21 Years Old 1 Child I'm 5'3" 110lbs Currently a 36b - Birmingham, AL

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I'm hoping after surgery I will have a full D cup...

I'm hoping after surgery I will have a full D cup I've always wanted nice full breast something that would look great in a bikini :-) I can't wait for my BA I'm nervous and excited I've watched every video on YouTube lol and can't stop looking at pics I'm just ready for the 15th to be here already!!

Call from the nurse yesterday

The nurse called yesterday to tell all the do's and don'ts lol she told me to start talking vitamins everyday and nothing but Tylenol if I get a headache she made me a little nervous because I know it will be here before I know it! ????

Day before surgery

A little late but this was the night before

The day of surgery

Had to be here at 6 am everything went kinda fast I got 500cc I was back at my hotal at 7:30 I was in a lot of pain but didn't take long for the meds to kick in he told me to walk so we EBT out to eat and hit up some shopping stores I was fine the rest of the day sleep good I didn't get sick right after I got to the hotel but I took some nausea medicine and got better haven't been sick since just really swollen and sore but nothing to bad

Day after surgery

I feel a lot better today as long as I keep taking my meds on time I sleep good still sore and swollen but that's normal Doctor said everything looks great and he will see me back in a month! Can't wait to get home to show my husband the new additions haha

2 days after surgery

Everything seems to be going great I haven't gotten sick anymore and I've been eating good just been really sleepy from all the meds I've been getting up and walking up and down my driveway because getting up and moving makes me feel so much better I've been sleeping in the livingroom I get some awesome sleep on the recliner so if I could give any advice it would be to sleep In one for the first few days I've got a birthday party to take my little girl to this Saturday so all the walking should me me feel great


Is anyone really in other places I feel like I've gained a lot of wait my hands are swollen and feet and my belly and I haven't went to the bathroom sense the day before my surgery and I've been eating good ???? and my mouth is staying really dry

Still riding high

My right inpant is still way higher then the left and had like a dip to it I know I shouldn't let it worry me I but I can't stop looking at it :-( I sure hope it drops right ???????????? I have 3 sports bras but I only like one the rest doesn't fit me right I'll post pictures of them tool

Old pictures

Just some old pictures I forgot to add

Still hasn't changed

My right inpant is still really high and I know it's stupid to be this upset this early but I just want to cry when I see it the left one looks great my doctor told me I can't massage them for 2 weeks! I've tried ice and walking and I haven't layed flat in the bed I've only sit up straight and I'm sick of feeling during up from all these meds I just feel like getting in my big comfortable bed crawling up in a ball and crying!! Today is not a good day for me at all ????????????


Can anyone tell me some bras I can wear and the ones I shouldn't I don't want to wear the wrong kind and it make my implants not drop right seeing how I'm only 5 days in

Update 10 days

Feel pretty good been getting around good I think the left side has dropped a little more but I love them ! And my husband can't stop staring at them lol I'm fitting in a size 34DD now I was very excited about that ! Today I decided to try and stop taking the pain medication the doctor give me and just see how I do taking Tylenol

Photos I forgot to add

Waiting game sucks !!!

Can't really see much progress but it's only been 3 weeks I've stopped staring at myself in the mirror it scares me seeing one side not looking like the other but I know it is to early to know anything it just seems like one side is dropping and fluffing and the other is just sitting high but we will see with time :-/ I hate this waiting game !!

One month and 4 days

I feel a lot better today the last month has been a roller coaster of emotions but I think the girls look good and my right implant dropped and looks great I'm very happy with the way I look I love the size and my scars you can't really see and I'm not sore anymore other then my nipples happy happy girl today !!

6 weeks

I went and seen doctor Hedden yesterday he said everything looks good and I can start working out or whatever I wanted to do !! Like swimming!! Now I can finally enjoy what's left of my summer!!

Love my new boobs!!

I wouldn't change a thing about them they are perfect to me and my husband is in love with them!

32 dd! ????

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Hedden will be doing my BA so far he seems great I'm doing the 3 day out of town procedure day 1 is the consultation day2 is the surgery and day 3 is post-op appointment he

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