instead of going to my consultation. What it is, is i go to Birmingham and do my consultation the first day, surgery the next, and post op appointment the third day. Which seems way more logical than doing my consultation at a different time and wasting the trip. After taking these pictures to send to my doctor for my virtual consultation, I realized how uneven my sad boobs are after breastfeeding :( . I'm so ready to get my implants! I seriously can't wait.

Being flat chested is hard:(

I know people have way worse problems in their life. But i get so down because of my breasts. I was trying to find a dressy outfit to wear for a friends wedding this weekend and everything I put on, did not fit me right. I just wanted to feel sexy! Is that to much to ask!? Lol. Why couldn't I be blessed in the chest? Oh well I guess. Atleast implants were created! Lets get this boob job going! ????????????

It's getting closer

I only have around 11 more weeks before I get my surgery! I'm so ready for it. I am actually getting to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, which makes it so much more exciting because I'll get to look sexy in my dress for once! I'm looking forward to it. I'll have my boobies just in time for summer. So far I'm not nervous at all, just ready! This website has helped my so much as far as my decision making. I have all of you lovely ladies to thank for that! Xoxo

Just another 'before' picture

I seriously LIVE on this website. Because who else wants to discuss boobies 24/7? Lol. No one really knows about my upcoming surgery other than my husband and he's only here for support. He doesn't care either way if I have the surgery or not, as long as I'm happy. The picture above is just another before picture. As you can see, there a little droopy and not much tissue after breast feeding. Ready to restore that fullness!

Around 8 more weeks!

Gosh, it feels like so much longer. I am so ready for this. I have been waiting for such a long time and now there's only about 8 weeks left and it doesn't seem real! I'm hoping my results are pretty close to my wish pictures. I would rather them be a little too big, than too small. I dont want to pay thousands, just to have boob greed. I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to carry my baby after surgery. He will be 7 months old. I'll have help for the first 4 days, and then I'm on my own. I'm hoping it won't be too much on me. Anyone have surgery after having a baby? If so, any advice would be great!

About 6 more weeks!!

I just wanted to post some before pictures in a few of my bralettes as the time for my boob job gets closer. I probably won't be able to wear these after the surgery, but I will post pictures of me in them to show the difference. Have I mentioned how much I love this site. It has helped me so much and there are some pretty amazing people on here that are very supportive! Thanks for everything guys! You are the best.

About 4 more weeks!

Yes! And the countdown begins. The picture above is the last wish picture I will be posting. GOALS for sure. Everyone please keep me in your thoughts as the surgery gets closer and closer. I'm hoping to have a safe and easy recovery. Can't wait! Xoxo

Surgery is Scheduled

The surgery has been pushed back a few weeks, but finally the dates are set! I will have my consultation on March 8th, the surgery on the 9th, and the post op appointment on the 10th. I am for sure getting silicone, under the breast crease incision. But wont be deciding on the size or type of implant until my consult. About to book a hotel and go sports bra shopping! Everyone wish me luck on my booby journey! xoxo

38 days!

I just have 38 more days before I leave for my hotel. Everyone keeps asking if I am nervous, but as of right now I'm not nervous at all. I'm just wishing it would get here sooner. I've been searching for a good sports bra that zips in the front and haven't been able to find one yet. One thing I am anxious about, is not knowing what all to pack in my bag. I just know I'll forget something. I have to go get my blood work done here soon. I still feel like I am dreaming and will be waking up anytime now. Ive always wanted breast implants, but never thought I'd be able to get them. Thanks everyone for the advice and best wishes. You guys are the best. Xoxo

32 days:)

The picture above is what I bought to ice my boobs after surgery. Those were just too cute not to get. Just 32 days left. I'm already wanting to pack my bags for my hotel because I'm too excited. Did mention how nice my hotel is? I'm just as excited for the hotel as I am for my surgery lol. I really wish I could just fast forward a few weeks because the wait is killing me.

29 days to go!

My last picture of the ice packs didn't post so I'm trying again. I'm also adding pictures of me doing my rice test with 475 cc's. After doing the rice test, I think I'm going with 500 cc's. I still haven't decided for sure. They look bigger in the pictures than they do in person. Time is going by so slow!

Getting anxious

I am excited for my surgery but getting very anxious about not picking the right size. Everytime I do lots of research and think that I have l the size I want in mind, I see another person with my same stats that has PERFECT boobs, with way less cc's or way more. I don't know what to do. I think I'll have a better idea of what size I want when I get to try on the sizers that my doctor has. The rice test hasn't done me alot of good. How did you lady's make your final decision on size?

23 more days

So I have finally decided on a bra for after surgery thanks to a fellow realselfer! It is the isavela bra above. I've heard great things about it and is a great price. Just 23 days left!

Blood work. CHECK!

I just got my blood work done. Another step closer to my boob job! Exactly 3 weeks from today. Getting so close!

Only 2 and a half weeks!

Tomorrow it'll be 18 more days! I can't believe I have gotten down to only 2 1/2 weeks left. Like it was taking forever , but now it's like " wow, I'm actually about to have boobs in only a few weeks! Is this real life?" Everyone please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I get so close. Starting to get a little nervous.

One of my bras for after surgery

I just wanted to show a before picture in one of my sports bras for after surgery. It's very comfy. The straps are tightened in this picture , but when they are loosened , there is plenty of room for the new girls :) in just 2 hours it'll me only 17 more days!

Is it really this close already?

The countdown is real! My surgical bra finally came in but it's too big so I'm having to send it back. I bought a large and the band and everything was huge. So hopefully a small will fit. 15 days babes! Only 15!

Before boobies.

In a few more hours it'll be just 10 more days! I can't wait to post an after pick in the tub. Goodbye Itty bitty titties! I will not be missing you. Can anyone think of some last minute things I need to do , or bring with me to my hotel? I am hoping that the shape of my breasts will look nice with implants. In one of my pictures I posted a few weeks back, I said that I never realized how uneven my breasts are. Well after trying to take a picture from underneath my boobs, I noticed that it's actually my rin cage that is uneven and one side sticks out farther than the other. Very weird. Idk how that will affect my results, but I hope it doesn't! Have I mentioned I'm so ready for this :)

One week, what!?

Well I have officially made it to only 1 week away from leaving for my surgery! It seemed like It would never get this close. But of course, I have the worst luck and just came down with a UTI. Which is so uncomfortable. I know I can't have one when I have my surgery so I am trying to flush it out by drinking lots of water, since I'm not really aloud to take any meds for it. Has anyone else had this happen? Prayers would mean alot. I definitely don't want to have to postpone my surgery so I am doing everything I can to get rid of this stubborn UTI. I think I'm about to start packing my bags for the hotel. Just 7 days!

Went to the doctor for UTI

Well I went to the doctor for my UTI. It was confirmed that I have one and that it's a pretty bad one ( which I already knew because of how bad the pain was) . They prescribed me antibiotics and stuff for pain. So WOO HOO to not having to reschedule my surgery! :)

Surgical bra

So I got my exchanged surgical bra in the mail. And now , it's too small. It is pretty snug and idk how I will fit my boobs in this after implants. I don't have time to exchange it again before my surgery so I'm kind of stuck with this one. Well 5 more days ladies. :)


Almost 12:00 . Which means I only have 2 days left! Holy moly!

Road Trip!!

Well you guys, I'm leaving first thing in the morning to head to birmingham for my 3 day stay. My consultation is tomorrow at 1:30. Then my surgery is the next morning. AHHHHH! Everyone wish me luck!

500 cc sizers and needing advice! Surgery in the morning!

Goodbye to my old boobies. This is my last before picture. I also put a picture of me with 500 cc sizers on. I'm loving the look of these, but my family member is saying its big. What do you guys think? I seen Dr. Hedden today. He said he is going to try to fit the 500 cc's into my breast pocket. He thinks the best incision for me would be under the breast crease. Well ladies, my surgery is in the morning! This is my last night with these boobies. Ahhhhh!!! Prayers!!!

Forgot to add....

Dr. Hedden also said that for my height , 500 cc would make me 2 cup sizes bigger . I am an A cup now. So possibly a full C? I told him a wanted smooth round high profile, but he said he needed to make the decision on that. I trust my doctor . But I'm totally confused on what to do as far as size :(

Surgery is done

I just got back to my hotel. I was very scared to go with 500 ccs. But as I was talking with Dr. Hedden, he calmed my nerves and told me that whichever I chose would look great. So I decided to go with 500. The process was so quick and I wasn't nervous at all. It was like I blinked and now I'm back to the hotel. I'm so happy with my decision of 500 and I hope my final result is like my wish pictures . Either way, I HAVE BOOBIES ladies! When i first left to head home, I was in alot of pain. But when I took my pain meds , they kicked in not long after and I started feeling better. They aren't kidding when they say it feels like an elephant sitting on your chest. I got this though! To all of you who are scares or nervous, DON'T BE! You will do great and its such a quick process. I went ahead and paid for breast insurance so that if I had any complications, it would be paid for. Thanks for all the well wishes babes!

More pics

8 hours post.

So I look at my implant card and I seen that I got 500 cc in each breast , under the muscle , and ultra high profile. Idk yet what if it was smooth round or not. But I will ask tomorrow. So far I'm feeling pretty good. It feels like when your breast milk comes in and is engorged. Nothing I can't handle. But I've always heard the 2nd and 3rd day is the worst. I will find out tomorrow. I will keep you ladies updated as often as I can . All of the sweet compliments and well wishes mean so much to me!! You guys are the sweetest :) xoxo

Can't sleep.

It's 9:08 here and I'm having trouble sleeping. I think it's just because I have to kinda sleep sitting up, which causes alot of pain in my back . I'm not normally a back sleeper, I'm more of a side sleeper. But honestly , I think what is keeping me awake most is the shock that I actually have boobs now and I'm so excited about it lol. I've been up walking around, and was even able to go to the bathroom and wipe on my own. I'm not using my arms a whole lot though because I don't want to strain my chest. But being able to be up and moving around is nice :) after wanting boobs my whole life, I finally got them. I'm so happy with them so far! Dr. Hedden knows what he is doing y'all!

Day 2

Well I didn't sleep much last night , but it wasnt because of pain. I feel great. I've been going to the bathroom on my own and up walking around. I feel even better today than I did yesterday. My chest is just tight. I am getting dressed now to go to my post op appointment. I'm LOVING my size so far. I think I picked the perfect size for my body! I will update you guys on how my post op appointment goes! :)

End of day 2

So overall I have felt pretty good today. The pain is a little more noticeable, but nothing I can't handle. As long as I take my pain meds when I'm supposed to, I feel great . But if a wait a little too long to take them , the pain does start to get a little worse. I started to break out a little bit under my eyes and on my stomach. So I was told to get some benedryl which helped with that. I got to see my boobies for the first time today! I love them. But people aren't kidding when they say that they look like torpedos at first. I'm so ready for them to drop and fluff. I actually think I could've pulled off 550 ccs. Right before I went back for surgery I ALMOST backed out of getting 500 cc , and told the doctor I wanted 450. But now Im so glad I changed my mind and went with what I originally wanted, thanks to Dr. Heddens support. He is amazing. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is unsure of what doctor to choose. I had to go home today which was hours away from where I was staying for surgery, and surprisingly, the ride wasn't painful at all. :) well that's all for today guys, im about to go and get some rest. I'll keep y'all posted. :) xoxo

Today's post op appointment :)

Day 3 post op

So I'm feeling great this morning. Feeling better and better as time goes on. I slept like a rock last night. It felt amazing lol. I'm assuming it's because I am finally home and not at a hotel anymore. I'm still loving my size, and just can't wait to see them drop and fluff. I haven't had to take nausea medicine , not once since I had my surgery. I've noticed that I am able to use my arms a little more today than yesterday. I forgot to mention that Dr. Hedden said I was originally a small be and not a small A. Which may make me end up with a full D or DD with 500 ccs. And I'm okay with that:) This process has been alot easier than i expected. My family keeps saying " wow. You are one tough bissshhh. Dealing with this like a pro" lol. But it's really not so bad. So Im posting my pics from day 3. The swelling has gone down some. And I still have LOTS of dropping to do. But I'm loving them so far. My nipples are very puffy and swollen because Dr. Hedden had to fix one of my breast pockets because it was bigger than the other. I don't know what the right word for it is. But anyway, I am very happy so far and I hope I continue to heal this easily! Thanks everyone for the support . :) xoxo

End of day 3. Question?

So I am still feeling pretty good. But the sides of my breasts ( kind of under my arms) are feeling a little puffy, swollen , and painful. I don't have pain anywhere else, just tightness. So I'm wondering if this is normal ? Anybody else experienced this?

Feeling great :)

I'm feeling better and better, I haven't even had to take much pain medicine today. I have to keep this bra on for 2 weeks and then I can switch to some regular bras during the day. But I have to keep this one on at night for atleast 6 months. I'm about to have my husband help me wash my hair, which is going to be a challenge trying not to get my incisions wet. I keep looking down like " wow, those boobs are mine? ". They are already starting to soften up a little. I haven't had to take any muscle relaxers today :) because my muscles don't feel as tight as they did. This recovery has been way easier than I ever imagined. I hope it continues to be this easy. I'm ready to see what size I will end up being. I have been rubbing cocoa butter lotion on my boobs every day to prevent stretch marks and the itching. I slept great last night too. I was propped up on lots of pillows. I have been able to raise up and sit back on my own. There hasn't been much that I've needed help with other than little things like opening my medicine bottles and things like that. Well that's all I have to update for today ladies, If you have any questions, feel free to ask!:)

Day 4!

Day four has been good to me guys! My boobs are starting to get softer and softer. They still have the torpedo look, but I'm okay with that :) I am loving my new boobies. I'm so glad I went with 500 cc and no less. I think they fit my body perfectly! I can't wait to see how they look when they drop and fluff. If you are debating on whether or not you should get your boobs done, GO FOR IT! It is such a confidence boost. It's so nice not having to wear padded bras everyday. I have another post op appointment with Dr. Hedden in 4 weeks, and he will be showing me how to do my massages. Thank you to all of the beautiful babes that have left me such sweet messages and comments. Hearing that people love my results already makes me day! :) you guys are the sweetest! Happy healing ladies. If you have any questions just ask away! :) much love!


One side is dropping a little faster than the other.

Incisions at the end of day 5

Day 6 update

Since my boobs have started getting softer, they are starting to bounce a little when I walk too. When I am about 1 month post op, I'll probably do a jiggle/bounce video. My nipples are getting a little sensitive, kind of the sensitive feeling like when you are pregnant. My incisions have started getting very itchy, I hope that's because they are healing. But I'm still loving them and I'm very ready to see my final result. :)

What a huge difference!

Before and after :) LOVE! Dr. Hedden is a miracle worker.

Morning boob

"Morning boob" pain is real you guys. I wake up with my boobs being pretty sore. But after I'm up and about for a bit, the soreness goes away. I keep having nightmares that my boobs start to look horrible, saggy, and uneven, and that I can feel the implant lol. I'm always so relieved when I wake up. I'm continuing to put cocoa butter lotion on my boobs to help with the itching and prevent stretchmarks. It makes a world of difference with the itching from my skin stretching. I'm so ready to start trying on some new bras and swim suits! Just one more week before I can:) Good luck to all of you ladies that are getting close to your surgery date , and happy healing to those who have just had their surgery! Xoxo :)

Forgot to add pictures.

I'm loving my size and projection! Thank goodness for UHP :) 1 week post op.

Day 8

Day 8 (I think), and trying to go without pain meds is kind of hard. I may be over-doing it by trying to take care of my kids while I'm healing. I'm ready to be healed already. I'm always paranoid that every little pain I feel is something wrong. Dr. Hedden said I can start my massages when I am two weeks post op. My boobs are alot softer today than yesterday. My incisions aren't numb anymore so I'm starting to feel a tiny bit of a sting in that area. But I've had 2 csections so this isn't anything I can't handle. I also have the sun burn feeling on my boobs that everyone talks about. Does anybody know how long post op that the pain and soreness is completely gone without pain meds?

Naked boobies! :)

Ouch to morning boob. But I am loving my results more and more everyday. My mom wanted to see them , and when I showed her, she was like "omg they look so good and are starting to look so natural!" That is so good to hear. And thank you to all of the ladies that are following my journey and telling me they love my results even this early on. It's amazing to hear! :) *kisses* to those sweet ladies! Everytime my husband sees my boobs, he is all over me. Which is such a good feeling:) I wasn't expecting to have so much confidence from having this surgery. But I love my body now ! Thank you Dr. Hedden :)

I know it's early but... opinions?

How am I already having boob greed!? I know I have to be patient and give them time to drop and fluff but sometimes I wish I would've went with 550 cc. On the bright side , I didn't have the "morning boob " pain this morning when I woke up. And I haven't nweed pain meds or muscle relaxers today. Do y'all think I should've went bigger? Opinions!?

Too small?

Only 10 days post, but opinions ladies? Did I go too small?

Pictures in clothes

I'll try to get a full body picture when I get around a full length mirror. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you beautiful babes that have been reassuring me that my size I went with is perfect for me. You guys are so sweet and those sweet things you say turn my day completely around :) *muah*


4 days VS 10 days post

Day 12

So I've made it to day 12. Today is the first day that I've waken up and haven't had pain or discomfort. It's been nice:). So would any of you ladies like to give me advice on the correct way to do my breast massages? I haven't been able to get in touch with my surgeon and I'm supposed to start them the day after tomorrow?

Booby massages :)

So thanks to some AWESOME chicks on here, I figured out how to massage my breasts the correct way. And massaged them for the first time today. I was so scared that it would hurt, but it actually wasnt bad at all. It was pretty nice to be able to move them. My new gals do NOT like to get cold though. When I get a cold chill, causing my nipples to get hard , it hurts a little lol. Because they are so sensitive right now. Ouch. I was going to post a comparison picture of me in my pink bralette, before and after. But we are in the middle of moving and my husband has already packed it up. So I will take one sometime next week and post it :). My breasts are moving around a bit more every day. Its weird because when I think about my boobs, I don't think about them like they are "fake boobs", they are just my boobs, and that's it. :) I'm still sleeping sitting up, but not because it hurts to lay flat, but just because it's more comfortable to stay sitting up right now. I've been able to raise up on my own since about day 3 or 4. Im trying to remember everything that I need to update you guys on but I always forget when I go to update this thing. So if you guys have any guestions just ask away :) xoxo

To the negative comments..

For the few that have said things like "you went too big , that's why your breasts are so high , and nipples are lower". I am barely 2 weeks post op. I wasn't even able to start massages until yesterday. The picture above is of a fellow realselfer who has some of the most beautiful breasts I've seen. The left is a picture of her just under a month post op. The right is her after several months. See the difference? That is the definition of "drop and fluff". Drop and fluff is what makes your breasts beautiful and more natural. Now, to the sweet ladies that already know that I still have to have time to drop and fluff, and have said how much they love my breasts already, thank you! :) You guys are amazing. Xoxo

Quick update

So my boobs are continuing to get soft. They still have that sensitive sunburn feeling to them. It seems like my boobs stay a little more sore after starting massages. For the first week, my incisions were numb. But now I can definitely feel them. Ill be glad when I'm able to see my incisions, the tape still hasn't fell off. Trying to be patient waiting for my breasts to drop and fluff is so hard. I can't wait to go bra shopping and get sized. But I'm still loving my results so far:) very greatful!

Not much of an update

Just showing you guys this bra I got from walmart that is super comfortable. The tan one i had was starting to irritate my incisions. NOT a good feeling. This one doesn't rub on my incisions. And another naked booby picture :)


So I feel almost like I'm healing backwards. I felt great the first week. It was so easy. But I think it was because I was numb everywhere then. Now the numbness is almost all gone, so I'm pretty sore. But I think that the soreness is worse because I've had to do so much for my 2 kids. So I'm putting those watermelon ice packs to use. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I am healing. Thanks ladies :) xoxo

19 days post?

Well you can't really tell how much progress I've made in pictures, but if you could feel them, you would be able to tell a huge difference. But I HAVE to update my girls, so here are some pictures ladies:) So really the only pain I have now is just the sunburn feeling on my skin and the burning incisions. But I'll be glad when this tape falls off of my scars . It's crazy how your boobs get softer and move more every day. Did any of you ladies still have the burning incisions this long after surgery? Very frustrating lol.

Before and after full body pictures :)

Oh. Em. Gee.

My breasts are itching so bad from the skin stretching. That is the main thing going on with them right now. So I have been packing on some cocoa butter lotion, which worked wonders during my 2 pregnancies. It definitely helps with the itching and is only a few dollars at walmart for a HUGE bottle. Hopefully it'll help prevent stretchmarks like it did while I was pregnant. I've been driving since about day 5 post op, it hurt a little to turn the steering wheel at first but got easier and easier over time. Massages have been going great. I actually enjoy doing them :) i will get more pictures posted soon. That's about all there is to update you guys on right now. As always, if you have any questions, let me know:)

For those of you wondering what cocoa butter lotion I use:)

Here ya go ladies. Excuse my one boob that hasn't dropped yet lol.

Sooo.. have I mentioned

I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but my boobs are numb from the Nipple all the way down to my incisions. It doesn't really bother me. But it's kind of funny because one of my nipples are super sensitive, and the other is numb , so they get hard at different times lol. I'll be glad when that goes away. Massages are still going good, but it still kinda hurts to massage them. Not unbearable, but just uncomfortable. I'm so ready to see the final result. It's so nice not having to wear a padded bra everyday. I actually went through those today, threw them all in a bag and I'm getting rid of them. Wearing a sports bra everyday is heavenly!

Sex! Sorry if tmi :)

I forgot to tell you guys. Sex now..... is amazing:) idk what it is. I think it's just the confidence my new breasts give me, and my husband loves it. He's been handsy :) which I love ! Because it gives me even more confidence. :) I just realized that I haven't had that burning itchy skin today. Hopefully it's coming to a stop :)

Left boob dropping nicely.

I will be posting a clothed picture soon for those that have requested it. I've just been so busy! I wish my left boob would hurry up and drop. It's very frustrating. I can't wait to go bra shopping. But I dont want to until my breasts have dropped. I guess they are just taking a while because my implant was so big. I have an appointment with Dr hedden in a few days just to see how things are going. I really wish I would've put 525 ccs in my right breast. It was a little bit smaller than my left one before surgery. And still is after surgery. How long did it take for your tape to fall off? Mine is STILL on.

Clothed body pictures as requested:)

How my breasts look in clothes in a skin tight sports bra. :)

Forgot to add these pictures

So I have realized that every since I had my breast augmentation, I can feel a cold drink go down after I swallow it. Verrry weird. Almost one month post!

I would just like to say ..

Dr. Hedden has been great. He is so professional. Anytime I get paranoid thinking something is wrong, he is always there to answer any questions I have and be there for me, even though I am an out of town patient. I recommend him to everyone!

Incision site while laying down, right after removing strips

How do they look to you guys? I'm always so paranoid!? This is right after pulling my strips off, and laying down in picture.

Boobies & Question...

First booby pictures without tape. How did everyone's scars feel at one month ? Mine feel kind of irate when I sit and they touch against my skin. They are a little red in spots, but I can't tell if it's marks from stitches or what?

I went bra shopping

So I finally went bra shopping. It was fun:) I found a few bras but my favorite is definitely the sports bra from walmart that you can wear with low cut shirts, and so comfy. Only 5 dollars:) The Victoria secret one is a 34 c but it's safe to say it's a little small and my boobs haven't dropped yet. So I'm possibly a D?

Doctor photos!

Before and after. Goodness, the before picture makes me cringe lol. The little crease on the inside of my breast is from my old breast crease, which is fading more and more everyday. But the lighting in this picture makes it show. Dr. Hedden said I look great and that I'm healing nicely!:) He gave me exactly what I wanted. He said they will drop alot more and look more natural. I'm so happy with them! And so happy that I chose him for my surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Hedden!!

Feeling great! :)

Not much to update

I'm feeling pretty good. I still like to wear sports bras because they are so comfy. I was told that I need to continue to wear a sports bra when I sleep, for atleast a year, to help support my breasts while I sleep. When I first started sleeping on my side again, it was at about 3 weeks. It was comfortable sleeping on my right side, but it was still a little uncomfortable sleeping on my left. Now I sleep however I want and I'm comfortable. I continue to do my massages everytime I think about it. It feels good to move them around. I'm still waiting for my boobs to drop completely. It's so nice that I can put on a sports bra with zero padding in it, and my body look proportionate in close, without even trying. I got the exact look I wanted. And if I put on a sports bra with a small bit of padding, just to hide my nipplea, they look AMAZING. They have the naturally plump look. I can never get great pictures because of the lighting in my house, but I try to post what I can to give you guys an idea of my progress. I seriously can't wait to see how they look in a bikini. I will post pictures for sure :) it's getting pretty outside, it looks like it's about time! My husband just stares at my boobs like :0 . Which isn't what I expected:) and I love it. He was always happy with my boobs before the surgery, but now he can't keep his eyes off of me. It really gives you that confidence a woman needs! Xoxo

Being patient.

Its hard to be patient waiting for my breasts to drop completely. They are still kind of high, but are starting to drop more and round out some. But I'm so grateful to finally have boobs, that I really don't even care lol. Thanks for all of the kind words ladies. All of the compliments are so uplifting!:) xoxo


One thing I noticed, when I'm laying back in the bath tub, I can only raise my right arm so high, and then it won't go any higher, like it's tugging on my breast. It makes it very hard to wash my haute hair. Did anyone else have this happen? Also, I decided to start tanning to get some color for the summer, but I hAve no clue what to use to cover my scars ? Any suggestions?

Before and after

Here's a before and after in my favorite bralette. Too bad I won't be able to wear it anymore, my nipples are about to come out, and they still have some dropping to do. I tried on all of my old bras and bikinis. They are definitely way too small now. But that's ok, that just means it's time to buy some new ones!:)

Update. Almost 7 weeks post op

So I am feeling great! It is so nice to say that I am feeling completely back to normal and feeling back to myself with no uncomfortable places at all. The only thing that hasn't gone back to normal is , there are still numb spots under my breasts on both sides. The scars are feeling good. I'm COMFORTABLE guys! I couldn't wait to be able to say that. No annoying padded bras. Just comfy sports bras, and hopefully some new wire bras soon:) I'm so happy with my decision to have a breast augmentation. I hope things continue to go this smoothly!

Before and after in same bra!

Comparison picture

The left picture is me at 19 days post. The right is me at 6 weeks. They have dropped some:) and have dropped even more since this picture was taken. I'm still having some itchy skin every now and then from the stretching. I'll be glad when that is done. But I am SO happy now with the size that I chose. In the beginning I was thinking that I probably shouldve went with 550 cc instead of 500. But now I'm glad I went with 500 because I think 550 mightve been too much on my body type. Just very very happy! :)

Forgot to add these. Scars at 2 months

Here are my scars at almost 2 months. I haven't had the chance to put anything on them to fade them. But thats okay, no one will see them except my husband anyway:)

Getting rounder

At almost 2 months my breasts are so much softer. They are squishy like natural breasts. They bounce alot! I'm in love with them! :)

Freaking out! Question!!

In a few days I will be 2 months post op. I have had a light rash for the past few weeks, nothing bad, just small little bumps on the bottom of my breasts that itch a little. It just feels like a small heat rash, and it has DEFINITELY been hot outside. When I called my doctor, the nurse said that I need to put on a looser bra. So I did and it has been getting a little better, less itchy. But hasn't gone away. NOW, I have this bump that came up on the end of my incision , to the right of the picture. It is freaking me out and I am so scared that I could be an infection forming! Has anyone had this happen? I am terrified! Anyone?

Update and new bra

Alright guys, so I went to the doctor because I was a little concerned about the bump on my incision. I previously thought it was an abcess stitch. But the doctor said it wasnt, and that it was actually irritated from the heat and from sweating around the incision. So he prescribed some cream and it's actually looking alot better. :) so I got a new non-padded sports bra and I am in love with it. It is an under armour bra and is SO comfortable and gives amazing cleavage. I HAVE to buy more of these. It was only 20 dollars! Happy healing beauties! :)

Officially 2 months and 4 days post

I meant to post this picture with the two month picture. :)

So at 2 months I am feeling great. Wearing tank tops without all of those padded bra straps has been great. So comfortable in those sports bras! Have I mentioned that the decision to get my breasts done is the best one ever!!? :)

Comparison Picture

19 days post on the left. 2 months and 4 days on the right. They've dropped so much! I still have alot of fluffing to do, but it's great seeing progress:)

Breast insurance info.

Okay ladies. I've had alot of questions about the breast insurance so I wanted to give you guys a little bit more information on getting breast insurance. I had the option of getting 2 months , 4 months, 6 months, or one year of breast insurance. I picked one year just to be safe. Which ended up costing me around 240 or 260 extra. Which was definitely worth it to me, and of course if you pick insurance for a less amount of time , it'll be cheaper than that. The insurance is supposed to help pay for complications like CC , infections , ruptured implants and things like that. I hope not to ever have to worry about complications, but If I do, I want it to be covered. I hope this helps you guys a little with your plan after sugery. So ladies, if you can afford it, get the insurance!! You won't regret it :)

New pictures in bra

12 week update

So at twelve weeks I am feeling good. My boobs feel like MY boobs now. One thing that I will mention though, is my right breast still has lots of numbness from the Nipple down. Another thing, is I feel like I still have air bubbles in my left breast. Like when I move my arm around, it's almost like a light sloshing feeling. Anyone know when that goes away? The bubbles aren't in my right breast anymore. Just wanted to do a quick update for you ladies. Xoxo

Okay guys. Lets talk! Did any of you post op ladies go through this? SEX

First off, to all of you who have just had their surgery or have just scheduled theirs, CONGRATS!:) So I'm just going to jump right to it and talk about the one thing that no one wants to talk about; sex. I have always been the type to ALWAYS be down for sex with my husband. Even if I wasn't totally in the mood, I knew it was only a matter of time before I WAS in the mood, so I never turned my husband down. Well the first time I had sex after my surgery, was amazing! (Like I've explained in past posts). But suddenly, my sex drive has gone down hill. I am totally and 100 percent sexually attracted to my husband in every way. (He's a 10 for sure ;D ) But it's just my sex drive. Like I feel like i could literally go the rest of my life without sex, and be ok with it. That's NEVER been me. If anything, I've always wanted sex even more than my husband did. Could the breast implants be causing this? Will it ever change? Just a few things that I have been asking myself. It didn't happen until after my surgery. Let's talk girls! Tell me I'm not alone. Xoxo

Old lingerie

I put on my old lingerie and it's safe to say it doesn't fit and I need more :)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hedden has been great. He is so professional. Anytime I get paranoid thinking something is wrong, he is always there to answer any questions I have and be there for me, even though I am an out of town patient. I recommend him to everyone! He is an amazing doctor!

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