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I have been awaiting this day for almost 6 years...

I have been awaiting this day for almost 6 years now and my time has finally come. After 3 years of research on doctors and results of patients, thanks to realself.com, I chose, Dr. Hedden.

Thus far, the staff has been patient and kind, and also very responsive to my emails. Dr. Hedden has been very straight forward with his opinion regarding whether or not a lift is needed.

I'm a 33 year old mother of 3 and the only time I have ever really enjoyed the look of my breasts if after giving birth. I'm 5'6 and 180 lbs. I'm told that I'm a 38c but I don't see it. However, I'd like to be a full D, high profile. For a change, I'd like to be shapely in a bikini and feel confident about it. Hopefully, Dr. Hedden will relieve me of my insecurities.

6 hours away and I can't sleep. I met with the...

6 hours away and I can't sleep. I met with the nursing staff and Dr. Hedden today and my consult was amazing. Dr. Hedden was very straight forward and advised that I should do a small nipple lift in order to correct my symmetry. I still want a natural look so I have decided to do 450 cc's and saline. I'm very excited.

Surgery was definitely not what I expected. It...

Surgery was definitely not what I expected. It exceeded my expectations. I initially met with the nurse and then my anesthesiologist just to go over my history and prep for surgery. After meeting with the two, I met with Dr. Hedden to go over final choices and to do my markings. By the way, I decided to do a Periareola Lift to get a more round looking result. I kissed the hubby and headed to the surgery room.

Dr. Garvey (anesthesiologist) truly is a nice guy. He made sure I was completely comfortable. After making sure I was warm enough, I woke up in recovery and putting on clothes to leave.

I was quite groggy the first couple of hours. Currently I have only experienced tightness and sharp shooting pain near the incision area. Nothing excruciating though.

I've been in and out of sleep since 10 a.m. I did eat lunch. However, I went straight to sleep after. At 7 p.m., per Dr. Hedden's instructions, I did get up and walked around. Well, I got on the treadmill at a very low speed of 1.8 for 30 minutes.

I've only had one pain pill which was 2 hours after surgery. But for the most part, I FEEL LIKE A CHAMP. My only complaint is finding a comfortable sleeping spot on my back and sitting up.

I go back for a follow up tomorrow. Dr. Hidden and his staff are great!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery.

Well.....it's Monday and I'm well enough to be...

Well.....it's Monday and I'm well enough to be back in the office. I haven't taken any pain meds and last night was probably the best sleep on my back in the recliner. Thus far, I am so happy with my results. I can't wait until they drop a nd I can go bra shopping!
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