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Yesterday 2/12/2016 I went in for my BA. I was a...

Yesterday 2/12/2016 I went in for my BA. I was a 34 A. I decided to go to 425cc saline implants. I feel great honestly, not have to take any pain meds only the muscle relaxors. Pain meds and I don't get a long. My surgeon was Dr. Schafer at Hedden Plastic Surgery in Bham. They were fantastic! I know,that my BA will ride very high, but I have almost no fullness on the bottom. Is this normal? Since I just got yesterday, can he place more saline into the capsule in a couple of hours at post op. I really wanted to be a large C or small D cup.

Day 2 Post-Op

Woke up and was a little sore. I didn't have to sleep sitting up like I've heard so many people had told me. Curled right up and went to sleep. Post-op went perfect. Going back UN two weeks. Still concerned that I don't have any bottom fullness, but will just have to wait.

Post-Op day 3

I am fully extend my arms over my head and not thinking going to die. Leaning side to side is a bit more difficult. When I woke up today I did notice a burning sensation I'd both of my breasts. Is this normal? Also here are some updated photos. Still don't really have any fullness on the bottom. Would this be something that should be covered by my insurance plan?Just want to go cover my scars.

Lesson Learned

Lesson has been learned. Felt great this entire time after BA. Now, not too hot. I think I over did it. Don't sweep your floors! I repeat don't sweep your floors. Lol. I'm also really starting to feel the pressure/pain in chest. But I have felt a heck of a lot worse. Honestly this has been such a smooth transition .

4 days after surgery

Didn't sleep well lastnight. Cant really get comfortable, but i knew this was coming. I didn't want to take any of the meds bc all I do is sleep. I did notice that in my sports bra, my breasts are starting to round out, so I'm taking that as a great sign!


Has anyone else had any burning in their breasts? It really feels like someone is sticking me with a hot poker.


Will the insurance I bought for my BA cover for a revision if the size didn't settle. I'm so scared that you will be able to see the scars under my breasts.

Post Op day 4 (5 if you count day of surgery )

Last night I started running a 102 fever. Felt really bad. Took Tylenol for a day and the fever done a little. Breasts are still burning, but not so bad. Fever dropped to 101 tiday. Uploading new pictures. Please remember that im not a professional photographer. It does seem like i have a Frankenstein implants where they haven't dropped. Still praying they turn out gteat.

post op 4 pictures

Post op x5 days

I'm feeling better each day. My fever went from 102 to 99.5-100.1. Definitely on the mend. Not having to take hardly any meds now. Honestly this surgery was easier than anything I've ever done. Dr. Schaffer has been an angle and so has his staff. Never once did they make me feel like I wasnt important or you questions were silly. I will use them again in the future and would recommend them to everyone. My breasts are still riding high but I know it will take time to settle into their new pockets. Just wanted to seee the end results asap! Here are some new pictures. Day 1 to Day 5- big change. Still just praying that the bottom fullness come in quickly . I really don't want to see any if the scars. I'm a tiny woman on a tiny frame. Please don't judge a book by its cover either. I promise I will put on makeup and fix my hair before I go back to work tomorrow.

9 days since surgery

Today is the 9th day since I had surgery. There have been good days and bad days. Unfortunately I came down with some kind of virus/bug when I had my surgery. My fever has gone up to 102 at one point. Do I think it had anything to do with the BA - no. Think it has to do that I work in medicine. My breasts are starting to heal. I still feel some sharp pains and they are still riding really high. But this is a work in progress. For all who are reading my blog or anyone's blogs remember these word's - your breasts won't look great the day after surgery. Heck even a week or month after surgery. It's not reality TV. It won't be fixed in an hour
But everyday I do see a difference and happy with my decision. Right now one is dropping into place quicker than the other so my nipples are looking in different directions. I call then Mad Eye Boobies. Have a sense of humor. They will get better. I'm still very pleased and happy with my decision.

post op day 13

Breast depession is really and I was suffering from it. My breast were so high under my collar bones I looked like i had Frankenboobies. I even said I had Mad Eye Boobies (Harry Potter reference) My breast were having spasms etc...I called my ps. After talking with him and his nurse every changed. Come to find out I have been binding myself way too tight with my sports bras. There was so much support my breast couldnt really start to settle or drop into their pockets. His nurse told me to go get a couple of really cheap sports bras and wear during the day and support them well at night. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE! !!! WITHIN 24 HRS I STARTED TO DROP A LOT. No more pain or massive spasms. No longer were my breasts sitting under my collar bones. I also realized that this is going to take months to get my desired look. I wasnt going to look like my wish pictures within a week. Not only am I so much happier with how I look externally, but I feel amazing on the inside. Here are so pics of the cheap sports bras and you can see the difference than when they are binded down. I'm so pleased with my results and I'im loving the daily changes that I see. Cant wait till it's all over, but I would do this again on a second. I have never felt better about myself than I do now. XOXO

Pictures Post Op Day 13

Here are some update pictures

post op day 16

Tomorrow I go for my second post op appointment. I'm. It really having any pain, but still having some muscle spasms. My breasts are starting to drop but at different rates. They look strange because my nipples are not even. One is a little lower during to the difference in dropping . I have noticed that in my left breast which has dropped more than the right I can hear a sloshing sounds and feel the implant. I know that sounds crazy but I can. It does t happy with the right breast. I also have a lot of discomfort in the axillary areas on both arms. But it's always worst on the left side. Ha e tons of questions for Dr tomorrow. Hopefully everything is fine bc I love my new boobies!!!!! I am having boobie greed now though. I got 425cc implants but I'm kinda wishing I would have gone a little bigger. Maybe once they drop and really fluff out I will stop bring greedy.

4 weeks post op

I feel great! So far my 40th birthday present to myself has been my favorite of all times. The only issue I'm having is one breast is still higher causing my nipple line not to be even. My Dr said that the nipple that is lower is bc that implant still hasn't dropped. I'm doing the massages but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Anyone else had this issue and did it correct itself?

Almost 8 weeks Post Op

Went yesterday to Dr for a check up. Still having a slight issue with the left breast not dropping where it needs to be. Was told to do more aggressive massages and if that doesnt work we might go back in for corrective surgery. Dr seems to think I have developed scar tissue.
My breasts have changed so much. I went from a 34A to a 34 DDD but can also wear a 36DD just depends on the brand. I love my new look! I would recommend BA to everyone.

5 1/2 months post op

Today I went in for another follow up. My breast are looking really good, but I'm still having the same issue with the left breast. After taking meds to help with scaring and aggressive message therapy it's time to go in for corrective surgery. Thank you Lord that I bought extra insurance. ALWAYS BUY THE EXTRA INSURANCE! my left breast is much smaller than the right one. Each one was filled with 425cc. We are going is to cut the muscle and put more in the left side. The right breast is just,about perfect. Here are some newer photos of my breasts that I took for my favorite solider. You can tell a difference, but I've come so far from the beginning of my journey. My drs have been wonderful.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic! Dr. Schafer was a pleasure to to work with and his nurses, OR staff and anesthesiologist are best in business! Will recommend his name to anyone. Great man, surgeon, nurses, and just a great God loving man!

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