TUBA--BEST decision I have EVER made.

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Hey ladies, I am 32yrs old, 5'4 & 137 lbs. I'm...

Hey ladies, I am 32yrs old, 5'4 & 137 lbs. I'm getting my boobs done very, saline mods or mod+ with TUBA. I'm torn between 350/375/400cc's. I don't want to be too large, but I also don't want to be small. I have sort of broad shoulders & wide hips. Right now I wear a 34A. Really I should wear a 32A, but they seem too tight & I feel like I can't breathe. Anyway, I can't decide on the size. I've looked at tons of pics, but everyone is so different. I'm also torn between partial unders & over. I think I'm leaning towards partial unders. My husband was no help when I was trying on sizers. I've done the rice test & I feel like I like the 375's. I want to be a full C, or even a D. Please Help!

Hey, Ladies! I have 8 more full days to get...

Hey, Ladies! I have 8 more full days to get through, and then it's my BIG DAY! I received my Pre & Post Op Surgery Vitamins from Makemeheal.com. It's 3 pills per day for 2 weeks prior to surgery, or 3 pills twice per day, 7 days before surgery. They come in convenient little one dose packs, they are easy to swallow, so to me, they are worth the $60. I'll really know their worth if I have minimal pain, swelling & bruising after surgery.
I also received my Extra Support, Front Zip sports bra from Under Armor, $36.99. A Very comfy & not too hot bra. I hate bras that make you hot. And I picked up a few packs of Fruit of the Loom sports bras from Walmart. Can't go wrong when you get 3/$10 & they are cute colors, plus one pack had lace at the top. Perfect for work. I also bought a front close, all cotton Fruit of the Loom bra, $10. And a deep plunge, front clasp Danskin sports bra, for going out. All very comfy & I won't have to wait on laundry to have a clean bra. Major bonus!

Ok. These vitamins...are amazing! They make me...

Ok. These vitamins...are amazing! They make me feel so good! I normally take Alive vitamins & they work pretty well, but these have something special in them. All it contains is 1 MultiVitamin, 1 Ester-C & 1 Zinc-Chelate. I wake up in the best mood & I have plenty of energy all day long.
I would highly recommend these vitamins!

I spoke with the nurse yesterday for preop...

I spoke with the nurse yesterday for preop instructions. I've had hbp in the past, I'm on medicine for it now. If the bottom number is over 90, my surgery will be postponed. :(
Normally it's not that high, but I get very nervous around drs. I'm keeping a log of all my stats, to show how it really is normal.....I just get so dang nervous!!!! I pray I can remain calm. If I have to reschedule this I may have a nervous breakdown! I know, my heart is way more important than boobs, but when all you've wanted since you were a teenager was to have normal sized boobs, to have to postpone is a little depressing.

I received all of my papers in the mail today. The...

I received all of my papers in the mail today. The official contract, disclaimers...do's & don't..about 7 or so pages of everything that I can't take, or eat. I think I'm safe with Tylenol, water & bland chicken. lol..The list is SO LONG!! Reading through all that paperwork & signing everything that I didn't have any questions about really makes this seem more real. 3 more full days....

And I saw that I'm definitely getting unders. We'll decide the final size on Wednesday!

FINALLY! Never again will I need another padded bra. What a great feeling.

I always have extreme anxiety before something huge. I was the same way when we bought our first house. I was so worried about everything that I had no joy when we signed the papers. It's so draining!

I'm calling my PS Monday to talk to them about that. I don't want a false hbp reading because of my nerves.

After I go to sleep tomorrow night, I will finally...

After I go to sleep tomorrow night, I will finally be able to wear a bra that isn't so padded. And to think I can wear a sports bra without a padded bra underneath is just unreal!
A lot of people have a ba to get back what they used to have, before kids or whatever. I'm doing it to finally have something I don't have to be ashamed of. I can't even begin to describe what a relief this is.
Thank you so much to all the ladies out there who have shared their stories & shared priceless advice & support. I don't know what I would've done without this site.

As far as my blood pressure goes, it's fine. I check it all the time at home, it's always in the normal range. I've been trying out a few relaxation methods, the main one is deep breaths. Slow, deep breaths. And to sit up straight & have your arm fully supported while measuring.
I'm really excited! It's almost time.

I have to be at my PS's office at 6:30am. Oh.My...

I have to be at my PS's office at 6:30am. Oh.My.Gosh! I can't believe this is finally happening. I feel like I'm about to fall over with excitement. Seriously, breathing is hard. I just want to run around screaming!!!

Surgery is over! got home around 10:30. After a...

Surgery is over! got home around 10:30. After a very long nap, I relocated to living room. I can't stay in my bed all day. I tried to take a few pics, but there is no way I can get this bra back on. . Lol, maybe later. I feel like there is an elephant on my chest. My blood pressure was fine after my hubby left the room. Go figure. Thank God I took someone's advice a d bought bendy straws! Those have been a lifesaver. Right now I'm laid up with 4 ice packs on every side of my boobs.
They are sitting high, but I still love them. Kinda too good to be true. :)

This is uncomfortable! BUT, Valium, pain meds,...

This is uncomfortable! BUT, Valium, pain meds, lots of ice packs & walking around has helped. I called to see if I could stretch my arms a little to the side & over my head was ok. Bc when it feels super tight it helps. After ice of course. I can't explain how great this feels! The discomfort & pain is so worth the results.

I went with 350 mod+ filled to 400. I love the size! Hopefully it hasn't swollen too much yet, so the size won't go down a lot. YAY!! I still can't believe it. I feel not to bad today, I'm sure tomorrow & Friday will be worse though. Walking around helps. I can't stress that enough. DO NOT BEND OVER! And it's hard to get up by myself, I guess I use my arms to do that more than I thought. I'm going to try to post more pics, for some reason it never want to load my pics.

Please excuse any typos. We all know that smart...

Please excuse any typos. We all know that smart phones' auto correct plus being on strong meds can cause quite a few typos.
Moderators: please let us edit a post. Even if its just a couple of words.

And MAJOR Kudos to anyone who had this done &...

And MAJOR Kudos to anyone who had this done & experienced very little pain. I guess I'm a sissy when it comes to pain. The Valium & ice has helped more than than anything, but it doesn't take the discomfort away. Only makes it tolerable.

Whew! You guys weren't kidding about this morning...

Whew! You guys weren't kidding about this morning boob. I'm still in bed bc I'm afraid to get up. My meds are in the other room. :/
Never again. Where I go, they will follow. :)

First post-op appointment is at 8:30 today. Going to have to manage bathing someway. Even if its just a bird bath, lol. That's the polite way to say that. :)

Day 2 Post-Op: I have my ups & downs. Morning boob...

Day 2 Post-Op: I have my ups & downs. Morning boob and night boob is the worst! The Valium-5mg helps the most, in my opinion. I'm taking them every 6 hours, Lortab-10mg every 4-6 hours, Promethazine-25mg if I start to feel sick, and I started my ZPAC 250mg today. And lots & lots of ice packs. My husband wet & froze some washcloths, I put them in my bra & it feels so good. Doesn't last long, but still helps. I was putting it over my whole boob, but my nurse told me today not to do that b/c I can get frostbite on my nips & it causes huge blisters. No m'am...I don't want that happening.

They are swollen and pretty hard, but I know that will change. All this pain & discomfort will be totally worth it. I'm only saying positive things, so I'll be in a good state of mind. Well, I'm trying my best to anyway.

Today I can feel the stitches in my belly button & were they went under the skin in my tummy, it feels like it's sunburned. The PS told me to take some Benadryl, b/c I had an allergic reaction to the tape & so it's pretty sore. I just have to keep an eye on it. If it gets worse, I have to call them.

Whoever has said they did this and only took Tylenol is my hero. Seriously. I don't know how in the world you could do that.

Me slowly & gently lifting my arms up and out for super slow stretches has helped a lot too. It helps with the tightness.

I'm trying to stay ahead of the pain with my meds, but I'm in enough pain to take it when the time comes.

I'm sure I've repeated myself a lot of times, but please forgive me.

OH MY GOSH!!! Anyone considering have a BA,...

OH MY GOSH!!! Anyone considering have a BA, please, please, please, if you are able to, find a PS that goes in through the belly button (TUBA), IT IS AWESOME!!! My surgery was Wednesday & I feel really good today. I also slept on the couch with my incline pillow,bc it's easier to get up & go to the restroom. I've been stretching my arms as much as I can since the day of surgery & it has helped. Lots & Lots of ice too. I'm not sure if you can stretch your arms with any other incision.

And the Make Me Heal pre & post op vitamins are AMAZING!!!! I can't stress that enough. So if you are considering BA, you Have to get those!!

I can't believe how well I'm doing. I wish I could give some of my wellness to my girl, ThatGirl8. I would take some of her pain in a heartbeat.

I felt well enough to do a little shopping today....

I felt well enough to do a little shopping today. Driving wasn't that bad either. I went after I took a nap & slept some of my meds off. I was gone about 3 hours, then I needed to take my meds again, so I came home. I can slowly put on tshirts & things like that. A shower was easy enough.
It's got to be bc of these vitamins, the fact I had TUBA, so there was no muscle that was cut, no cut nerves & no cuts around my breasts. Where they went through my tummy, on top of the muscle, it just feels like a sunburn. That's it. I can stretch my arms without worrying about ripping stitches. I think that helps. And lots of ice. I'm sure the pain pills & Valium are a lot of the reason I don't feel horrible too.

I'm really tired of wearing this girdle too! I can...

I'm really tired of wearing this girdle too! I can stop wearing it Thursday, just to be on the safe side.

Someone please tell me that these puppies will get...

Someone please tell me that these puppies will get larger once they drop & fluff. I don't think they are so swollen, I keep ice on them as much as possible. I just hope my muscle will stretch & give them some more room. I've also only been wearing black bras, so I'm going to switch to white & see if that helps me see their true size too. Darn boob greed! LOL

Ouchie! I just had a couple of sharp shooting...

Ouchie! I just had a couple of sharp shooting pains in my left nipple. It left as fast as it came, but it made me stop what I was doing. I wasn't ready for that. I think it's normal, but I'll call the dr tomorrow to be sure.

First day back at work today....this is painful!...

First day back at work today....this is painful! It's fine as long as you have your meds, but if you can't take them, it's awful!
I wish I could use ice packs at work, but I can't. Tylenol barely takes the edge off. I have a couple of pain pills left, I use those at night. But the tightness & muscle spasms are NO FUN!!

I wish my muscles would loosen up already. If I...

I wish my muscles would loosen up already. If I make a wrong move, or reach the wrong way, it feels AWFUL! And then out of nowhere, it will feel like I got tazed or something. My chest muscles hurt.....big time. Tylenol helps with the overall boobache, but I just feel extremely tense in my chest. My skin feels super tight, which I'm sure it is. But going back to work & carrying on with normal life isn't as easy as it was when I could relax, take my meds & rest all day.
By the time I got home this afternoon, my boobs were aching so badly! I couldn't wait to get to my pillow with my ice packs.
I don't know if it's nerve pain or what, but these volts of electricity stop me in my tracks. Is this normal???

I was able to stop wearing my girdle today. I felt naked without it. And the steri-strips on my belly button are starting to come off, so I just trim the edges that have lifted.

If I could get rid of the tightness & muscle-ache, I'd be fine.

Even after all of this though, it's still worth it to finally have a chest that I'm not ashamed to claim as my own.


Whatever you do, DO NOT LIFT YOUR ARMS OVER YOUR HEAD TO GO INTO A FULL STRETCH!!! I needed to stretch & did without thinking. NEVER AGAIN! The pain about brought me to my knees. I stopped as soon as it hurt, but boy did it hurt!

I've also wondered about the strap to help them...

I've also wondered about the strap to help them drop sooner, but I def don't want to bottom out.

I do have full feeling everywhere. There is no part of my breast that is numb. Another plus of having TUBA.

I'm feeling much better, almost 100% now. My boobs...

I'm feeling much better, almost 100% now. My boobs no longer feel weird, I'm used to them now, they feel like a part of me, not something strange. I do check them out every time I walk past a mirror though. Lol. They change everyday & are looking so good.
The GENIE BRA IS AMAZING!! So comfy!! Only $10 at Walmart, I highly recommend it after your surgical bra. I love it so much, I bought 2.
I'm still sleeping on an incline & I still get morning boob. By the end of the workday, I'm ready to go home & rest. I'm anxious to get back to my gardening. My plants need me. Lol

I also measured myself. My band is 30 inches, the...

I also measured myself. My band is 30 inches, the bust is 37.

OMG!! So I just went to this website....

OMG!! So I just went to this website..


And I plugged in my measurements & my new bra size thus far is a 30G!!! I'm not buying any bras until they drop & fluff, but my bust measurement was 37 no matter which part I measured on my breast. Even though that sounds huge, it's about what fits your breast the best. The support comes from the band, not the straps. I've got to get some good bras, I can't have any sagging going on. I haven't sagged in 32 yrs, I'm not going to start now. lol
When I do go shopping, I'm going to try the Panache line. They have a wider underwire, which is best for Mods or Mod + profile.

Everything has been pretty easy lately. I'm still...

Everything has been pretty easy lately. I'm still not doing any heavy lifting, but I was able to push up from lying on the couch on my side using my arm yesterday. That felt like the biggest accomplishment.
I'm still tired by the end of the work day, but nowhere near the way it used to be. I'll also get sudden aches, dull & sharp pains from time to time & sometimes just an overall boob ache. If its during work, I'll take some Tylenol. If I'm at home, I'll get some ice packs (I still love ice packs!) and take half a Valium and it goes away. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm getting there.

16days postoperative pic


Massages work

I've been doing my massages, actually just applying pressure on the implant in different places, and I can see a huge difference already. Love the size b/c I can be modest if I want, or play it up very easily. Super supportive sports bras help hold everything down. Loving this!! The massages hurt, but they are worth it. I just take some advil before & it's manageable.

Hope you ladies are healing happily as well. :)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

It's comforting to know that you are in good hands, with someone who practices new procedures(TUBA) every single day. Super sweet guy! And one more thing I love about this dr, at the last minute I told him I wanted 400cc or 425cc, whatever he thought looked best. He sat me down & said, "I may think you would look great in 500cc's, but that may not be what looks good TO YOU. You need to decide what size you are comfortable with, the size that you think looks good." This meant a lot to me. Many PS's make decisions for the patients & the patients aren't happy with the results. He made sure that what I got was what I wanted. And I am very satisfied. He's such an amazing, highly talented surgeon. If you are on the fence about who to choose as your PS, you won't regret Dr Hedden! I am very happy with the outcome, Dr Hedden is very talented. I JUST WISH I WOULD'VE GONE BIGGER!!!!!

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