550cc HP silicone 5 weeks PO & Looking Good!

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I'm ecstatic! Petite frame; 5' 127lbs currently...

I'm ecstatic! Petite frame; 5' 127lbs currently 34A (yuck), desire to be a full C/borderline D (450-500cc's??? - I don't know), Silicone. My fear is too not go big enough, and later have regrets. About me: I've been wanting to get a BA for what seems like forever and now my dream will soon be a reality. I have 5 children ages 13-24. I was a teen mom, at age, so It's been a long time coming. My husband was always against PS, until our recent trip to the nude beach in St Marteen, that is..We've been several times, but he must have seen something different this go around. LoL! Whatever works! At that very moment he finally jumped on board. Since, I've been obsessively researching reputable PS's for BA & TT. My initial plan was to get a total MM, considered teaming up with a good friend & going to the DR Dr Robles. Her TT lines are amazing (low , thin & not hip to hip & aggressive contouring with her lipo) and of course prices were just as amazing. However, After much thought and deliberation my friend & I (including our hubby's), decided leaving the of country for SX was too risky (too many factors to consider). My next option for a full MM was Salama in MIA. His work was compatible to Robles, but coordinating dates was like solving a puzzle blind folded. But, his staff tried. I was basically on a wait list to have SX this summer, therefore planning would have been too complicated (last min air, hotel, etc). I will later schedule a TT with Salama, in advance time though(my friend is getting her MM with him next week-I'm so excited for her!).The only time I can have SX is summer b/c I'm off work in the summer..so I knew Dr Hedden was my guy for my BA! Plus he's only a few hours away from Atl. I decided to split the SX, scheduling Dr Hedden to do my BA. Throughout my extensive research Dr Hedden was my top 3. I've read awesome reviews on him as well (all thanks to my fellow RealSelf'ers). I also received great credential feed back from the State Board on him. His BA's look great, great background, and great reviews. ??? So, I'm confident & super excited!


9 days to go!

Time is rapidly approaching. I had my over the phone health history interview phone call today, and I was given my pre op instructions via eml. This past weekend, I was trying on bathing suits I purchased last summer; but never wore. My poor boobs...sad, sad, case. My family and I vacation a lot; and all I kept thinking was..."Our next island vacation I will be Boob ready!!" All the years of having a complex when wearing bathing suits, will be gone (well except for my Tummy, but that's next on the list and I can camouflage until). I will soon be set free from the "A" cup saggy boob club, hoping a D-DD?. ........still pondering on what size & profile to get, but I have a hand full of pics to show my doctor. So, we'll see.

2 days!!! Pre op tomorrow!!

Starting to get anxious! I've been so busy I haven't had time to focus on the SX. Well I guess I better start focusing cause it's here. I started by having my hub take bathing suit pics for ole time sake. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!! This chic cannot wait!! Just so you know...I always wore the silicone fillers in my bathing suit boob part to give me a somewhat of a boost. Talk about stressful and so not sexy in this 40 yr old bod. I'm beyond ready! A shout gram to d37, for Sharing a wealth of insight abt the facility & awesome staff, Pre op pointers, hotel info, expectations on SX day, after and much more.. I feel like I can now do this blind folded. ;-) Jk.

I'm ready...less than 24hrs to go!! YIKES!

Arrived in Birmingham today, Had my per op. Let me first say, the facility is exquisite...top class (for the lack of words). I mean something you'd find in Beverly Hills. Considering interior designing is my forte, I was extremely impressed. Dr Hedden...very nice guy. He knows his stuff, obviously. As everyone says..Penny is a sweet heart, as the same for everyone I met there. Dr Hedden reccommed I go BIG, due to my slight asymmetry and crease difference which he is going to attempt to correct during SX.. That's all I needed to hear (GO BIG) so I'm considering 550-600. Keep in mind, I have a petite frame. Profile will be selected tomorrow before SX...oh SX is at 6:30am. Happy tht I'll be first. Got my meds filled, got my zip sports bra, hub and I just ate a great seafood dinner, took off all of my jewelry and now I'm chilling drinking green tea and winding down, getting read to read my book. The hotel I'm at is phenomial, Hampton Suites on Farley, a few mins from the facility and its located conveniently to shopping stores and many restaurants, movie theater, walgress (where I filled my SX) all within walking distance....excellent suggestion by another RealSelfer (thank you...wink). Well...wish me luck. I can't believe I'm not nervous. Which means a rush of anxiety will confront me in the morning. Thanks to each of you that gave input or that shared your experience to help get me to this point. Bye for now......until post op.

As requested, I've been granted w/ Perky Boob!

My SX was at 6:30am. The process was extremely fast..no wait time. I registered again, Carol called me back to sign paperwork regarding the silicone implants; then checked my vitals.

As soon as she walked out, Hedden came directly in to reconfirm the size, silicone or saline, and where the incision was going to be. He marked me up, opened the floor for question, left and the anesthesiologist came in . He inserted my IV (the best insert of a IV I've had...hardly felt it). Got my feel of a good potion going through my veins..ooolala :) (forgot his name, but he was cool).

Shortly after He left, Carol called my hubby back to give me a kiss, comfy socks & pray before they walked me to the operating room.

I laid on the table, they gave me a warm blanket, injected the "potent" stuff in my IV.......and woke up in recovery.

I woke up shivering, Kim, RN injected lortab in my IV to help subside the pain and shiver, I was experiencing. Kim dressed me, wheel chaired me out, hubby was waiting and they both assisted me getting in the truck.

Our hotel is literally 3 mins from the facility, which is a perk. A suggestion, fill percrips the day of your preop, so you don't have to wait or run into problems the day of SX (pointer from a Realself'er). I needed my meds as soon as I returned to the hotel...if I had to wait, I prob would've pulled my hair out. After I took my meds, I was fast to sleep (cat nap) but woke up feeling great! totally not what I expected. My hub made me a ice bag and applied it when i was sleep to control swelling. We left out to go eat dinner. I took 1/2 pills to be on the safe side. Other than that I feel fabulous! The sports bra I have under amour zip front is a 34dd. Natrelle 550 ccs. HP,smooth round. They are ridding quite high, so hopefully they'll drop soon. Crossing fingers. For the past hour my boobs are very swollen and hard as a brick, sort of reminds me of the discomfort I experienced when my breast were full of milk during the breast feeding era (long ago). I'm applying ice..it's helping with pain, but not with swelling.

I was also I instructed to take deep breaths throughout the duration of the day. I'll post pics Tom (before or during my post op). I believe he is going to wrap me tomorrow with a band to assist with dropping. That's a recap.. Ta ta for now, lovely ladies.

PO day 1

I'm ridding really high & occasional swelling which freaked me out. Dr Hedden assured me they will drop in place and fill out areas that need filling. He gave me a band but instructed me not to wear it for two weeks. No massaging, as it would cause bleeding. I don't have to wear a sports bra at home (care free). Penny his nurse told me after SX women responses are either, OMG I love them or OMG Frankenstein Boob! But, after weeks of settling they all become to love them. Dr Hedden told me to drink lots of water and gatorade and apply ice when necessary. He wants me back in 3 weeks. So far so good..I'm mobile and basically pain free. My hubby woke me up to take meds, to keep them going consistently. However Morning Boob does suck. I guess now, I'll follow Drs orders and record my results. Penny suggested take a pic each day in the same place/background to follow my progression. I love Penny BTW. She's super cool! That's it for now my RS Friends! Smooches.

One more pic

Almost one week PO and I'm feeling great

I've decided to take weekly pics, so I can see progress. So, far so good. Very min pain. Although I tried vacuuming the other day...wrong move. I found that out really fast. I'm only taking muscle relaxers at night. Morning boob is getting a bit better. I think they are dropping, setting in a bit. Trying to have patience. I keep hearing the swoosh sound in my left boob...sound icky and annoying. I hope it subsides soon. I did read, that it's normal. I want to start working out again, but I know my boobs can't sustain that right now. So, walking may have to do for now. I try to wear my sports bra during the day when I'm out, and when I'm home just a tank top without a bra, per Dr Hedden's orders. However, I do sleep with the sports bra (not zipped all the way up) since I lay on my back, I want the girls supported. But, again I feeling great going on PO week 1.

Friday 6/21 was week 1. Doing great, and looking greater.

OMG, although my boobs haven't set in yet and are still riding high, I still feel such a boost of confidence. ESP after going to the beach this weekend and actually not having to put gel/silicone inserts in my bathing suit top to give me a little perk (literal). All the years of having a lack of boob complex, has now come to a revival of boob confidence. Like I stated, I know they are riding high, but I hope they don't get smaller. Praying they don't...and i don't want them to really drop much either. Just settle in the capsule, so they can look perfect and natural. Again, I have under muscle 550 HP Naturelle. Pain has subsided for the most part, I don't take any pain meds.

Often times I get the tingling/pins sensation and the engorgement feeling, but nothing I can't handle based on the trade off. ;-) Plus hanging 5 children, this is a walk the park. I would say the worst part is having to sleep on my Back all the time, but again....the inconvenience is so worth it. Dr Hedden wants me to start massaging and wearing the strap, at two weeks, so that'll be this Friday. His concern with massaging earlier, was to prevent bleeding (internally). I wear my sports bra around the clock, except when I went to the beach, but I made sure my top was tight and secure. Other than that....just patiently waiting..and hoping they stay perky. :-)

************Typo to 6/21 I week PO review:" having" not hanging*******

***omg...I wish we had editing capabilities...CORRECTION I did not Hang five children, I had (delivered) Five children. LMBO..Sigh.

18 Days Post Op

Still so far so good ladies. Dropping quite a bite, I hope they stay projected while still forming in their capsule. Initially my doc advised that I wear the band at my two week post op mark which was Friday; but since they seem to be dropping I'm concerned the strap will force them down more than I'm hoping. I shot him an email with pics; so I'll wait to hear back from him in regards. With clothes on and just a sports bra they look fabulous. Cleavage is a good thing! Haha.

I've been getting so much attention, and so many compliments. Which at first gave me a complex, because I assumed people knew automatically which they prob do, but now I really don't care. They are a part of me, so I might as well flaunt.

Still some sporadic tingling..but rare. Forgot to mention the last time that I still have nipple sensation which was a biggie too me. In fact, it has intensified (yippie).

The bonding tape is still on as you can see. It's driving me bonkers, because its dirty...I hate seeing that. Bugs me big time. Apparently it will fall off, when ready (at least that's what my husband said; B/c I was out of it after surgery-lol). But, that area is still tender which is to be expected. After showering I always use the cool setting of my hair dryer to dry that area; to evaporate some of the moisture from under the tape.

I guess that's all for now. Cha-Cha (or shall I say, Ta-Ta..lol).

550cc's and loving them!! Almost 4 wks PO.

Not much to update, still loving them. Adding a few random pics in a sports bra, and cami.

5 weeks PO...here's a timeline of pics. WOW is all I can say!

Well...hitting my 5 week PO anniversary already. I'm still wearing sports bras, I will get fitted for a bra when I return home. My scars look good, my hubby was taken back when he took a peek at it the other day. His response was.."where is it?!?"
I'm now able to sleep comfortably on my side now. They are really starting to feel like mines now. Still a little weird sensitivity at the lower/bottom part of my left, but no biggie. The only one thing I can complain about are my pre-stretch marks are visible (boooo to stretch marks!!) since all swelling is gone, but I'm still applying the vitamin E oil to my boobs daily to prevent new ones from appearing. I'm also applying to the incision scar.

I'll be sending my doc pics, since they can't get me in until mid Aug for a follow up.

All is good...Happy with my size, happy with my progress thus far.

550 cc HP - Per Request - Pic of Scar

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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