33 Years Old, 153lbs, 5'5", 1 Child That's 2 Years Old, Much Needed Boob Upgrade! - Birmingham, AL

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Ok here it goes....i found this site on night...

Ok here it goes....i found this site on night while googling implant pics so i could get an idea of where to start with. Once I got a general idea of what i wanted, I started my search for PS's. I called a few around the area we live in and made 1 consultation appt. with a PS in my town and went, which it only took a week or less to get in. Everyone there was very nice and comforting. The PS was down to earth and very friendly, which made me more calm. I got my quote and went home. (Not to mention, he did say i had some droopiness and wouldnt do just a BA alone, that I'd habe to have a lift also) My fiance and i decided to go see a few more to see what else eas out there. I found another consult appt with a PS that was about 45 min away from where we live. They weren't able to do the consult for 6 more weeks, plus they told me I'd have a nicotine test at my consult, and that the P.S. would not, under any circumstances operate if i tested positive for nicotine.
So you all know, I smoke less than a pack a day. I very rarely drink alcohol, and if i do it's maybe 1 drink or 1-2 beers.
So then, I found 2 more PS in Birmingham, AL, which is 2 hrs away from where we live. I looked at both of their pages and decided I'd call Dr. Hedden's office and start there.
From the very beginning they were extremely nice and informative. I sent some pics of me as well as some wish pics to Dr. Hedden through email. He personally answered back I believe within the next day. This was also on a weekend, which I was very impressed to get such a quick response.

Before, rice Sixers, and after

Day 2 post op

Sleeping in my own bed vs a hotel was a little bit better, but I still had it a little rough. I'm a side sleeper, but somehow I managed to stay on my back all night. I did buy one of those pillows from Wal-Mart that has the arms on them for resting/napping during the day. I find it almost impossible to sleep on it during the night. The meds definitely help with sleeping.
For me the mornings and bedtime are the worst, pain wise. At night I'm having pain in my upper back area between my shoulder blades. I've also been using the ice packs on in and off through out the day. It seems to help a little....more so at bedtime. My PS says to wear the sports bra for the next 2-3 weeks, and no massaging until 2 weeks.
They start to get really tight like theyre swelling towards the end of the day causing pain. I've been taking it easy, not lifting anything, but I did fold some laundry today and walked around outside for a bit.
I've also started using Palmers stretch mark cream in the tube a few times a day, to avoid stretch marks.
I've got several types of sports bras from a few different places. At first, I loved the front zip danskin one from Wal-Mart, but as soon as you wear it for an hour or so, it starts to unzip itself...so thats a problem. I feel like they've moved down a tiny tiny bit, but I'm not certain.
Just for a recap, I'm 5'5", 155lbs, 500cc Mentor HP saline implants, with tubular correction
Does anyone else have bad upper back pain and pain when you wake up in the mornings? Is this what everyone refers to as "morning boob"?

Any advice will be greatly appriciated.

Worst days yet!

I woke up in a lot of pain yesterday. Everything was tight. I tried to rub them a little but didn't help. I took my valium and my Norco as scheduled. I've been keeping ice on them on in and off. Mainly just then left one. Thats where all of my pain is coming from. It's mostly in my side boob area and at the top of the implant. I called Dr. Hedden and he said that this is all normal. I was so miserable. Since i live out of state, (2hours away) I couldn't just drive there to have him check me. My fiance had to go back to work yesterday from taking time off to help me, so I had no one to watch my 2 year old son. The pain got bad again this afternoon again, so he went and got some bengay for my soreness. It seems to help a little. I'm still having a hard time with the pain. Although both implants are still high, I'm not looking faith yet. They've got to come down eventually right? I'm not allowed to start massaging for another week and a half. Wish me luck.

Best bras I've found and my progress

I've been feeling a little better today. Still sleeping on my back. Not a whole lot of pain, bit I've been rotating Tylenol with a half of a pain pill. Also I've found that Bengay and some zruff called performance, made by biofreeze helps the muscle soreness.
No boob greed as of yet. I will be patient and let these babies drop before I start getting all up set, because let's face it....what i have now, is way better than what i had before.

Questions, questions,questions....

My PS said to not start massaging until the 2 week mark, which I'm still a week away from. In the morning and certain times of the day I feel a lot of tightness. I kinda feel like they're swelling a little bit. I've been icing them with ice packs through out the day. The bras I've bought are extra large and I feel like they're too tight during the times they feel swollen. Should I go without a sports bra while this is happening?

Getting a bit discouraged!

All of my pain is gone as of yesterday. They're still a little sore around the nipple and I'm still numb and tingly feeling. I feel like a freak without a bra on. I'm starting to think they will never come down. I had the band cut to correct the tuberous part, but how long does it take to see improvements? I'm having about 4-5 muscle spasms a day where they tighten up pretty hard. Is that still normal to have that many 2 weeks post op?

Almost 1 month post

I've been trying to not look at them as much, hoping to see more progress when I actually took the time to look. I havent had any pain, just some been a little uncomfortable when ever the muscle tightens up. (Usually just in the shower while I'm washing my hair and when I get into bed tryung to gey comfortable)
I did this huge stretch the other morning when I was yawning, and heard this loud popping noise from the right side. Wow, that scared me for a min. I thought I broke something, lol.
I had my 3 week post op appt a few days ago. My PS said to give it some more time for them to settle and that everything looked good.
I'm just concerned that the bottom half won't fill out, especially on the left side. That was the bigger one, and the one that was more droopy. Even since he adjusted my crease, will they still fall into that spot? What I mean is, since they were droopy before, are they ever going to get full on the bottom half?
I am still a bit upset with the fact that the asymmetry wasn't addressed in surgery. So i still have a boob that's a half a cup size of not bigger than the other. He made them 500/500. Also, the swelling has gone down and they have shrunk in size, so yes, I thought they'd be bigger. But hopefully the bottom half will fill out more in the next few months, and everything will work out.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

From the very first phone call I made to their office, until my 1st post op appointment was wonderful. Everyone was so nice and friendly. Heather, the out of state patient coordinator, was very helpful as well. She answered all of my questions mostly over the phone. She also sent me lots of choices for hotels in the area for me to stay. Dr. Hedden, was very friendly and was there to answer anything I asked. He told me the pros and cons of my tubular procedure and breast augmentation. He was very honest and made sure I understood all the details about what had been done. If I do need the lift later on after I heal, I'll definitely be coming to see him and his staff again. I couldn't have picked a better surgeon.

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