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My exciting day is scheduled for August 7th. I...

My exciting day is scheduled for August 7th. I have wanted boobs forever, or so it seems...I got some while pregnant with my son, very short lived though. After breast feeding for a year and them deflating, I wished they would have never filled out. So, needless to say I have lived the past nine years with horrible, ugly boobs which was worse than itty bitty small ones. My husband, just like many others says they are fine the way they are. Yeah, with a VS push-up bra and a shirt over them. I can't say he hasn't been supportive through my journey, nonetheless, he was taking pictures at my consultations while trying on the sizers. He says he's happy with them, I'm sure he'll be ecstatic with the new and improved ones.

I have done lots of research and went to 3 consultations before deciding on a PS. I have decided to go with saline, round, MP implants under the muscle...saline more for peace of mind, than any other reason. If they do develop a leak I want to be fully aware. However, I am still kinda stumped on how many CC's to get. I am 31 yrs old, 5'4" and weigh 115lbs. My current bra size is 34B, push-up style! I'm wanting to by full C, small D. I don't want huge ones, but I do want them to be big. So, at first I said 475, but at my pre-op I changed my mind to 500 because I've read that you lose 25 cc's by going under the muscle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As the day gets closer I am getting more anxious and nervous, with this being my biggest concern.

I'd also like to thank all of the ladies who have shared their experiences on here, they have helped me tremendously! So, it was only fair I'd share mine.

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