got my boobs today

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Are there any March 2016 breast augmentations...

Are there any March 2016 breast augmentations ladies out here? Would love to hear your stories & follow. My surgery is Scheduled for April 7th with Dr. Hedden in Alabama!!! I'm nervous but excited I hear he is wonderful. I pray he's art shows well on me. Scared but excited to be doing something to please me

Breast April 7th

Breast Augumentation April 7th Ready Happy & Nervous!!! I'm about to have breast... Dr Hedden please put a work of art on me.

Consultation today!!!

I'm torn between saline & silicone!! I hear saline has a silicone shell but also silicone is in a silicone shell. Saline is easier to install and remove with smaller cuts but flat chest immediately.Silicone larger cuts but more natural , no deflating, & every other year MRI 1000+ dollars to check for failure.. Omg help me advise but finally decision will be mine

Surgery 4/7/16

Surgery Day 1: arrival time 630
Went to back at 730.
Dr Hedden came in right away still nice!! Well he ask again what size to confirm, then he drew marks on me. Also he reiterated again that 550 would look good but also it depends on my breast tissue. So I understood that if 550 was to much for my skin he wound downsize my 50cc. Ladies I woke up in milk pain with 550cc. I was given ginger ale & Sprite, my clothes were put on but yes I helped her dress me. No nausea & when I left first stop was pharmacy, Walmart then hotel call Candlewood. I love this hotel! Close to Dr Hedded, stores and restaurants. I'm ice packing every 15 mins, eating no nausea, walking, pretty much taking care of my self. Yes my sister is here but I believe I need to do all I can except left anything over 10lbs.
7:00 April 7 out at restaurant eating. Filling pretty good today!! I hear day 2 & 3 are the worst!!! Will keep you posted

Update day 4????? 4/11/16

Sleeping pretty good with ice packs & heating pad with wedge pillow. Trying to come off norco today working 12 hrs Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday. I cooked today an entire meal & clean house. Will iron in a little while. Now boobs feel like a hard ball

Work starts tomorrow

I hope I'm ready for work & not to sore 12 hr shifts as an RN. Boobs are still little tight but instead so far. April boobs speak to me ladies ideas please

7days post op

Ok ladies at first I was doing wonderful, tolerating pain which wasn't to bad, able to take care of myself, no nausea or vomiting. On day 5 which was my first day at work no pain meds, back hurt all day, boobs stayed cold, neck hurt then at the end of 12 hr shift I had 101.0 temp. So for last to days day 6 & 7 I have been resting, drinking plenty of fluids & ice packing which I was even doing that at work. I got 550cc silicone how long does it take for back to get use to the new boobs & handle? Help please

Inner arm sore burning sensation

Boobs still tight, spasms around 3 am every morning & I seem to have to change out bras often irritating incision & arm. Forgot I been on steroids forever so I may heal slower. Hope girls stop stretching soon

Worked 12 hrs

Worked 12hr with muscle spasms in my back, neck hurt & boob pain off and on. But I thank God I made it 12hrs strong. 2 muscle relaxers & 4 Tylenol in a 12 hr shift. 1 day 12hr shift down with 3 more to go God please allow each day to get easier. I love my new boobs!!! Hate the muscle spasms

1 month review Happy Mother's Day boobies

Hello everyone so today is my 1 month anniversary!!!! Boobs aren't sensitive to cold air anymore, muscle spasms are very limited maybe 1-2 a day but know meds needed. The very first sports bra I wore home after surgery doesn't fit anymore. I'm still wearing other sports bras daily 40D. I'm sleeping on my side sum but still feels funny or like I have a blockage r sum not mine on me. I don't have that heavy feeling when waking much now I massage & go. No I haven't been officially size still waiting on more dropping & fluffing. I love my new addidtion. I do wish I had gone larger but I didn't want to have long term back pain. I know this sounds nasty but I still have my incision take on????. I have been cutting it off as it loosen. Tonight I may completely take off & start with my bio oil & get some scar away strips. I feel like a Woman, I feel sexy, I'm confident & im happy with my body. Ladies will I be able to sleep on my side comfortable any day? How much longer does fluffing take? How long did you ladies wait before sizing? Can I wear a padded bra now? No wires!!! Skin still sensitive at incision site. Happy Mother's Day, be blessed & Safe

Breast now leaking milk

Hello I need help my breast are leaking milk !! 1 month after breat augumentation .... No I'm not pregnant. My baby is 9yrs old & I miscarried 1 year ago. Can anyone help??? Anyone had this problem? I do love my breast & body

Boob size

So I got sized before implants I was 36b well ladies I'm a 40d. I'm happy but damn I want more boobs. Ok it's boob greed but I look good in lingerie and my clothes now. Okay when I was small chested I had beautiful sexy bras & lingerie now I have big granny bras!! Where are you ladies shopping? My favorite store was JCPenny now I don't Know


I'm able to sleep on my side some what? How long did it take before you ladies could sleep on your side? Also how long does it take to fluff & drop?

Boob numbness

How long will my breast be numb? Will I always feel different on top than the bottom? I feel like I can tell my implants are on the bottom now. Will I ever get past this feeling like I'm real on top but fake on bottom????????????. I'm so serious. Help???
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